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Jack Depp: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Parents, Sister, Career, Girlfriend, Illness, Net Worth, Facts, Johnny Depp, FAQs & More

Johnny Depp has been one of the most talked about celebrities in the last year, which has resulted in several information about his personal life being public knowledge. The most recent example is the appearance of his 20-year-old son Jack Depp, who looks just like his famous father.

Jack Depp is the son of famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp is well-known for his roles in films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and others. On April 9, 2002, Jack was born. As a result, he is presently 19 years old (as of 2021). He was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Nanterre, France to parents. As a result, he has had French nationality from birth. Jack Christopher Depp III is his original birth name, as given to him by his parents at the time of his birth. He is a bright and dedicated young actor, TV personality, producer, entrepreneur and social media influencer. Jack is a talented actor and has appeared in some movies and TV shows (according to IMDB).

Jack Depp keeps a low profile and lives a very private life. However, in recent days, several images have emerged, and the resemblance he bears to Johnny Depp is startling. Learn everything there is to know about him in the article below.


Jack Depp

Jack Depp Age

He was born on a Tuesday on April 9, 2002. As a result, he is now 20 years old (as of 2023). His parents gave him his true birth name, Jack Christopher Depp III, at the time of his birth. He is also called Jackie Depp by his fans.


He was born to his parents in the French city of Neuilly-sur-Seine and therefore has a French nationality.


Born to parents Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, Jack holds a mixed ethnical background.


Jack Depp is Christian.

Jack Depp Parents

He was born in a well-settled celebrity family in France. Jack Depp is the second child of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. His parents separated when he was just ten years old. His father is a well-known Hollywood actor who has lately received a lot of attention for his messy divorce from Amber Heard.

Jack Depp & his father Johnny Depp

Jack Depp

Depp has two children from his first relationship with Heard. They are Jack Depp, 20, who likes to keep his life private, and Lily-Rose Depp, 22, who is well-known. Johnny Depp’s second kid with ex-partner Vanessa Paradis is Jack Depp. His parents divorced when he was just ten years old. Jack Depp is the only son of Johnny Depp or John Christopher Depp II. Johnny is a famous Hollywood actor.

Little is known about Jack, but people online believe the 20-year-old is on a mission to carry on his father’s legacy. In a 2014 interview, Johnny Depp came out about his son’s interest in creative endeavours, saying the following:

“Jack draws very well. He also plays music very well. He has a good ear for it. Apart from school plays and other things, he has not shown any desire to become an actor.”

Although the Internet may argue that he is following in his father’s footsteps, it is clear that Johnny Depp admires and respects his son’s artistic abilities and wishes the best for him.

Johnny also told Rolling Stone magazine that he was delighted to learn that Jack had started a band. He was saying:

“That’s my kid!”

As a tribute to his kid, Johnny also has a tattoo. It shows a sparrow flying over the water with the sun in the background. It is similar to his Pirates of the Caribbean character Jack Sparrow’s. On his chest, Johnny also has a tattoo of the name Lily Rose.

Johnny didn’t expect Jack to have a natural talent for driving. He said the following in a 2015 interview with Jimmy Kimmel about why he wouldn’t teach his son to drive:

“He has my instincts, my boy, and he’s crashed about five golf carts.”

Jack Depp Mother

His mother is Vanessa Chantal Paradis. She is an accomplished French actress, singer, and model.

When questioned about her children, Vanessa Paradis, Jack Depp’s mother, indicated that she did her best to keep them out of the spotlight. She also had the following to say:

“I don’t want our children to be forced to share in our fame against their will. They didn’t ask for that.”

It appears that, up until lately, her kid managed to avoid the spotlight. Moreover, Hollywood is linked to the issue of privacy and the frequent violations of it.


The names of his maternal grandparents are Corinne Paradis, Andre Paradis. His paternal grandparents are Betty Sue Palmer and John Christopher Depp.

Jack Depp Sister

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor had two kids with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, Jack Depp being one of them. John Jack Christopher Depp is the 22-year-old brother of Lily Rose Depp. Lily is Jack’s sister. She is also a successful actress and a beautiful model.

Lily Rose Depp’s upbringing in the entertainment business, particularly Hollywood, is essential since she is carrying on her parents’ legacy. It is clear that Jack and Lily-Rose are quite close to one another as siblings, despite how different they are in terms of fame. She stated that they both spoke French as children and that it was their “secret language.” Her comments about Jack Depp are as follows:

“When my brother and I were at the same school, whenever we wanted to say something that was going to stay just between us, we could say it in French and nobody would understand.”

Lily-Rose sent a heartfelt message to Instagram in honour of her brother’s 18th birthday in August 2020. “My little baby Jackie is 18. My baby bro my heart and soul happy birthday I love you SO MUCH!” she wrote alongside a snap of the duo from when they were kids.

Early Life

Acting and singing have always grabbed Jack’s interest. According to reports, he finished high school at a local private school in France. Aside from that, he studied acting and music. Depp is currently concentrating on his acting profession.

Jack Depp Career

Jack Depp is a bright and hardworking young actor, TV personality, producer, and social media influencer. He was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Nanterre, France to his parents. As a result, he has enjoyed French nationality from birth.

According to sources, Jack Depp is presently focused on his entertainment profession in order to become a well-known actor like his father. He has also appeared in a few TV series and movies. Jack has worked with several major filmmakers and producers thanks to his amazing skill, proper dedication, and hard work, and most importantly, the assistance of his father. He has also worked with a number of well-known actors.

According to sources, Jack made his television debut with the film “Yoga Hosers”. He plays the role of Peg Son in that film. The film, starring Jack’s sister, Lily-Rose Depp, tells the story of two teenage yoga lovers who must fight an evil spirit in order to rescue their big party plans. Kevin Smith’s film “Yoga Hosers,” which received negative reviews from both reviewers and viewers, was a commercial failure. Jack has not been in any formal acting projects since the film. With his father admitting that his interests lay elsewhere, we are unlikely to see him on the big screen again very soon.

Aside from acting, he is also pursuing a music career. He is developing music records for his future career with his girlfriend Camille Jansen.

Personal Life

Jack Depp Girlfriend

Sharing his father’s looks appears to have done Jack Depp no damage, as he has been seen with a number of love partners throughout the years. Depp has been photographed out on dates in both the United States and France, from sneaking kisses on the beach in 2018 when he was just 16, to strolls with his current girlfriend.

There is little information available concerning Jack’s personal life. In 2020, reports indicated that he was seeing French model Camille Jansen. The two were seen together in public in the UK.

Although he is not married, he has a girlfriend named Camille Jansen. Both of them are really in love with each other. Furthermore, they are committed and take their relationship seriously. Camille is a well-known professional French musician.

The couple has been dating for quite some time now. They are frequently spotted in a number of public areas. In July 2020, Depp and Jansen were spotted out and about with his mother, Vanessa Paradis. Thus, it proved that they are clearly serious enough about each other to meet the parents. The two haven’t been spotted together since late 2020.  Camille also sent birthday greetings to Jack on her Instagram account on his birthday. According to the comments on the post, Jack and Camille have since broken up, although she is still close to his sister, Lily-Rose. However, no accurate information on Jackie’s previous love life is available.

Jack Depp Height

He is 170 cm or 1.7 m tall. In inches, he is 5 feet 7 inches in height.

Jack Depp Weight

In kilograms he weighs 60 kg and in pounds he weighs 132 lbs.

Hair and Eye Colour

Jack has brown hair with hazel coloured eyes.

Zodiac Sign

His zodiac sign or birth sign is Aries based on his date of birth.

Jack Depp Net Worth

According to sources, Jack Depp’s net worth as of 2022 is between $1-2 million USD. Therefore, he lives a lavish lifestyle. Jack currently resides in Paris, France along with his family.

Jack Depp Illness

Vanessa missed the premiere of her film, Knife and Heart, in 2018 due to Jack’s illness. Yann Gonzalez, the film’s director, told reporters at the time: “Vanessa Paradis was unable to join us this evening. She had to miss work due to her son’s major health issues.” While the Depp family never commented on Jack’s condition, it wasn’t the first time the family has battled with a serious illness. Lily-Rose spent a few weeks in the hospital in 2007 after suffering renal failure as a result of an E-coli infection. Later, in a speech to accept an honour for his work assisting cancer patients, her father talked about the horrific event. “I lived in the hospital for three weeks with my girl and my kid, not knowing if she was going to make it or not,” he said.

The family chose not to address Jack’s claimed health difficulties immediately after the film’s release, however People later reported that, according to a source, Jack was “fine and has a health issue.”

Social Media

Jack Depp

Jack Depp Instagram

Although he does not have an official Instagram account, he has an official fan page on Instagram. The handle is @jackidepp.

The account goes under the name Jackie on Instagram. Currently, they have 18.8 thousand Instagram followers and follow 57 individuals.

Jack Depp Twitter

His twitter handle is @jackiepo0. This is his one and only presence on social media platforms. Furthermore, his bio also states the same. His Twitter bio is “This is my only form of social media.

He goes by the name Jack Depp on twitter. He has 478 followers as of right now, as seen. Additionally, he follows no people at all on twitter.

Jack Depp IMDB

As he is professionally an actor and acted in some films and TV shows, he has an IMDB page. The link to his IMDB page is: IMDB Jack Depp.

Jack Depp 2022

Without public online social media profiles, it is difficult to see a photo of Jack Depp online. However, a fan account on Instagram posted some images of Jack shot in 2019. The photos showed him looking very like his well-known father, Johnny Depp. In April 2020, Lily-Rose Depp, Jack’s sister, shared a picture on Instagram to mark his 18th birthday, giving fans another look at the actor. “My little baby Jackie is 18,” she captioned the photo. “My baby bro my heart and soul happy birthday I love you SO MUCH!”

A few years later, in 2021, Jack was caught having a beer while reading a book in the sun in Paris (per Hollywood Life). While he was just 19 at the time, the legal drinking age in France without an adult present is only 18 years old. Jack seemed at ease, dressed casually and reading a book in the midst of the busy French metropolis.

He hasn’t been seen in public since May 2021, so he’s probably enjoying his privacy as he carves himself a life apart from his parents’ celebrity.

Jack Depp and Amber Heard

Jack Depp hasn’t made any public comments on his father’s protracted legal dispute with Amber Heard, in keeping with his typical preference to avoid media attention. In case you missed it, Johnny Depp is suing Amber for defamation over a 2018 Washington Post article she published about her experiences with domestic abuse. The famous actor claims he never abused his ex-wife and is suing for $50 million in damages.

In 2018, Johnny spoke to GQ about the allegations and the effect they had on his son, saying:

“I’m sure it wasn’t easy for my 14-year-old boy to go to school.”

He added: “Why did he have to go through that?”

Johnny has spoken about how the accusations have affected his children during the trial during his evidence (via Deadline). He mentioned :

“It was my responsibility to not only clear my name… I wanted to clear my children of this horrid thing they had to read about their father, that was untrue.”

Jack has a history of avoiding the media, so it’s doubtful that he will directly address the case while the trial is still going on.

Unknown Facts about Jack Depp

  • Jack has also worked with a number of modelling agencies.
  • He’s also been in a few ads.
  • Depp has been at a number of award ceremonies and events.
  • We discovered that Jack resembled his father, Johnny Depp, after seeing his images.
  • He enjoys spending time with his high school pals.
  • Jack is an animal enthusiast who owns a dog.
  • He also spent a portion of his boyhood in the United States when his parents divorced.

F. A.Qs

Jack Depp

Who is Jack Depp?

Jack Depp is the son of famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. He is a bright and dedicated young actor, TV personality, producer, entrepreneur and social media influencer.

What is Jack Depp’s real name?

Jack Christopher Depp III is his original birth name, as given to him by his parents at the time of his birth.

How old is Jack Depp?

He is 20 years old (as of 2022).

Who is Jack Depp’s girlfriend?

He is currently dating singer Camille Jansen.

What is Jack Depp’s net worth?

The net worth of Jack Depp is between $1 to $2 million USD (approx.).

How tall is Jack Depp?

He is 5 feet 7 inches (or 1.7 m) tall.

Does Johnny Depp have a child with Amber?

No, Johnny Depp is not the feather of Amber Heard’s child. Amber has a one year old daughter named Oonagh Paige Heard. The father of Amber’s child is unknown but there are several rumours claiming Elon Musk to be the child’s father.

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