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Łukasz Witt-Michałowski: Bio, Age, Height, Young, Career, Movies, 365 Days, Awards, Facts, Wife, FAQs & Much More

Lukasz Witt-Michalowski began his career as a stage actor in the theater and entertainment sector. During his early career, he appeared in a number of performances. Aside from theatrical performances, he made his film and TV debuts in 1996 with the film Szamanka and 1998 with the TV series Serial Syzyfowe Prace. After then, his career took a new route. So, he began to pursue a profession as a filmmaker. So, he has directed various plays and theatrical events in recent years. Aporia 43 is one of the pieces he has directed in the past. Artura Paygi (2012), Gód Knuta Hamsuna (2010), mier szczęśliwa Alberta Sumaka (2010), and many more. Aside from that, he debuted as a production designer and director in the TV industry in 2011 with the TV series TV Theater. In this article, we are talking about this star. So, keep reading to know more about it.

Łukasz Witt-Michałowski Birth

The birthday of Łukasz is on October 8, 1974, and he was born in Lublin, Poland. His solar sign is Libra. So, he completed his education at V LO im. Marii Skodowskiej-Curie in Lublin. So, he studied acting at the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków, Poland. Then, he graduated in 2004 and attended the Hessische Theaterakademie in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, where he obtained a degree in theatrical directing. So, he founded the InVitro Stage in Lublin in December 2007. Moreover, he also has one sibling. So, he has a sister as a sibling. Monika Makuch is his sister’s name.

Łukasz Witt-Michałowski Bio

Łukasz Witt-Michałowski

Real Name Lukasz Witt Michalowski
Nickname Lukasz
Famous for Polish actor and the partner of Anna Maria
Date of Birth October 8, 1974
Age 48 years
Profession Actor, Director, Producer, Celebrity Partner, and Entrepreneur
Birthplace Lublin, Lubelskie, Poland
Current Residence Warsaw, Poland
School AST National Academy of Theater Arts
Nationality Polish
Net Worth $2-3 million
Marital Status Unknown
Boyfriend/Husband Anna Maria Sieklucko
Religion Christianity
Zodiac sign Libra
Ethnicity Mixed
Parents Mr. Michalowski (father), Mrs. Michalowski (mother)
Siblings Jurand Witt Michalowski (brother), Monika Makuch (sister)
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Łukasz Witt-Michałowski Career

He collaborated with prominent Polish playwrights and dramatists such as S. Mrozek, Witold Gombrowicz, and Villqista while in Germany. Tangen Theatre Stanisława Ignacego Witkiewicza in Zakopane performed his debut performance Tangen Theatre Stanisława Ignacego Witkiewicza in 2005. Pustynia Tankreda Dorsta (2005), Pool (2008), Zy scenariusz: Dariusz Je (2009), Głód Knuta Hamsuna (2010), Aporia 43 Artura Pałygi (2012), Liza wg F. Dostojewskiego (2013), Tata ma kota Szymona Bogacza (2015), Ponowne Zjednoczenie Korei Jola Pommerata (2017), Przepis n (2020). One of his most recognised plays is Lubelskiej Sceny InVitro, which he directed and authored in 2007. His directorial debut on TV came with the series TV Theater in 2011.

As many people are aware, Łukasz is a well-known theatrical director and artist. So, he is well-known as an actor as well. It is worth noting that he began his career as a theatrical artist. In addition, he has featured in a number of theater productions. Liza Wg F Dostojewskiego, Gliny z Innej gliny, Pool, and others are among his most popular theatrical performances. So, he rose to prominence, though, after directing a TV play. Aside from that, as already stated, he is a fantastic actor. For example, he played Tymkiewicz in the film Syzyfowe prace, which was his directorial debut. However, he is currently employed as a director.

Łukasz Witt-Michałowski 365 days

The film has been generating news since its announcement, and fans are eager to learn more about the key actors’ personal lives. So, let’s talk about it. Massimo, a Mafia family member, and Laura, a sales manager, are central to the plot. Massimo kidnaps her while on vacation in Sicily and offers her 365 days to fall in love with him. Despite this, it is the third film in the romantic drama series based on Blanka Lipiska’s novel trilogy, following 365 Days and 365 Days: This Day. Moreover, both Anna-Maria and Michelle Morrone reprise their starring roles. Let’s find out who Anna is actually dating.

Łukasz Witt-Michałowski Wife

The first 365 Days, which debuted as No. 1 on Netflix in 2020, saw actress Anna-Maria’s Laura fall in love with Michele Morrone’s Massimo. And now its sequel promises treachery, jealousy, and a possible love triangle with outrageously attractive newcomer Simone Susinna, who portrays Nacho.Meanwhile, fans have once again become curious in these performers’ lives away from the camera. In the following text, we address the question of whether or not Anna-Maria is the wife of Łukasz. We’ll also tell you more about Anna-reported Maria’s hubby over here.

Łukasz Witt-Michałowski

Anna-Maria boasted a photo with her lover, director Łukasz, on the internet sometime in 2020. Fans have been speculating if she is his wife or merely girlfriend based on that photo up until now. Then, Anna’s romance with the director-beau, on the other hand, appears to be over. Because, if she had still been with him, there would have been less reports and suspicions about Anna’s “relationship” with her co-star from the set. Yes, we’re talking about Michele Morrone from 365 Days. Fans find it difficult to think that Łukasz would be so forgiving of Anna and Michele’s romantic feelings, even if it was just to promote the film, if he was still with Anna. Apart from Ukasz, Anna has been repeatedly questioned about her connection with Michele Morrone.

More details

She has been romantically associated with her on-screen love interest since the film, originally titled 365 dni, was released in theaters. Both the media and the audience have often said that a burning passion can unite performers not only on screen but also in real life. Apparently, the interested parties are fueling the talk about the less-than-friendly relationship. Moreover, Anna and Michele were recently seen touring Milan hand in hand. They also did not hesitate to grow amorous toward each other during the launch of the new segment of the sensual show. Despite their characters’ emotional and intricate love story in the first and second 365 Days films, Anna and Michele are just co-stars and friends outside of the set. Łukasz is thought to be single, with no current relationship information available.

When Łukasz was still seeing Anna in December 2020, vizaca.com published about her that she is very discreet about her lover ukasz. Then, the hopeful pair met while studying together at the Wroclaw branch of the State Theater School in Krakow, Poland, according to the publication. And, of course, how could they forget to mention that Łukasz is 18 years older than Anna, who was born in Lublin, Poland. Putting all of this aside, Anna had then shared a series of elaborate wedding photos of herself and this man named Otar Saralidze. However, the comments put beneath these photos suggested that they were just shot during rehearsals.

Łukasz Witt-Michałowski Net Worth

Łukasz is a well-known Polish theater and cinema director and actor. Most of his admirers are interested in his net worth and salary. We do not have any salary information about Lukasz. So, he gets a nice living from his profession. He is a Polish theater and cinema director and actor with a net worth of $1 million based on his work/career. So, he is well-known for being one of the world’s highest-paid personalities. So, he is a well-known Polish theatrical and film director and actor who has built a reputation for himself, is highly successful in what he does, and has a large net worth.

He is a well-known Polish theatrical and cinema director and actor who has received widespread acclaim for his work. If you are unfamiliar with the name Łukasz, it is beneficial to view photos and photographs of him. You may find His photos, as well as images of Lukasz, in this post or on Google. His Wikipedia biography is available here.

Łukasz Witt-Michałowski Height and Weight

He is 5 feet 8 inches tall, or 1.78 meters or 178 centimeters. So, he weighs around 64 kg (135 lbs). So, he has brown hair and dark brown eyes. He is also a fitness fanatic. So, he wears 8.5 US shoe sizes.

Height (approx.) In Feet Inches: 6′ 5″

In Meters: 1.95 m

In Centimeters: 195.58 cm

Weight (approx.) In Kilograms: 80 kg

In Pounds: 176.37 lbs

Hair Color Blonde
Hair Length Medium
Eye Color Gray
Tattoos Not Known
Shoe Size 9 US

Łukasz Witt-Michałowski Age

He was born in Lublin, Poland on October 8, 1974. So, he is currently in his 45s. His astrological sign is Libra. So, he is of mixed heritage and has Polish nationality. Then, in terms of schooling, he graduated in 2004 from the Hessische Theaterakademie in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Łukasz Witt-Michałowski Movies

Łukasz Witt-Michałowski

  • In 2000, he did a role in the Labors of Sisyphus movie as Tymkiewicz.
  • Then, in 1996, he did a role in the She-Shaman movie as Student.
  • Also, he did many TV Series. So, he did the TV Theater (CBS | 2011) TV series as the director and production designer.
  • Then, in 1998, he did the Serial Syzyfowe Prace (TVP VOD | 1998) TV series as Tymkiewicz.
  • Also, in 2020, he did the Gliny z innej gliny II (2020) theater show as the director.
  • Also, he did the A Recipe for Cohen (2018) theater show as the director.
  • Then, he did the Pogrom w przyszły wtorek (2017) theater show as the director.
  • Then, he did the Reunification of Korea by Joël Pommerat (2017) theater show as the director.
  • Also, in 2015, he did the Dad has a cat, Szymon Bogaczy (2015) theater show as the director.
  • Also, he did the Liza wg F. Dostojewskiego (2013) show as the director.
  • Then, he did the Aporia 43 Artura Pałygi (2012) show as the director.
  • Then, he did the Głód Knuta Hamsuna (2010) show as the director.
  • Also, he did the Happy death of Albert Sumak (2010) show as the director.
  • Also, he did the “Battle for Nangar Khel by Artur Pałyga (2010)” show as the director.
  • Then, he did the Bad Script: Dariusz Jeż, Grzegorz Kondrasiuk (2009) show as the director.
  • Then, he did the last such father of Artur Pałyga (2009) theater show as the director.
  • Also, he did the Nothing human (2008) show as the director.
  • Then, he did the Pool (No Water) (2008) show as the director.
  • Then, he did the Tangen (2005) show as the director.
  • Also, he did the Pustynia Tankred Dorst (2005) show as the director.


In 2007, he won the Grand Prix Public award. Then, in 2008, he won the A.P award. Then, in 2009, he won the I.N award. Moreover, in 2009, he also won the N.Z.S award. Then, in 2009, he won the Z.O.M.S award. Then, in 2009, he won the N.P.M.L award. Moreover, in 2010, he also won the N.P.M.L award. Then, in 2018, he won the N.A.P.M.L award.


Apart from performing and directing, Lukasz enjoys a variety of other activities. When he had spare time, he would read a novel or listen to relaxing music. Anna Cieplak Ma by Czysto is also his favorite novel. So, he likes listening to Leonard Cohen, and his favorite song is Leonard Cohen’s “First We Take Manhattan.” He also enjoys playing football, particularly with his son, and enjoys traveling to new areas in his spare time. Moreover, he is also a member of the Carl zum Aufgehenden Licht community in Frankfurt am Main. So, this is a community for students with exceptional abilities and scientific achievements. This also demonstrates his intellectual brilliance. Then, he is also a multi-talented individual.

This is also supported by Lukasz’s multilingualism. So, he is proficient in Polish, Russian, English, and German. His partner is 18 years younger than him and equally brilliant. They met while Anna was still a student at the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Wroclaw. They have collaborated on several plays and films, directing and producing them.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Are the 365 days a couple in real life?

Unfortunately, the 365 Days actors are not dating and their connection is completely professional. Anna is said to be dating actor and director Lukasz, who is behind various theater plays like Pogrom Next Tuesday and Knut Hamsun’s Hunger.

Did Massimo cheat on Laura?

Laura is saddened and heartbroken by what she feels she observed, but it turns out that Massimo never cheated on her; it was only a case of mistaken identification. Massimo’s love for her is so strong that it’s safe to assume he will never cheat on her.

Does Laura sleep with the gardener?

Laura follows them and discovers them having sex. Also, Anna notices him and laughs while Massimo continues to ignore that Laura is around. Moreover, she leaves the party, but as she prepares to leave, she is stopped by Nacho, the new gardener she met a few days ago.

What is the ending of the next 365 days?

Laura ultimately tells Massimo that she lost her pregnancy in a vehicle accident at the end of the first 365 Days, and Massimo is upset that she didn’t tell him sooner. This causes a schism between the two, ending in Laura sleeping with Nacho while on business in Portugal.

How does The Next 365 Days book end?

Laura finally gets away with Nacho, they get engaged, and their daughter is revealed in an epilogue. Massimo had given up on Laura and divorced her, allowing her to keep the business. It has a joyful conclusion, but there has to be a lot of yucky dark stuff happening along the way.

Is Anna-Maria in a relationship?

Anna-Maria is rumored to be dating a man named Łukasz. So, she hasn’t blogged anything about him in a long time, though. Besides, the 47-year-old Lublin native is also a Polish actor and filmmaker who met while studying in Wroclaw, Poland.

Does Massimo actually have a twin in real life?

Many people were astonished to see the introduction of a Massimo twin and asked if the actor actually has a twin. But, as previously said, he does not. It was well received because the twin role was also performed by our lovely main protagonist, Michele Morrone.

Where is 365 Days filmed?

Many of the film’s scenes make extensive use of Sicily’s stunning surroundings. Massimo, the protagonist, is an Italian don from Sicily. According to the production company, the initial few sequences of the film were shot in Warsaw before the character Massimo moved to Italy.

Are the main characters from 365 Days dating?

Unfortunately, the 365 Days actors are not dating and their connection is completely professional. Then, Anna is said to be dating actor and director Lukasz, who is behind various theater plays like Pogrom Next Tuesday and Knut Hamsun’s Hunger.

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