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How to choose the best social media marketing tool for your small business

Out of the many forms of marketing, Social media marketing has gained acceptance as an unparalleled marketing strategy. One of the reasons for its booming popularity is its interactive interface and the accessibility to visual graphics.

Undoubtedly, graphic design is a remarkable feature of social media marketing, as it enables businesses to create visually appealing and engaging content that can capture the attention of their target audience.

Graphic design tools provide a wide range of features to create visually stunning and professional-looking graphics. One such tool is PosterMyWall, an online design and marketing platform that allows small businesses to easily create custom posters, flyers, social media graphics, and other marketing materials. 

Another similar tool is Adobe Spark, a powerful suite of digital design tools that enables users to intuitively create compelling graphics, web pages, and video content. 

When using graphic design tools, the question is, which one is better? Small business owners want the perfect package, which includes extensive yet easy-to-use features and an affordable pricing plan. We’ve compiled the following guide to help you decide whether PosterMyWall or Adobe Spark is better for your business. 

PosterMyWall for social media marketing

PosterMyWall is an effective tool for small businesses for several reasons. 

Quick & easy to use

First, PosterMyWall’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for even those without graphic design experience to create professional-looking marketing materials. 

Suppose you have to meet tight deadlines or schedule back-to-back social media posts. In that case, PosterMyWall can save you plenty of time and resources on hiring professional graphic designers or learning complex design software, as the platform offers a simplified and intuitive interface. 

Moreover, the platform also offers features like social media publishing and scheduling, making PosterMyWall an appropriate tool for social media marketing.

How to choose the best social media marketing tool

Perfect for tight budgets

Small businesses often have limited marketing budgets, and PosterMyWall offers a cost-effective solution to create high-quality marketing materials at an affordable price. The platform has various customizable templates for various marketing materials that are easily adaptable to the needs of the business. 

For instance, you can:

  1. Customize various design elements
  2. Include text
  3. Add images
  4. Colors
  5. Fonts 

Using the design editor, which is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The editor includes various features, such as: 

  1. Image cropping
  2. Layer management
  3. Alignment tools that make it easy to create a polished design. 

Promotes teamwork and brand identity

Promotes teamwork and brand identity

PosterMyWall’s branding tools allow users to create and save custom color palettes, logos, and fonts. This feature makes maintaining brand consistency across all their designs easy, an essential aspect for businesses that aim to create their brand identity. 

Many size customization options allow users to create optimized designs for specific platforms or formats. The platform also offers a vast library of high-quality images and GIFs that you can incorporate into their designs. 

The advanced level of customization that PosterMyWall offers can be crucial in helping small businesses create unique and compelling marketing materials that stand out from the competition.

As a business owner, PosterMyWall is a productive tool that encourages collaborative work if you believe in teamwork. It allows multiple users to work on a single design project. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, PosterMyWall also offers social media integration, allowing small businesses to promote their products or services on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

All-media friendly

The social media publishing feature also includes tools for customizing the post’s title, description, and tags, making optimizing content for each social media platform’s specific requirements easy. This attribute can increase engagement and drive traffic directly to the business’ website. Moreover, your team can even save time by scheduling social media posts so you can automate uploading marketing content. 

Lastly, PosterMyWall offers print-quality downloads which the user can easily download for printing.

Adobe Spark for social media marketing

For small businesses, Adobe Spark can be an invaluable resource for creating executive-looking marketing materials, social media posts, and other promotional content. 

Enjoy the Adobe Suite and user-friendly interface

Firstly, Adobe Spark integrates with other Adobe Creative Cloud tools, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, which can make it a seamless addition to a business’s existing workflow. 

We also can’t forget to mention that Adobe Spark is incredibly user-friendly. Adobe Spark has a simple navigation system that makes it easy for users to find the necessary tools. The main menu is on the screen’s left side and includes three categories: 

  • Projects
  • Templates 
  • Assets

Each category has its sub-menu, which is easy to navigate. 

Moreover, the drag-and-drop feature allows users to easily add images, text, and other design elements to their projects. You can drag and drop these elements into the project canvas, making it easy to experiment with different designs. Such interactive features make the tool accessible to many users, including those who may not have formal graphic design training.

Get creative with personalization

Adobe Spark provides a range of customization options, allowing small businesses to tailor their content to their specific branding needs. The platform offers pre-designed templates with optimal dimensions, layouts, and colors, making creating visually engaging and professional-looking posts easy for businesses. Users can also customize these templates to suit their brand and message. 

Besides the ready-made templates, Adobe Spark’s design tools allow small business owners to customize their content with logos, fonts, and colors. Users can choose from various fonts, sizes, and styles to create a consistent look. You can customize images by cropping, resizing, and adding filters. Also Read – 4 Financial Habits to Run a Successful Business

Create your own videos

If you prefer video marketing for your business, Adobe Spark’s animation features can create engaging and attention-grabbing videos. Small businesses can add animations to their text and images, adjust the timing, and choose from various animation styles to create unique and memorable videos. With the various editing tools, you can add text, music, and other effects to videos. 

Adobe Spark, too, offers a collaborative environment where multiple team members can work together to create social media content.


Lastly, Adobe Spark provides small businesses a cost-effective way to produce high-quality marketing materials. With Adobe Spark’s affordable pricing model, small businesses can create unlimited designs, web pages, and videos without breaking the bank. This feature is especially important for small businesses operating on a tight budget. It allows them to invest their resources in other business areas, such as product development or customer service.

Which tool is better for small businesses? 

Both Adobe Spark and PosterMyWall are popular online design tools that offer small businesses the ability to create high-quality marketing content. Both tools provide their users with a myriad of customization options which give them the liberty to get creative. However, after avid research and comparative analysis, we’ve picked our favorite all-rounder tool: PosterMyWall. 

Adobe Spark’s intuitive user interface offers a wider range of design tools, including video editing, which may benefit small businesses looking to create multimedia content. 

However, if a business is concerned with maintaining a consistent brand identity, there may be better solutions than Adobe Spark. While the tool offers some branding features, it is not best suited for larger businesses with more complex branding needs. PosterMyWall, on the other hand, offers a more extensive library of templates and images, saving users time and effort in creating designs.

Secondly, Adobe Spark is better suited for creating content across various social media platforms, as it has built-in templates for popular social media channels. However, PosterMyWall is best for creating larger-format designs, such as posters and flyers, which can be useful for businesses hosting events or promotions.

Lastly, regarding pricing, both tools offer free plans and premium versions. Adobe Spark’s premium version costs $9.99 monthly, whereas, PosterMyWall offers two premium plans: one costing $8.33 and the other costing $26.66 per month. However, PosterMyWall offers more paid plan features, such as removing watermarks and accessing a larger library of templates and images.

If you’re a motivated entrepreneur or small business owner interested in a large selection of templates and images for creating marketing materials, or if you need to create larger-format designs, PosterMyWall is your go-to. This remarkable tool can help your business create eye-catching marketing materials that effectively communicate your brand message without overspending on marketing and design services.


Social media marketing provides vast opportunities to new and emerging businesses looking for a wide outreach to generate sales. However, before you begin posting or interacting with the public, you must create innovative and appealing content for your marketing campaigns using tools like Adobe Spark or PosterMyWall. 

Both marketing platforms provide valuable tools for businesses seeking professional-quality designs and marketing materials. Adobe Spark offers a more robust set of design tools and integrations with other Adobe products, which would suit businesses on a large scale. 

However, PosterMyWall excels in its extensive template library and customization options, making it a great choice for businesses looking to create high-quality designs without a lot of design experience quickly.

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