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Nevada Alexander Musk: Date Of Birth, Father, Mother, Death, FAQs & More

Musk’s surname has grown in popularity. Almost everyone knows whether a person with the surname “Musk” is linked to billionaire Elon Musk. Also, Nevada Alexander Musk was Elon Musk’s first son. So, he was born on May 18, 2002, and died 10 days later on May 28, 2002. Because a newborn dies so early, there isn’t much to talk about in his life. In this article, we are talking about this unlucky kid and his parents.

Nevada Alexander Musk Date of Birth

He was born in 2002 in Orange County, California, USA, and is well known as Elon Musk’s firstborn son. His father would go on to start multiple firms, including Tesla, SpaceX, OpenAI, Neuralink, Paypal, and The Boring Company.

Nevada Alexander Musk Parents

Nevada arrived at a point in Elon’s life when he was enjoying numerous highs. So, he had envisioned and planned the corporation that would become SpaceX, but he lacked money at the time. Then eBay expressed interest in purchasing Paypal from him for $1.5 billion. So, he was seeing Nevada grow from a newborn to a few weeks old when the transaction was concluding. Elon’s child is Nevada from her marriage to college sweetheart and novelist Justine Wilson. His demise came unexpectedly and without notice. His parents put him to bed, and when they returned, he wasn’t breathing.

Nevada Alexander Musk

They called the paramedics, and they were able to revive him. But he had been without oxygen for so long. So, his brain was no longer working properly. So, he was on life support for three days until his parents turned it off. Elon and his wife reacted differently to his death; he kept silent, refusing to discuss the matter, whilst she publicly mourned. So, he isn’t the sort of person to dwell in a gloomy place, therefore the two wanted to move on soon. They would have twins, and then triplets, within the following five years.

Nevada Alexander Musk how did he die?

Nevada Alexander died as a result of SIDS, according to doctors. Death happens in children under the age of a year, and it is frequently unexpected and unexplained. Studies on the (assumed) sickness have shown no results, despite the fact that it usually happens when individuals are sleeping. There is no evidence that the youngster struggled or had a problem before his death. Many causes have been postulated as contributing to SIDS, however none of them have been verified. Doctors and specialists advise removing as many hazards as possible from the youngster. To that end, they advise only allowing a kid to sleep face-up and using a firm mattress.

They also recommend keeping the infant cool and away from smoking. SIDS is claimed to account for the majority of sudden newborn fatalities. Immunization and nursing may also be beneficial in strengthening the child’s immune system.

Nevada Alexander Musk Father

His father’s name is Elon Musk. His father is one of the most famous and modern inventors. So, he started many futuristic things like renewable energy and space flight. Many of his inventions seem straight out of science fiction. But he was responsible for big scientific advances throughout his career. After making his first fortune through ‘PayPal,’ he invested $100 million in his space travel company, ‘SpaceX’. Then, he began building satellites, launch vehicles, and other spacecraft for NASA as well as his own company. Then, he set new records with his privately funded spacecraft.

Nevada Alexander Musk

Many of his great ideas and innovations are around space flight, energy, electric vehicles, and other things. These things anticipate a future in which fossil fuels and other resources may be in limited supply. His forward-thinking and imaginative ideas have earned him scientific and charitable acclaim and honors. Pop culture presents him as a type of real-life super hero committed to giving global answers to global issues. Musk looks forward, hopes for intelligent life elsewhere in the cosmos, and continues to plan far-reaching futuristic ambitions such as establishing a human colony on Mars. Scroll down to learn everything there is to know about this legendary figure.


In 1995, he came to California to seek a PhD in applied physics at Stanford. But he left after just a few days to follow his own interests in technology and entrepreneurship.Later that year, he collaborated with his brother, Kimbal Musk, to create ‘Zip2’. It was a software firm. It supplied services to high-end newspaper clients like ‘The New York Times’ and ‘The Chicago Tribune’. Following the successful sale of Zip2 to Compaq in 1999, Musk launched his next company, ‘’. Shortly after acquiring a money transfer business name ‘PayPal’ through a merger, the corporation decided to focus solely on developing this online payment service. The success of ‘PayPal’ led Musk to sell his stock in the company to ‘eBay’ for $165 million.

In 2002, he invested millions in his third company ‘Space Exploration Technologies’ or just ‘SpaceX’. Within seven years, the company had designed the ‘Falcon’ line of space launch vehicles and the ‘Dragon’ line of multipurpose spacecraft. Also, they were making history with their privately funded innovation. ‘SpaceX’ received contracts from NASA to create a launch craft to deliver cargo to the ‘International Space Station’. Tesla Motors was founded with the mission of designing and building electric cars.

More details

Musk invested in the firm and became chairman a year later. In 2004, he played an active role in the creation of the ‘Roadster,’ which received the ‘Global Green’ product award. During the recession, when the firm suffered, they promoted him to CEO and product architect, a position he maintains today. Musk, who created the initial concept for ‘SolarCity,’ is the company’s largest stakeholder. It is now the second biggest solar energy supplier in the US, with an emphasis on mitigating global warming. On August 12, 2013, Musk presented innovative ideas for a high-speed travel system that could, in theory, replace airline travel as a faster and cheaper alternative.

His business, ‘SpaceX,’ is presently putting his plans into action, with the design aiming to run purely on solar energy. So, he has envisioned the Hyperloop, a high-speed transportation system. It has low-pressure tubes with pressurized capsules riding on air bearings powered by linear induction motors and air compressors. In July 2017, he announced the first successful Hyperloop test run in Nevada. So, he also stated that he has received verbal authority to construct a hyperloop between New York City and Washington, D.C.

Nevada Alexander Musk Mother

His mother’s name is Justine Musk. Also, she is a Canadian novelist. Also, she is popular for her modern fantasy novel “BloodAngel.” She is the first wife of billionaire businessman Elon Musk. So, he is the founder, CEO, and lead designer of SpaceX as well as the co-founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla, Inc. Also, she, a Peterborough native, attended Queen’s University before traveling to Japan. Then, she spent a significant amount of time there as an English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor. Also, she returned to the US and married Musk in 2000. They had six children together, but their first son, Nevada, died when he was a baby. The pair split in 2008, and she has since produced articles in which she claims to be a “model ex-wife.”

Her first published novel, ‘BloodAngel,’ was her debut as an author; she has since produced two additional books, ‘Uninvited,’ and the sequel to BloodAngel, ‘Lord of Bones.’


She was born in Canada on September 2, 1972. There is very little data about her family or childhood. Also, she attended Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada, after graduating from high school, and obtained a degree in English literature there. Then, she subsequently moved to Japan to teach English. Also, she also spent some time in Australia. Also, she subsequently relocated to California. So, she had always wanted to be a novelist and penned the first draft of ‘BloodAngel’ while studying at Queen’s. Roc Books released The dark urban fantasy in 2005 and garnered positive reviews. Then, in 2007, she published her second novel.

The paranormal fantasy novel, titled ‘Uninvited,’ follows the narrative of Kelly Ruland, a teenager whose world falls apart following a car accident. Then, MTV Books released ‘Uninvited’. Also, she eventually released the second installment of the BloodAngel novels, titled ‘Lord of Bones,’ in 2008. In this well-received sequel, all of the key characters from the original novel returned. Also, she has also written a short tale called ‘I Need You More,’ and her work has appeared in ‘The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2: Love Bites,’ (2009), and ‘Kiss Me Deadly: 13 Tales of Paranormal Love,’ (2010). (2010). Also, she is one of the first writers to utilize social media sites such as Pinterest to plot out a novel.

Nevada Alexander Musk and Xavier Musk

  • He, Elon’s first son, was born in 2002. Also, Nevada died tragically at the age of ten weeks. Justine gave birth to a son in 2002. Unfortunately, the infant died later that year. Also, Nevada died of SIDS at the age of ten weeks. “We relocated to Los Angeles and had our first kid, a boy called Nevada Alexander,” Justine wrote in the same Marie Claire essay. “The same week that Elon’s net fortune soared to well over $100 million [after the sale of PayPal], Nevada lay down for a sleep, as usual on his back, and stopped breathing.”

“He was 10 weeks old, when male newborns are most vulnerable to SIDS”. “He had been brain-dead for so long by the time the paramedics resuscitated him that he was brain-dead.” He was on life support for three days in an Orange County hospital before we decided to remove him from it. “When he died, I held him in my arms.” We can only imagine how this type of loss would affect both mom and dad. What we do know is that the couple decided to attempt a second pregnancy.

Xavier Musk and others

  • Elon and his wife Justine then had twin boys Griffin and Xavier Musk via IVF in 2004.
  • Kai Musk, Saxon Musk, and Damian Musk, their triplet sons, were born via IVF in 2006.
  • Elon then announced the birth of his kid, whom he welcomed with his fiancée, artist Grimes, on Twitter in May 2020. Their son’s name is X A-Xii, also known as ‘X.’
  • In March 2022, a Vanity Fair piece reported that Elon and Grimes gave birth to a daughter via surrogate in December 2021, whom they named Exa Dark Siderael Musk, abbreviated ‘Y.’

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Elon Musk’s first child?

So, in 2002, Musk and his first wife, Justine Wilson, welcomed their first child, Nevada Alexander. So, he died of sudden infant death syndrome at the age of 10 weeks (SIDS). “Nevada laid down for a sleep, placed on his back as usual, and stopped breathing,” Wilson wrote in a Marie Claire story in 2010.

How many babies does Elon Musk have?

Musk also has two children with Claire Boucher, best known as the singer Grimes. Then, he has five with his first wife, writer Justine Musk, including twins and triplets. Grimes’ second child with Mr. Musk, a surrogate daughter, was born in December.

What is sudden infant death syndrome?

SIDS, sometimes known as “cot death,” is the abrupt and inexplicable death of an otherwise healthy newborn. Every year, around 200 newborns die abruptly and unexpectedly in the United Kingdom. This figure may sound concerning, but SIDS is uncommon and the likelihood of your kid dying from it is minimal.

What happened to Elon Musk’s first wife?

Musk consented to counseling when she spoke with him, but a month later suggested that if they didn’t restore their marriage that day, they should split. The next day, he served her with divorce papers. Then, just six weeks later, he texted Wilson to announce his engagement to British actress Talulah Riley.

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