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Whitney Scott Mathers(Eminem’s Daughter): Wiki, Age, TikTok, Father, Adopted, Social Media & Net Worth

Initially known as Marshall Mathers, Eminem has grown to become one of the most well-known rappers in the music industry. His daughter is Whitney Scott Mathers. So, Eminem maintains his talent as he ages. Also, his style involves abruptly rapping words, writing meaningful songs, and sprinkling in the occasional diss track.

Despite all of his accomplishments, Eminem considers fatherhood to be his greatest success. Moreover, his organic toddler is one of his three children; the other two are adopted.

So, Whitney Scott Mathers, a well-known American singer, is his child. Thus, from her interactions with every man, Whitney has learned that she is the biological daughter of Eminem’s ex-wife, Kimberly. So, when she was younger, a well-known rap artist raised her.

Eminem also frequently makes mention of his daughters in his lyrics, which sparked a recurring question regarding his relationship with Whitney. However, even though he comes out as a cocky musician in practically all his music videos, Eminem is frequently recognised for having a soft side to his personal life.

Whitney Scott Mathers Age

So, Eminem’s daughter Whitney Mathers or Stevie is a well-known American rapper. Moreover, of Eminem’s three daughters, she is the youngest. Since she was little, Whitney Mathers or Stevie has gained notoriety as a celebrity child. Thus, she goes by the name Whitney. Scott, Kimberly Anne, is the name of her mother. Alaina Marie Mathers and Hallie Jade are the names of her two older sisters.

Also, on April 16, 2002, Whitney Scott Mathers was born in St. Joseph, Missouri, in the United States. However, she is 20 years old (as of 2022). In Missouri, in the United States, she is also a high school student.

Whitney Scott Mathers Tiktok

Whitney Scott Mathers

So, Whitney Scott Mathers, the youngest child of Eminem, revealed her gender queer identity in a TikTok video on August 7.

Despite having a lucrative career as a rapper, he largely shielded his kids from the spotlight as they grew up.

Thus, Eminem’s two adoptive daughters Alaina Marie Mathers and Whitney, as well as his only biological kid Hailie Jade, have all recently increased their social media activity.

The famous children also have a sizable online fan base. As a result, it was noted when Whitney revealed that she is genderfluid in a recent TikTok video.

Whitney Scott Mathers Gender

So, from this point forward, Whitney Scott Mathers will go by the name Stevie Laine.

Whitney Scott Mathers

Hence, the 19-year-old, who is Eminem’s adoptive child, came out as non-binary on TikTok on August 7. “Watch me become more at ease with myself” was the first line in Stevie’s TikTok video. Then a succession of images of them as Whitney, who used the pronouns she/her, appeared. Their hairstyles also started to radically alter as they grew older. The video closes with the news that Whitney is now known as “Stevie,” who initially used they/she pronouns and now uses “all pronouns,” per TikTok. Then, she gradually started using “they/she” pronouns.

Whitney Scott Mathers Wiki

Full Name Whitney Scott Mathers
Nickname Whitney
Occupation/Profession Student
Famous For/As as a daughter of Eminem

Whitney Scott Mathers Biography/Personal Information

Date of Birth 16 April 2002
Age (as in 2022) 20 years
Birthplace St. Joseph, Missouri
Hometown St. Joseph, Missouri
Nationality American
Sun Sign/Zodiac Sign Arise
Religion Christen

Whitney Scott Mathers Measurements

Height (approximate) in Feet-Inches – 5’6”
Weight (approximate) in Kilograms – 55 Kg
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown

Whitney Scott Mathers Family

Father Eminem
Mother Kimberly Anne Scott
Sister Alaina Marie Mathers, Hallie Jade
Brother None

Whitney Scott Mathers Net Worth

So, American social media star and famous person Whitney Scott Mathers. Also, her most famous way to fame is that she is Eminem’s adopted daughter, the world’s most fast rapper.

Thus, on April 16, 2002, Whitney was born in St. Joseph, Missouri. Whitney also keeps her American citizenship despite being of Caucasian ethnicity. She is also an Aries by horoscope. Thus, she continues to practise Christianity.

Also, she is said to have a net worth of $1 million, per Celebrity Net Worth. She might have gotten her father’s huge wealth.

Whitney Scott Mathers 2022

So, Kimberely Ann Scott, the ex-girlfriend of Eminem, is the actual mother of Whitney Scott Mathers. Also, Whitney’s current actual name, though, is Steve Lainie Scott. Whitney also said in 2021 that she was bisexual and later non-binary. Thus, she is Eminem’s youngest child; her sisters are Hailie Jade and Alaina Marie Mathers. Also, she is Eminem’s adopted daughter.

In addition, Whitney was born not long after Eminem and Kim’s first split up. Along with his other daughters Hailie and Aliana, Eminem also brought up Whitney. So, even though the siblings get along well, Whitney prefers to go out or stay out with Hailie.

Whitney also likes to travel, and Paris is one of her favourite places. She also loves Italian food, and her favourite actor is Brad Pitt. She has also seen a lot of his movies. Then, Whitney’s parents’ actions and reactions made her to have a difficult childhood. Due to the relationship between her parents, she also felt guilty. Because of how frequently her parents were in the media, she found it challenging to go to school. Hence, she is currently a high school student and is reportedly a star pupil. Mathers loves animals, just like her dad does.

Whitney Scott Mathers and Eminem

Eminem has made no secret of his family’s dysfunctional dynamics since the day he debuted Slim Shady to the world. So, we know the renowned rapper for insulting his mother Debbie and ex-wife Kim in his lyrics. Hailie, Eminem’s daughter, is another inspiration who brings out his sensitive side and has been in several songs throughout his career.

Em has assisted in raising two adoptive children in addition to Hailie, who is his only kid via biological means. Here is all we know about Stevie Laine, his 18-year-old.

Stevie, who was born Whitney Scott Mathers on April 16, 2002, is Kimberly Ann Scott’s biological kid.

They were born soon after Scott’s initial divorce from Eminem. Also, they brought Whitney up with their sisters Hailie and Alaina (Eminem’s niece, whom he also adopted) in his Michigan home.

Stevie also revealed that they are bisexual to their Instagram followers in October 2017.

Whitney Scott Mathers Biological Father

Kim Scott and Eric Hartter’s biological daughter Whitney was born in 2002. Eminem divorced Kim Scott, his wife, in 2001 before she was even born. Eminem wed Kimberly in 1999, and after their divorce in 2001, Kim started dating a tattoo artist named Eric Hartter. After the divorce, Kim Scott relocated to her mother’s house. In 2002, Kim gave birth to Whitney as a result of their relationship. Whitney currently resides at Eminem’s home with his two biological kids, Hailie and Alaina. It was after Eminem adopted her formally. She is undeniably in love with Alaina, but she considers Hailie to be her sister and someone to look up to.

Whitney Scott Mathers Adopted

Eminem adopted Stevie in 2005. Eric Hartter, her actual father, had a history of drug use and law related issues. (In 2019 he maybe overdosed and passed away.) Despite the fact that Eminem was maybe (and rightly) angry that his ex-wife gave birth to another man’s child after their divorce, he wanted to provide Stevie with a good environment to grow up in. Eminem married again Kim in 2006, but the following year he filed for divorce once more. In a 2004 interview with Rolling Stone, the rapper offered his thoughts on how Kim would have said these upsetting events to Stevie. Kim also fought substance misuse concerns

Whitney Scott Mathers Social Media


Stevie has a profile on Instagram, much like the majority of millennials. They currently have no postings on their Instagram account.

52k people follow Laine on the social networking site Instagram, which is a sizable fan base. On Instagram, they only have a single photo of themselves wearing glasses and a few pictures of themselves with friends.


On TikTok, Stevie has amassed a sizable fan base; their account currently has over 27.2k subscribers.

The username of their TikTok account is @st0nedc0w.

Stevie frequently shared fresh details about them on TikTok, including their gender flexibility.

She also shared Eminem’s concealment of the fact that they were adopted.

This is what we think.

They also post entertaining content showing them utilising hip filters and doing hair lessons.


Whitney isn’t really active on social media and doesn’t seem to be all that interested in communicating with the general public. She does, however, have a sparsely updated Facebook page, although her public Twitter account is either nonexistent or inaccessible.

Whitney Scott Mathers FAQs

Who is Whitney Scott Mathers?

Kim and her partner Eric Hartter had a daughter named Whitney Scott Mathers on April 16, 2002.

What is Whitney Scott’s age?

Stevie recently turned 20 years old.

Whitney Scott Mathers was adopted, right?

She is, in fact, Eminem’s adopted daughter. In 2005, he officially adopted her.

Why was she adopted by Eminem?

Kim was dealing with drug addiction and well-known legal issues while Eric was breaking the law. Whitney was ultimately cared for by Eminem. Adopting her eventually for her future benefit.

In what location is Whitney Scott Mathers based?

With her father Eminem, sister Hailie, and cousin Alaina, Whitney Scott Mathers resides in Michigan.

Why is Whitney in Eminem’s custody?

Stevie was born in 2002 to Kim and her tattoo artist ex-partner, Eric Hartter, but due to their biological father’s drug and legal problems, Eminem has full custody of the adolescent.

Is there a bond between Eminem and his daughters?

Despite the fact that they were all occupied with their own lives, Alaina shared some monumental news on social media on December 13, 2021.

She was engaged to her boyfriend Matt Moeller. Hailie and Eminem are really close with one another.

Are Kim and Eminem still dating?

Kim and Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, wed in 1999. They then separated in 2001 and only temporarily remarried in 2006. Hailie is their daughter together.

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