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Eduin Caz: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Brother, Grupo Firme, Education, Net Worth, House, Car Accident, Hospital, FAQS & More

Eduin Caz is a Mexican songwriter and singer. Besides the world of music, he is active as a social media influencer too. His full name is Eduin Oswaldo Parra Cazares. The Mexican singer enjoys fame not just in Mexico but around the world for his talent. Eduin Caz is from Grupo Firme, a regional band in Mexico. He became famous via a web-based entertainment service online when he was featured in a viral video.

Eduin Caz was born on 30 July 1994 in Culiacán, Mexico. He was brought up in the same place. As it happens with fans of any celebrity, they want to know the physical stats of their favourite personality. For the fans of Eduin Caz, Eduin is 1.7 metres tall and weighs about 65 kg. His hair is black and he has black eyes. Although there is barely any information about Eduin’s family apart from his wife Daisy Anahi and children, we know he has a brother. His name is Jhonny Caz.

Eduin Caz is also one of the two co-founders of the Mexican regional band Grupo Firme. He found the band in the year 2014. He was only 20 years old then. The band after moderate success in the first few years of its inception has become a sensation now. They released their first album in 2017 whose success did not turn out as they expected. But that was the beginning of their journey as with that album they defined their genre. The year 2020 was an absolute turning point for the band. Now they are popular across the world, and Eduin Caz is their vocalist. They do live performances now not just across Mexico but in the US and Colombia too. It is estimated that the band charges $2.3 million per live show now.

Eduin Caz Wife: Daisy Anahy

The popular Mexican singer and songwriter Eduin Caz is married to Daisy Anahy. Daisy is a very popular social media influencer and TikTok celebrity in her country. On social media, she would stunning photos of herself. Besides her own pictures and often updates, Daisy is popular for sharing photos of her family, and the challenges she completes with her husband Eduin Caz and her children. Daisy is very passionate about fashion and beauty and loves to dress up and share pictures with her fans.

Daisy was also born in Mexico on 27 September 1993. She attended a local school and graduated from a private university in Mexico. Right from her childhood days, Daisy was always eager to know about the lifestyle of celebrities she followed and even be one of them. Daisy joined Instagram in 2015 and within a short span of time, she became very popular. There she shares pictures of herself, her husband, her children, the places she visits, and other activities she takes part in.

On TikTok, she shares content regularly. She makes videos where she tries various popular challenges with her husband, children, and friends. She also tries lip-sync videos there. On the side of her passion, she would share fashion and beauty tips and updates regularly with her followers.

Furthermore, Daisy collaborates with various popular beauty brands like makeuplena22, Estefany Maxim, Lupita Bracamontes, and others.

Daisy is the mother of two children with Eduin Caz: a son named Eduin Gerardo and a daughter names Dhasia Geraldine.

Her hobbies include travelling and clicking pictures. Daisy also practices yoga and likes to cook. Her net worth is approximately $2 million. This is made up of her social media presence and earnings, brand endorsements she engages in, and the other business ventures she is a part of.

Grupo Firme

Grupo Firme is a regional band in Mexico. They are based in Tijuana, Baja California. Baja California, officially, the Free and Sovereign State of Baja California, is the northernmost and westernmost territory of Mexico out of the 32 federal territories of Mexico. This is the band from which comes Eduin Caz, the famous singer and songwriter from Mexico.

Eduin Caz

Grupo Firme started out as a Norteño band in 2014. Their genre is Norteño music but they have done recordings in the Banda genre too. Both Norteño and Banda are genres of Mexican regional music. Norteño’s theme is the duple and triple metre and the lyrics deal with topics with social relevance mostly. But you will also find some Norteñosongs whose theme is love. Norteño’s most characteristic instruments are the accordion and Baja sexto. The music genre developed in the 19th century. It is a result of the fusion of local Mexican music and Austrian-Czech folk music.

Banda music is another sort of regional Mexican music. They use wind instruments extensively, mostly brass and percussion. Banda also began in the 19th century like the Norteño’s genre. But this time, it was the community musicians who tried to imitate the military bands who introduced the piston metal instruments. All the villages in Mexico have a brass band of some type. They can be either private, municipal, or traditional.

Eduin Caz was one of the co-founders of Grupo Firme in 2014. In 2017, they released a moderately successful album which helped them define their own style of music. 2020 marked the beginning of the band’s journey to success. The band since then has won several awards like Premios Juventud, Premio Lo Nuestro, and Latin Grammy Awards.

Eduin Caz Net Worth

Eduin Caz is one of those celebrities who is not just talented and has a huge fan following but also knows how to make money. His popularity as a popular singer, songwriter, and social media influencer has not just earned him fame, respect, and awards, but a decent income and net worth too. His band’s success adds more to his already high income and net worth.

Eduin Caz

Caz derives most of his income from his successful singing career. He had an interest in music right from his childhood and gained support from his family which is often very rare in the case of many people in the industry of music and other forms of art. He studied in Mexico and graduated from there and then pursued his ambition which is paying off.

Eduin Caz has a net worth of about a staggering $20 million. That is more than what most singers have worldwide and he has achieved this at such a young age. Eduin is only 28 years of age and he is already making so much money and that too by making music using regional art. This deserves attention because regional art gets unnoticed most of the time but Eduin made sure he takes regional Mexican music to people around the world.

Besides his own wealth, he has a wife who also has a high net worth. Daisy Anahy, Eduin’s wife, boasts of a net worth of $2 million. She earned this as a TikTok celebrity, social media influencer, and from the many brand endorsements that she is a part of. Eduin’s brother Jhonny is also not much behind. He is also a singer and is associated with Eduin’s band Grupo Firme and has performed on several occasions getting many awards. Johnny’s net worth is about $1.2 million.

Eduin Caz Education/Graduation

Eduin Caz, the popular Mexican singer and songwriter, graduated just a few months back in November 2021. That a person can gain so much fame and respect and, of course, money and then they are graduating is something that we see very rarely. Eduin is one of them. This shows how highly he places education in life. He graduated from the Autonomous University of Baja California with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing

On 30 November 2021, he released an Instagram post. That is where he mentioned he received his degree licensed officially to Eduin Caz, that is, himself. There he thanked his mother and his wife for not letting him down and all those who helped him achieve that.\

He went on to thank his team for always supporting him and not leaving him throughout his career. He addressed the team as the “Dream Team” in his post. Then he added that his teachers were “bloody” in the beginning but later understood Eduin’s situation and supported him. He thanked them too. Eduin, in the end, extended gratitude to all those who were in some way involved in his journey. He ended the post by addressing his parents telling them that it is for them to know that he did not fail. Lastly, he wrote “and as the says song WHAT I WANT I GET  which is the English translation of the Spanish phrase LO QUE QUIERO LO CONSIGO.

That post of Eduin Caz has received over a million likes on Instagram where he has 7.3 million followers. The post had his pictures with his degree, pictures with his mother, and pictures with his wife Daisy Anahy. His fans showered love on him and congratulated him for this feat.

Jhonny Caz

Mexican singer and social media influencer Eduin Caz has a huge fan following in Mexico and around the world. It is very natural that the fans would be curious to know about the personal life of their favourite celebrity as it happens with every celebrity. The same is the case for Eduin but unfortunately, we do not have much information about Eduin’s personal life. All that we know is that he is a professional singer, songwriter, social media influencer, and the founder of one of the most popular Mexican bands Grupo Firme. About his family, we only know he has a wife whose name is Daisy Anahy and two children: a son named Eduin Gerardo and a daughter names Dhasia Geraldine. Daisy is a TikTok celebrity and does brand endorsements with various beauty products companies. Besides such a piece of limited information, there is one more family member we know of. Eduin’s brother. His name is Jhonny Caz.

Eduin Caz

Jhonny Caz is also a singer. He is the third member of the band his brother found: Grupo Firme and has performed on numerous occasions with the band. Jhonny is also an active TikTok star and his account goes by the handle jhonny_caz on TikTok. There he uploads lip-sync videos, various challenges, dance, and comedy skits. He has a following of 1.7 million on TikTok and has generated 4.1 million likes so far.

Jhonny was born on 21 February 1992 and is 30 years old. He is an LGBTQ activist also and supports the rights and acceptance of LGBTQ people. In 2019, Jhonny, with his fellow band members, won the prestigious LA Radio Awards. They conduct live shows across Mexico, the United States, and Colombia too.

Jhonny said he is currently single when he was asked by the media.

Eduin Caz House

Mexican singing sensation and vocalist of the band Grupo Firme Eduin Caz has a huge fan following and a great deal of wealth to his name. All this is a result of talent, persistence, and hard work. Eduin did not have a very pleasant childhood in terms of material belongings. He did have a very supportive family though who understood his passion for music and allowed him to pursue it. He lived a life of deprivation and lack of financial well-being.

Eduin now seems to be living his life to the fullest. He is giving himself all the luxuries that anyone would want. All that he has now is perhaps the absolute opposite of what he had to go through in his childhood. Eduin had a very humble life and his residence reflected that very well.

According to the influencer Dulce Gipsy, Eduin lived in a humble apartment in the area of Otay Centenario. The area is considered middle-class today but it was not always. Otay Centenario is in the border city of Tijuana where Eduin migrated with his mother and brother from Sinaloa. Local residents say that the boy lived with his mother and brother on the third floor of a housing unit. He grew up there and stayed until high school.

Today, Eduin has a luxurious life. He moved into a very lavish house in June 2021 with his family. It has an indoor pool, and a lot of rooms including the hall, kitchen, living room, dining room, TV room, and the main room. The house has an expensive decor too. For example, the kitchen with grey appliances has high-end appliances. There is also a central island in the kitchen which serves as a place for cooking food as well as an eating space.

What Happened To Eduin Caz? Why Was He Hospitalized?

On 7 May 2022, Eduin Caz had to be rushed to the hospital after Grupo Firme’s Foro Sol concert in Mexico. The reason was some chronic condition he suffers from which worsened. The vocalist of Grupo Firme had performed that night and had to leave on a stretcher and get in the ambulance as a viral video suggested. The footage cam online the next day and sent a wave of anxiety across his fans around the globe.

To the relief of his followers, Eduin shared an Instagram post a few hours later. He confirmed that he was fine then and assured that he would keep them updated with his condition. He also thanked his fans for their concern.

The singing sensation suffers from chronic hernia, and his doctor had advised him to avoid alcohol. But he got very drunk between two back-to-back shows and even ate a lot of food. This caused the problem to get worse and called for immediate medical attention. For those who do not know, a hernia is a bulge in the body which can be very painful and a very bad health hazard to have.

Eduin, in a video about 10 minutes long, explained his situation. He said his “real fans” know he suffers from chronic hernia and that he should not be drinking but that day he forgot about this and got drunk. The singer added that he woke up on Saturday with pain in his stomach and diarrhoea. As for symptoms, Eduin said that he felt his whole body burning which he could not stand and fainted. That is when he had to be rushed to a local clinic where a specialist attended him.

Eduin finally said that he has to focus on his exercising and diet from scratch after this incident.

Eduin Caz FAQs

Why was Eduin Caz in the hospital?

Eduin Caz was in the hospital in May this year due to a condition he has. It is chronic hiatal hernia. He was rushed to the hospital after his condition worsened on the day his band Grupo Firme had a performance in Foro Sol.

Where is Eduin Caz from?

Eduin Caz is from a city called Culiacán, officially Culiacán Rosales, in Sinaloa, Mexico. Culiacán is the capital and the largest city in Sinaloa.

When was Eduin Caz born?

Mexican singing star Eduin Caz was born on 30 July 1994 in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico. He was brought up in the same city.

How much is Grupo Firme worth?

The Mexican regional band Grupo Firme is worth $25 million as per latest estimates.

How long does the Grupo Firme concert last?

Every Grupo Firme concert lasts for approximately 3 hours. There are always about 24 musicians on the stage and each show varies as per which audibles their vocalist Eduin calls to the band during the performance.

Where is Grupo Firme from?

Grupo Firme is a Mexican regional band. They are from Tijuana, Baja California in Mexico.

When did Grupo Firme start?

Grupo Firme formed in the year 2014 by Eduin Caz and Joaquín Ruiz.

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