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Christina Ricci: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Movies & TV Shows, Wednesday, Husband, Children, FAQs & More

Christina Ricci is famous for portraying great characters with a dark edge. She typically works in movies but has also acted in a number of big films. We also nominated her for two Primetime Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe.

Also, in Mermaids (1990), Ricci made her debut at the young age of nine. The Addams Family (1991) and its sequel, Addams Family Values, featured Wednesday Addams in her great roles. Her status as a teen idol was then confirmed by her subsequent roles in Casper and Now and Then (both in 1995). After that, with The Ice Storm (1997), she went into adult roles at the age of 17, which led her to act in a number of movies, including Pecker (1998), The Opposite of Sex (1998), and Monster (1998).

She also had supporting roles in The Matrix Resurrections, Penelope (2006), Speed Racer (2008), and Sleepy Hollow (1999). (2021).

On television, Ricci then played a cameo part on Grey’s Anatomy in 2006 and made an appearance in the final season of Ally McBeal in 2002. She also produced and appeared in the TV shows The Lizzie Borden Chronicles (2015) and Z: The Beginning of Everything, as well as the ABC series Pan Am (2011–12). (2017). She made her acting debut in the critically acclaimed Yellowjackets Showtime series in 2021, and in 2022, she appeared in the comedy-horror series Wednesday.

In Time Stands Still, Ricci also made her Broadway debut in 2010. She represents the Rape, Abuse & Incest Nationwide Network nationally (RAINN). She has a husband.

Christina Ricci Net Worth

American actress Christina Ricci has an $8 million net worth. She made her acting debut as a young girl in the 1990 film “Mermaids”. Then, she later worked as a teen in movies including “The Addams Family,” “Casper,” and “Now and Then.” She is famous for playing odd and great edgy roles.

Later, Ricci also worked on TV shows including “Ally McBeal” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” as well as in movies like “Buffalo ’66,” “The Opposite of Sex,” “Monster,” and “Black Snake Moan.” Christina played the lead role in the Showtime series “Yellowjackets” in November ‘21. For her part in the show, Christina was about to get a Primetime Emmy.

Christina Ricci Age

On February 12, 1980, Christina Ricci, an American actress, took birth. So, she is 43 years old. It was in Santa Monica, California. Also, Ralph Ricci is her father, and Sarah Ricci is her mother. Moreover, she took birth and grew up in a family with Scottish, Irish, and Italian families. She also finished her studies at Professional Children’s School, Morristown-Beard School, Glenfield Middle School, Montclaire High School, and Edgemont Elementary School.

Christina Ricci Height

The Addams Family, Sleepy Hollow, Speed Racer, and Mermaids are a few of the famous films in which the US actress has worked. Also, it was her debut as an action hero (Adrenalynn film), which is really funny considering she was five feet tall. She said this when she was 21 years old in the Toronto Sun. In 2006, she also revealed, “I’m five one first thing in the morning.” She then increased her claim in 2022 by stating, “I am five feet two.” She mentioned her weight in an interview with Movieline in 1999, saying, “I weigh 105 pounds and wear a size two.”


The youngest of Christina Ricci’s two children, who is a joyful mother of two, recently celebrated her first birthday. The “Wednesday” actor also captioned a picture of daughter Cleopatra Ricci Hampton wrapped in a striped jumper and crochet beanie. The beautiful dream baby was 1 year old that day!!!! “She is a miracle of the cosmos. Once more tore our hearts wide open.” Celebrity hairstylist Mark Hampton, Ricci’s husband, showed his happiness in a post on Instagram of his own. Ricci and her ex-husband James Heerdegen share an 8-year-old son, Freddie Heerdegen, in addition to their daughter, Cleo. In a September interview with People, Ricci said that Freddie has been a great big brother to his little sister and is “very helpful” with Cleo.


Along with falling in love, Christina Ricci and hairstylist Mark Hampton are also now lawfully wed and parents! In recent photos that were taken on their wedding day, the actress, who had a highly publicised, contentious breakup from ex James Heerdegen, appeared happier than ever. Who is her new beau, though? Continue reading to learn all there is to know about Mark Hampton!

The couple exchanged vows in front of family and friends in October 2021. Just two months after they made the joyous pregnancy announcement, they welcomed their first child together. Christina wrote Mr. and Mrs. on the first image of them from their marriage ceremony.  Mark wore a button-down shirt with no tie to keep things informal, while Christina wore a collared top. She completed her look with elegant drop earrings and a low ponytail. The second post’s caption continued, “Also Mr. and Mrs.” Too cute!

Christina Ricci Movies and TV Shows


  • Mermaids
  • The Hard Way
  • The Addams Family
  • The Cemetery Club
  • Addams Family Values
  • Casper
  • Now and Then
  • Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain
  • Bastard out of Carolina
  • The Last of the High Kings
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • That Darn Cat
  • The Ice Storm
  • The Opposite of Sex
  • Buffalo 66
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  • Small Soldiers
  • Pecker
  • I Woke Up Early the Day I Died
  • Desert Blue
  • 200 Cigarettes
  • No Vacancy
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Bless the Child
  • The Man Who Cried
  • All Over the Guy
  • Prozac Nation
  • Pumpkin
  • Miranda
  • The Gathering
  • Anything Else
  • I Love Your Work
  • Monster
  • Cursed
  • Penelope
  • Black Snake Moan Brave Home of the Brave
  • Speed Racer
  • New York, I Love You
  • All’s Faire in Love
  • After Life
  • Alpha and Omega
  • California Romanza
  • Bel Ami

TV Shows

  • E.L.P
  • The Simpsons
  • Saturday Night Live
  • The Laramie Project
  • Malcolm in the Middle
  • Ally McBeal
  • Joey
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Saving Grace
  • Pan Am
  • The Good Wife
  • Lizzie Borden Took an Ax
  • The Lizzie Borden Chronicles
  • Z: The Beginning of Everything
  • Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story Ne
  • 50 States of Fright
  • Rick and Morty
  • Yellowjackets
  • Wednesday

Christina Ricci and Jenna Ortega Wednesday

When it came to playing the Addams family’s eldest kid on TV, Wednesday actor Jenna Ortega did not talk to her mentor and castmate Christina Ricci.

Christina Ricci

The actress said that she and Ricci, who played Wednesday in the 1991 film The Addams Family and its 1993 follow-up Addams Family Values as a young child, never talked about their shared thoughts while working on the new Netflix series.

In an MTV News show with her co-star Emma Myers, Ortega stated, “I think when [Ricci] was on set, neither one of us once said Wednesday to each other.” She didn’t want to bother with my act or come off as rude, in my opinion.

The talk with Ricci, who in the show plays Marilyn Thornhill, the dorm mom at Nevermore Academy, felt sad at Ortega as well. She said, “I felt like I didn’t want to bring up a thing that she did 30 years ago.” I didn’t want to make use of her or act too much like her. But I also didn’t want to torture myself”.

Christina Ricci and Winona Ryder

It’s hard to think that the popular movie Mermaids, in which Christina Ricci and Winona Ryder worked, was out 23 years ago. On Thursday during New York Fashion Week, the two women got together again and sat next to one another in the front row for Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2014 runway show. Even if both lovely beauties are pretty, it’s hard to believe that they have known each other for more than a couple of decades.

Christina Ricci

The two actresses greeted one another and gave one another hugs, but their focus was mainly on the dress.

So perhaps they had a formal catch-up after the show? Let’s just persuade ourselves it happened in a manner similar to that. In stark contrast to her earlier, more gothic-inspired years, Ricci looked absolutely current in a navy sundress and dramatic teal eyeliner.

Ryder, meanwhile, flashed typical Hollywood quirky style with a side part, vivid red lip, and mint-coloured satin dress. Cher was the star of Mermaids, which was released in 1990. Ryder, who was 18 at the time the movie hit theatres, was a little older than Ricci, who was only 10 at the time.

Christina Ricci and Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney had a great year, stealing the show on two HBO shows: “Euphoria” as the insecure, suicidal Cassie. She played in “The White Lotus” as the really bad girl Olivia.

On Showtime’s famous survival drama “Yellowjackets,” Christina Ricci’s grim, damaged Misty caused a mixture of fun and dread. When the two actors get together for Variety’s “Actors on Actors” by Apple TV, they talk about the various sadness they faced in their roles, and how life has changed for young women on sets. It was in regards to sex scenes, and being memes.

Is Christina Ricci Lionel Richie’s Daughter?

Nicole Richie is the ideal Morticia Addams because of her flare for drama.

In a Halloween picture that Richie shared on his Instagram on Friday, the Fashion Star mentor and her family were stoic while bearing a great similarity to the Addams Family.

Along with her husband Joel Madden, daughter Harlow, 5, and son Sparrow, 4, Nicole, 32, dressed totally in black to play the gothic role.

In the picture, she said “The Madden Family,” Lionel Richie’s daughter expertly pulled off the eerie look with a long, black wig, sunglasses, and flowing velvet outfit.

She finished the look by striking a vampiric stance while standing with one hand on one hip. She also had vivid red lips that stood out sharply against her pale skin.

Joel, a 34-year-old rocker from Good Charlotte, tried to pass like Gomez while wearing a velvet suit and a crimson necktie, albeit less successfully.

As Wednesday, the Addams family’s daughter, who was last played by Christina Ricci in the 1991 movie, Harlow was lovely.

The young girl wore her long hair in plaits, a black school outfit, and pink shoes while having a sassy nature. Sparrow, the younger brother, wore a nice black dress and resembled Pugsley in a sweet and innocent way.

Richie truly got into the Halloween mood this year, as evidenced by the photo she uploaded on Wednesday of her and her companions at the Haunted Hayride, where they were all giggling with glee.


Christina Ricci was how many years old when she played Wednesday Addams?

So, in the 1991 Addams Family film, Christina Ricci was ten years old. In the 1993 Addams Family Values film, she was twelve years old.

Why was Christina Ricci so famous?

Thus, in Mermaids (1990), Ricci made her big debut at the young age of nine. The Addams Family (1991) and its part, Addams Family Values, featured Wednesday Addams in her great role. Her status as a teen idol was made sure by her other roles in Casper and Now and Then (both in 1995).

Wednesday Addams—did Christina Ricci play her?

In the critically acclaimed 1991 film “The Addams Family” and its follow-up, “Addams Family Values,” Christina Ricci played Wednesday.

Who was Christina Ricci’s boyfriend?

Christina Ricci found what she was looking for in her husband Mark Hampton after a bad first marriage. Prior to being married to the Englishman, Ricci dated James Heerdegen since 2011, when they first met on the set of the ABC drama Pan Am.

Had Wednesday Addams any special abilities?

In the new Netflix series, Wednesday has her own unique set of supernatural skills, including psychic visions that grant her access to the past and future. She only experiences them when she touches something that causes a vision; she has no control over them.

How do you say Christina Ricci in English?

Although the actor’s last name has a “ch” sound, it is actually pronounced “Ree-chee.” The last name of Christina Ricci is pronounced Ree-chee.

Who gets married to Wednesday Addams?

After 18 years of wearing black, Wednesday dons a vibrant yellow outfit for the first time. Away from the Wednesday and Lucas’ families, say that the reason they collected them was to tell them that she and Lucas were getting together.

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