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Jean Louisa Kelly: Everything About American Actress

Jean Louisa Kelly is a famous American personality. She is an actress, working in both films and television. Interestingly, her career started before she went into college. We can watch her in different popular roles including Tia Russel, Rowena Morgan, Kim Warner, and many more.

Indeed, she has a long journey in Hollywood, Let’s see how much we can cover in this article. Read the full bio of Jean Louisa Kelly hot actress.

Early Life and Upbringing of Jean Louisa Kelly

Kelly was born in Worcester, Massachusetts on 9 March 1972. So she is 49 years old now. Her parents were J. Joseph Kelly III and Wendy Kelly. They were not related to the film industry. Joseph was an English teacher in a high school and Wendy was a piano instructor. Kelly had the taste of music from her mother.

In childhood, Jean Louisa Kelly attended Easton High School which is in Easton, Maryland. When Kelly was 11, she played the lead role in a theatre. As she was practising theatre from her childhood, she didn’t choose a drama or theatre college for higher studies. Instead, she graduated from Columbia University’s Columbia College in 1994. Jean Louisa Kelly holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

Kelly also has a brother. In their childhood, they used to sing together around the house.

Jean Louisa Kelly’s Career

As a Teenager

In 1986, Jean Louisa Kelly participated in Talent America: New England contest. As she won this content, she got her first role as Snow White in Into the Woods. It was a musical for Broadway and directed by Academy Award-winning lyricist and composer Stephen Sondheim.

At the age of 16 years, Kelly auditioned for the role of Tia Russel. Luckily, she got the role in the film Uncle Buck (1989). Most importantly, young Jean Louisa Kelly got an opportunity to work with the late John Candy who played the role of Uncle Buck. This film became one of the highest-grossing films of 1989.

Also, when Jean was in college, she worked in American Shaolin as Maria.

An acting career in Film

From 1994, Kelly restated her acting career. Her notable works include Mr Holland’s Opus (1995), Landfall (2001), Little Red Light (2003), Out of the Wild (2019), etc. In 2021, she will be seen in Malignant and Top Gun: Maverick. Likewise, all of these movies are rated above 7 in IMDb. We can see Jean Louisa Kelly in Ant-Man as a character of a buyer.

Most importantly, Kelly got nomination from the Academy Award and Golden Globe for the film Mr Holland’s Opus. She did a great job in the role of Rowena Morgan. Patrick Sheane Duncan wrote the story and Stephen Herek Directed this film. Also, Jean Louisa Kelly sang the rendition of Someone to Watch Over Me in this film.

Jean Louisa Kelly got an appreciation for the role of Amanda Meyer in the short film Little Red Light. Ben Weber wrote and directed this film. He was also a co-star with Kelly and Judith Marchyn. Also, in Landfall Kelly played the main role of Marguerite Harris with Frances Sternhagen and Stephen Anthony as co-star.

Meanwhile, Kelly contributed as a voice-over artist as well. For instance, in the famous animation film Lego Hero Factory: Savage Planet, she gave the voice for Waspix.

Jean Louisa Kelly’s TV Career

From 1994 to 2018, Kelly worked in more than 30 American television sitcom and movies. For instance, Breathing Lessons (1994), Harvest of Fire (1996), The Day Lincoln was Shot (1998), Yes, Dear (2000-2006), etc. Also, her recent works include Major Crimes (2017), Wisdom of Crowd (2017), etc.

Jean Louisa Kelly gave guest appearances in some famous American sitcoms. For example, Law and Order (1998), Ally McBeal (2001), Eli Stone (2008), and Grey’s Anatomy and CSI (2011-12).

Her best work is Kim Warner in Yes, Dear. It was based on the comedy genre. Above all, in 2004 Kelly and her co-star Anthony Clark got a nomination for the Young Artist Award in the Most Popular Mom & Dad in a Television Series category.

Jean Louisa Kelly hot pictures are available on the internet.

Personal Life

In 1997, Kelly married James Pitaro who was a media executive. He became the president of ESPN Inc. in 2018. As she mentioned once, James encouraged Kelly to explore the television world for acting. This couple is living in Los Angles, California, the US now.

Jean Louisa Kelly and James Pitaro have two children. Their first child Sean Pitaro took birth in 2003. Then after three years, a second child Josey Pitaro was born. When she had children, Kelly took a break from acting. Likewise, she took selected projects where she can balance her career and family.

Although, Jean has a musical upbringing she never tried to make any music album until she had babies. To make her children eat, Jean Louisa Kelly made an album out of joy. This album is Colour of Your Heart that was related in 2013. Kelly then composed and sang for two more music albums as Willing (2015), and For My Folks (2017).

Interesting Trivia

At a young age, Kelly used to go for different creative lessons including voice lessons, ballet dance, tap dance and jazz classes. She loves to perform in musical theatres.

Approximately, Kelly’s net worth is $6 million now.

Jean Louisa Kelly’s body measurement is 34-24-35 and her height is 5 feet 4 inches. Kelly’s weight is 53 kg and she is slim. She has brown hair and her eye color is hazel green. Also, her birth sign is Pisces.

As she shared, her favourite color is black and her favourite food is pizza.

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