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Joy Sunday: Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Instagram, Twitter, Movies, Wednesday, Black Panther, Net Worth, FAQs & More

Joy Sunday, a talented actress recognized for her role in “Wednesday,” hails from Staten Island, New York, and is of Nigerian descent. Her passion for the arts was evident early on, as she underwent theatre training at the renowned Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School.

Further honing her skills, Joy graduated from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, securing an honors degree in Critical Studies. Her entry into the world of television was marked by a significant guest appearance on CBS’ “MacGyver” in 2016. This was followed by a role in Justin Simien’s “Bad Hair” in 2020, which also saw her earn her SAG card.

Since then, Joy’s career has been on an upward trajectory, with numerous TV and movie roles to her credit. Not just limiting herself to acting, she has produced several short films and even delved into the realm of audiobook narration.

With such a diverse portfolio, Joy Sunday is undoubtedly a name to watch out for in the entertainment industry.


Therefore, before we get into the details of the life of Joy Sunday, let us take a quick look at her personal details.

Joy Sunday

Known Name Joy Sunday
Real name Joy Okon Sunday
Nickname Joy Sunday
Date of Birth 25th September 1996
Age 26 years
Home Town Staten Island, New York, United States of America
Current Residence Staten Island, New York, United States of America
Profession Actor, director, producer, chef, model, media face, web star
Boyfriend/ Affairs So, Joy Sunday is exceptionally silent about her personal and romantic life. Therefore, we still do not have much information about her affairs or relationships. However, all that we know is that she is still not married.
Nationality American
Religion & Ethnicity Nigerian and Christianity.

Therefore, she is an immigrant woman as well as a woman of color.

Zodiac sign Aries

Therefore, this is roughly what you can get to know about Joy Sunday at a quick glance. However, let us now delve deep into her other personal, physical, and obviously professional details that have made her such a rising star.

Joy Sunday Age

So, Joy Sunday took birth on 25th September 1996 in a Nigerian family in Staten Island, New York. Therefore, she is 26 years old. Moreover, she has been active since 2014 when she was still just a teenager.

Hence, let us now take a quick look at her physical dimensions.

Joy Sunday Height and Other Features

So, Joy Sunday has an average height. She is neither exceptionally tall nor short. But, given she is ethnically Nigerian, her height is pretty good, Therefore, she has a height of 5 feet 7 inches or 1.7 m which is like a standard marker. So now, let us move on and take a look at some of her other physical characteristics.

Hair Color So, since Joy Sunday is black, her hair is naturally black. However, she often styles it in different ways and dyes.
Eye Color Brown
Height Feet – 5 feet 7 inches

Meters – 1.70 m

Centimeters – 170 cm

Weight In Kilograms – 60 Kg

In Pounds– 134 lbs

Therefore, now that we have gone through her physical details let us quickly look at her social media accounts and following.


So, if you are a Joy Sunday fan, you can easily check her out and fangirl through her social media accounts. Moreover, her Instagram feed is a riot of colors and a lot of fun. Therefore, you can find her official account with the ID @joysunday. So, she has about 1.1 million followers. On the other hand, she follows only about 912 people. Hence, you can tell how she is steadily rising to more and more popularity. Moreover, she has about 91 posts. This is not a lot for a celebrity but then she is an extremely private person. Her bio shows nothing but her pronouns and a sea-wave icon which might indicate her free and adventurous spirit!

She also has 3 reels posted in the account. So, her posts are mostly personal documentation of herself and her travels. However, there are also images from her photoshoots as well as promotions of her work. With Wednesday’s immense popularity, it is no doubt that Bianca’s follower count has also soared. Apart from that, she has just two highlights of stories on her profile.

Therefore, if you are a fan of Joy Sunday, what are you waiting for? Hit that follow button right now and get to know her more!

Joy Sunday Twitter

So, these days there is hardly any celebrity that you do not find on Twitter. Therefore, if you search for Joy Sunday on Twitter, you will find numerous accounts. However, the actress is not officially present on the app, not as of now at least. So, if you want to follow her, you have to get your hands on some other app.

Joy Sunday and Jenna Ortega

So, how was the relationship between Wednesday Addams and Bianca Barclay behind the screens? There surely was no such animosity. Moreover, as against Bianca, Joy Sunday is a sunshine of a person– happy and generous. However, Joy did say that she could not build that strong a connection with Jenna Ortega. This is because Jenna was the lead actor and had a lot more to shoot. Moreover, they had shot in different slots.

Joy Sunday

So, they had met very little even though they were all in Romania. It was only when the entire series was ready and started screening that Joy Sunday could watch all of them together from her home in New York.

Joy Sunday’s Career

So, Joy Sunday made her mark for the first time in 2018. She starred in an episode of MacGyver. Therefore, this was her debut in popular television. Two years later, her work in Bad Hair enabled her to join the Screen Actors Guild in 2020. Moreover, in the same year, she acted in the supporting role of Sophia in the film Shithouse. Along with these, she also appeared in one of the episodes of Dear White People which is a series by Netflix. So, she continued acting in small roles in films like Dog and The Beta Test. However, her breakthrough came with the role of Bianca Barclay. Bianca is also a supporting role in Tim Burton’s Wednesday. However, that did not matter much. The Netflix series finally gave her the limelight that she had deserved for so long.

Her career has not been very long. Moreover, it has not been very illustrious as well. However, she is just at the open end of endless possibilities. So, let us check out all her films and TV shows in detail.

Joy Sunday TV shows

So, we already know that Wednesday was not the first TV series that Joy Sunday appeared. Although, that was the one that made her a sensation or a web star at least. Therefore, she had started working in TV in 2018, which we also know. So, she played the role of Abina in an episode of MacGyver. However, 2018 was more eventful for her than just being the year of her debut. Hence, she also appeared as Ria in the series Yas Kween. After this, there was a gap of three years. She returned with her role as Claire in the Netflix series Dear White People in 2021. Finally, she made her breakthrough appearance as Bianca Barclay in 2022 with the Netflix original series- Wednesday.

Therefore, now, let us move on and check what movies Joy Sunday has been a part of so far.

Joy Sunday Movies

So, it might come off as a surprise but Joy Sunday has been involved with way more movies than she had been with TV shows.. Moreover, it was with movies that she had started working in 2014, way before her television debut. So, she appeared in the movie Embody by playing the role of Sasha. This was her work that was streamed for popular notice. After that, she took a break and in 2017 appeared in the film Darling.

However, 2018 was very eventful for her. She had not only made her debut in television but also starred in two movies. So, she appeared as Joy in the film Joy. Moreover, she also appeared as Sage in the film Alive Again. In the next year, she again appeared as Joy in the film Her Mind in Pieces. So, in the following year again, in 2020, she played the part of Cynthia in the film Bad Hair. However, that was not just it because 2020 was extremely eventful for her. Joy Sunday had starred in several movies that year. Therefore, in Shithouse, she appeared as Sophia. Moreover, in the same year, she made her appearance as Mac in Take My Heart. Finally, she played the role of Didienne in Limelight.

After this, Sunday starred in The Beta Test in 2021 as Celia. Finally, she appeared as Dr. Gray in the 2022 film Dog. So, that is all that her body of work comprises.

Black Panther

Joy Sunday

So, this is great news for the lovers of Marvel’s Black Panther: Tales of Wakanda. Joy Sunday, along with JD Jackson does extraordinary work in the audiobook where they narrate 18 short stories from Wakanda. Moreover, several diasporic African writers have written these stories. Therefore, they cover a wide range of characters ranging from T’Challa to Shuri to Killmonger. Both Sunday and Jackson have been amazing in their narration. However, there are also cameos that make the Black Panther mythology sound even more interesting and intriguing.


Who are Joy’s parents?

So, there is no available information about the parents of Joy Sunday. Therefore, all that we know is that she belongs to a Nigerian family that lives in Staten Island, New York. We do not have any more information about her parents- who they are or even their occupations. Moreover, when it comes to her personal life, she is extremely private. So, there is not much on her social media sites as well from which we can gather information.

How old is Joy Sunday?

So, as per her Wikipedia page, she is currently 26 years old, as of January 2022. She took birth on 25th September 1996.

How tall is Joy Sunday?

So, Joy Sunday has an average height. She is 5 feet 7 inches or 1.7m in height. Moreover, if you want to know more about her physical details, scroll up and check Joy Sunday’s height section.

What is Joy Sunday’s net worth?

We already know that Joy Sunday has not had a very long or illustrious career. So, she does not have a lot of money, compared to other celebrities of her age. However, her success as Bianca Barclay is changing the story there. Therefore, currently, she has a net worth of 1 million dollars as of 2022. So, at 26, she is already a millionaire.

Who is Joy Sunday’s boyfriend?

Joy Sunday may or may not have a boyfriend, but the world still has no information about that. This is because Sunday is extremely silent when it comes to her personal or romantic life. So, she may be involved with someone or may simply be single. However, she is not married for sure.

What is Joy Sunday’s gender?

As far as we know, she is a female. Moreover, her Instagram bio shows her pronouns to be she/her.

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