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Rouba Saadeh: Life of the Lebanese Fashion Designer and Ex-Wife of Michele Morrone

Rouba Saadeh, a renowned Lebanese fashion designer, has gained significant attention in recent years, particularly due to her marriage and subsequent divorce from Italian actor Michele Morrone. In this article, we will delve into various aspects of her life, including her biography, age, children, career, and more.

Rouba Saadeh Biography

Full Name Rouba Saadeh
Birthplace Lebanon
Zodiac Sign Aries
Habits/Interests Rollerblading
School Notre Dame de Jamhour
Profession Fashion designer, Founder, Senior Coordinator, Freelance graphic designer
Religion Christian
Marital status Divorced
Children Marcus Morrone, Brado Morrone
Hair Color Brown

Age, Nationality, and Education

Born on April 15, 1987, Rouba Saadeh is currently 36 years old. As a Lebanese national, she has a rich cultural background that has significantly influenced her work. Rouba completed her higher education in graphic design, which laid the foundation for her future career in fashion.

Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone

Saadeh had a love relationship with Michele Morrone after encountering some mutual friends. In 2014, Rouba Saadeh and former husband got married in a secret ceremony.

Rouba Saadeh

Rouba had two kids, named Marcus Morrone and Brado Morrone, after her nuptials. The pair split in 2018 due to disagreements and other personal concerns.

In an article, the actor told his followers that he went through acute depression post his wedding. In an Insta post, he also said that he was willing to quit everything behind and move to a farm in order to garden and stop the series.

After taking a year off, he got back to the acting world with one of his career’s major successes, 365 Days.

Many folks believe the couple split up due to the Polish film 365 Days. Apparently Rouba was envious after it. However, the divorce is still pretty much unknown, and many groups spoke various topics.

People make guesses about the amount Rouba settled for. In fact, it is because legal cases are very popular these days. Michele had a total value of $5 million at the time, and Rouba Saadeh’s personal net worth is $2 million. It is not as good as Bill Gates, Bezos, or Elon Musk, but it is gaining traction on the web.

Rouba Saadeh Career

In 1987, Rouba Sadeh was born in Lebanon to Lebanese parents. She is a solo visual artist, entrepreneur, senior organizer, and previous celebrity partner in Beirut. Also, her hometown is in Lebanon.

However, the part she played as Michele Morrone’s ex-wife, who gained attention after portraying Don Massimo in the 2020’s Polish film “365 Dni,” is just what makes her best known.

She has a shop where she provides apparel and accessories, including phone cases. Further, she also has a job as a designer. Her business booms as a result of the notice her ex-fame husband gave her.

In addition, she was in charge of the CEO position of the store until December 2014. But after getting married, she gave up her job. Further, she started to focus on building a family with her husband.

She drew herself back towards her vocation after splitting from her ex partner. Sources say that Saadeh, who is now a senior garment coordinator, has restarted her job at ELIE SAAB in Lebanon in June 2019. As per sources, Rouba Saadeh had a net combined wealth of US$2M as of 2020.

Between 1994 to 2004, Rouba did take part in the Notre Dame de Paris French/Lebanese high school grad course. Later, she got a Bachelor of Science in art and design and digital media from the Lebanese American University in 2008.

Sadeh did a two-month internship at “Publicist Graphic Lebanon” at the same time.

The same university awarded her the MBA degree in 2011.

From Istituto Marangoni, she also got a one-year master’s degree in fashion school in 2012.

She quite actively employs herself as a solo visual artist.

Rouba Saadeh Net Worth

Eminent Lebanese fashion designer Rouba Saadeh is the former wife of Michele Morrone. Further, she is the head of the company Le Paradis Des Fous, which focuses on design and global talent promotion.

Rouba Saadeh

Rouba Saadeh rose to fame after starring in the hit film 365 Days. As a consequence of the popularity of the film, Rouba Saadeh made headlines. She started her job in Alfa MIC1 in Beirut, where she served as a web designer for over 2.5 years. Now, she has a total value of $2 million due to her successful career. However, there might be other reasons as well. In fact, other sources claim that some of that cash came from her previous divorce.

Rouba currently has a job as a graphics and fashion icon with Elie SAAB. Currently, Rouba also runs a store called Le Paradis Des Fous where she sells a variety of goods that she has created on her own. In fact, it includes clothing, phone cases, bags, swimsuits, and many other things. She launched the concept store Les Paradis Des Fous in 2013. She speaks a variety of languages, including Arabic, English, French, as well as Italian.

Rouba Saadeh Wedding

One person who rose to fame because of her famed husband is Rouba Saadeh. The clothing designer was having a quiet life before she met her ex partner. She gained traction after their marriage, notably among fans of Morrone. Unfortunately, amid rumors of infidelity, their divorce upset many people. Then, in June 2022, internet rumors of Rouba and Morrone reconciling began to circulate.

Marcus Morrone was born on September 24, 2014, to Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone, also known as Mick O’Morr. Brando Morrone, their second son, was born on September 1, 2017. Although Michele Morrone and Rouba Saadeh split in 2018, there have been rumors of a reunion ever since. One can often see pictures of Marcus and Brando, Rouba Saadeh’s children, on her social media profiles. The former couple appears to get along well and co-parent their children.

Since their divorce, people have seen the ex-couple together more than once. Some people also feel that they will surely make things right between them once more as a result. As per reports, this is false. Rouba works more than 2 roles while caring for her two boys. It is evident from the messages that her new fans write. In fact, a lot of them want her to link up with Morrone once again. The two still look after their children together. In fact, it is quite clear from the videos that often air on their pages on social media. Saadeh’s Insta posts continue to get comments from her ex, Michele Morrone.

Since 2018, they have continued to be friends. The ex-couple has also left photos of each other on their own profiles on social media.

Rouba Saadeh Tattoos

Rouba can often be seen having fun with her kids and friends during her free time. This is evident that she has faced some difficulty and would like to let go a little and enjoy life. Given that she is fluent in several languages, including English, French, Italian, and Arabic, you can regard her as being exceptionally brilliant. She was born in Lebanon and practises Christianity. Michele is said to be a decent singer who can write pop hits quickly and easily. He and his ex wife  both appear to like getting inked. In fact,  Rouba has an infinity sign etched on her right wrist and some phrases on her right chest. Around 19 tattoos on his body show how obsessed both she and her ex-husband Michele were with this style of art.

Rouba Saadeh Instagram

Rouba Saadeh has steadily worked hard and proven herself since she started her career journey. Her net worth has hit the $2 million level as a result of her focus on fashion industry design.

Rouba is also highly active on Instagram, where she usually shares her most recent photos. There are 135 K individuals who follow her, which is a big number of fans. In fact, if you look at her Instagram,  She has 265 posts there and labels herself as a creator and designer on Instagram.

Rouba can also be found on Twitter under the handle @roubasaadeh. However, it is true that she is visibly idle there. She appears to have acquired Instagram in part to keep up with her supporters, fans, and well-wishers.

Rouba Saadeh Husband

Through a common friend, Michele Morron and Rouba Saadeh first connected. And, their romance took off quickly. The pair was very covert about their relationship and took measures to avoid any word of it reaching the media.

Later, in 2014, Rouba Saadeh wed Michele Morron in a small wedding attended by just their loved ones and family.

In 2014, she wed Michele Morrone in Italy. Marcus Morrone, a boy, was born to Rouba during the same year. In 2017, she then gave birth to a son named Brando Morrone. The pair then sought a divorce in 2018. With more than 130K trending on her Instagram profile, Rouba Saadeh does have a sizable fan base.

Is Rouba Saadeh Single?

Rouba Saadeh

The public doesn’t know when Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone, a well-known Italian actor and singer, started a relationship. Although, they do know that they first met during his 2011 visit to Lebanon. He once stated that he quickly fell in love with her right away and even penned a sonnet just for her. Following much time spent courting, the couple wed in 2014 in distinct ceremonies that were held in Lebanon and Italy. She gave birth to Marcus Morrone, the couple’s first child, in the same year, and Brado Morrone, the couple’s second child, was born three years later. Sadly, their union was short-lived as they broke up and got divorced in 2018. They seem to get along quite well. Also, reports state that Rouba and Michele are both single as of now.

Rouba Saadeh Facts

There are some facts about Rouba. In fact, they are very less-known. So, here we present to you certain information about her life:

  • When Rouba Saadeh and Michele linked via a mutual acquaintance, they dated briefly. And, they soon got married in 2014 after this romance.
  • Although Rouba enjoys great popularity in Italy, the split of the pair did cause her many troubles.
  • However, they both say that they are still really good friends. Since the couple’s divorce, they have not appeared together very often.
  • Michele is said to be a talented singer who can create hit songs quickly and easily. Also, they both seem to like getting tattooed, as Rouba has an infinity sign etched on her right wrist. And, also some lines on her right chest. Around 19 tats on his body reveal how devoted both she and her ex-husband Michele have been with this style of art.
  • Rouba is visible to be having fun with her kids and friends during her free time. This is reasonable given that she has had some difficulty and would like to unwind and live life. Given that she is versed in several languages, including English, French, Italian, and Arabic, you can regard her as being very smart. She labels herself as Christian and is Lebanese by birth.
  • The pair may have split it up when 365 Days/DNI was being made.
  • Although it is just an assumption, it is very plausible. Rouba Saadeh sought a divorce in 2018. Furthermore, it looks that Rouba’s case was sufficiently compelling for the judge to admit her. The dates for Michele’s divorce show that the couple’s troubles arose while the shooting of Morrone’s biggest hit, 365 days.

Rouba Saadeh FAQs

What does Rouba Saadeh do?

The ex-wife of Italian actor and musician Michele Morrone is Rouba Saadeh. In fact, she is a Lebanese fashion designer.

Is Michele Morrone still married?

In 2014, Michele Morrone wed well-known clothing designer Rouba Saadeh. Brado and Marcudo Morrone are the names of the two sons they have. In 2018, Michele and Rouba filed for divorce.

Why did Rouba divorce Michelle?

Rouba Saadeh and Michele broke up, as per Michele, since there was not any prospect for the future. In spite of the fact that Michele Morrone is a puzzle when it comes to love, it seems like the Italian is trying to lighten up.

Are the actors in 365 Days dating in real life?

You might be shocked to hear that Michele and Anna Maria are only best pals. In fact, they are not romantically linked in any way .

How did Michelle and Rouba meet?

Rouba Saadeh and Michele Morrone first got involved in a relationship, a year before their marriage. Rouba and Morrone first got in touch via one of his pals years ago. In 2004, Michele Morrone wed Saadeh. In 2014, Rouba Saadeh got hitched in a special ceremony in front of her family and closest friends.

Is Anna-Maria from 365 Days married?

As per rumors, Anna-Maria Sieklucka is seeing a man whose name is Ukasz Witt-Michaowski. She hasn’t put up anything more about him in a while, though.  The 47-year-old Polish actor and producer from Lublin claims to have met in Wroclaw. And, they were both studying at the time.

How old is Morrone 365 days?

Michele Moorrone was born on 3rd October, 1990. As of this year, he is 32 years old.

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