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Filip Geljo: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Avatar, Aonung, Movies, ODD Squad, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Nationality, FAQs & More

Filip Geljo is a Canadian actor. He began his career when he was twelve years old. He is a Canadian citizen. Filip Geljo is the star of “Odd Squad,” a children’s programme. In the series, Geljo played Otto, a brilliant mathematician. His breakthrough came when the director cast him in Avatar 2 as the Aonang of the Metkaina clan. Filip Geljo was born on April 13, 2002, in Toronto, Canada. Geljo will be 21 years old on April 13, 2023. His astrological sign is Aries, and he is a passionate, ambitious, and self-assured leader with a cheerful personality and steadfast ambition who wants to build community.

Filip Geljo is a Canadian actor best known for his roles in Odd Squad (2014), Odd Squad: The Movie (2016), and Avatar 2 (2022). He made his television debut as Lee in ‘The Last Chance’ in 2014. He also portrayed Agent Otto in ‘Odd Squad’ from 2014 to 2016.

Discover more about Filip Geljo, the talented actor known for his roles in Avatar and Odd Squad. Learn his age, height, Instagram account, and explore his movies and TV shows, including in Avatar 2.

Filip Geljo Bio

Full Name Filip Geljo
Nick Name Filip
Profession Actor
Date of Birth April 13, 2002
Age (In 2023) 20 Years
Height 6′ 0″ (1.83 m)
Zodiac Sign Aries
Birthplace Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian-Filipino
Debut Tv The Last Chance (Lee, 2014)
Debut Movie The Waiting Room (Dan, 2015)

Filip Geljo Career

Soon after “The Last Chance,” Filip featured in “Odd Squad” as Agent Otto. Fortunately, the programme became popular among children, and as a result of its success, the creators produced a film based on it in 2016. Geljo’s second acting effort was a show called “Annedroids,” in which he portrayed a student. He eventually broke into the film industry with “The Waiting Room,” which gave him further possibilities. He also appeared in the short film “Shahzad,” a biographical drama about an 11-year-old Pakistani boy who goes to Canada with his father in pursuit of a better life.

Filip applied for a role in “Avatar: The Way of Water” in 2017. Fortunately, he was cast, and Margery Simkin took his audition a couple more times before casting him as Aonung. Being chosen for James Cameron’s project was an incredible honor for the young actor, and he did everything he could to justify his decision, which became clear when the film was released in 2022.

Filip Geljo Avatar

At this point, typing the words “Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) is now in cinemas” is almost strange. The sequel to one of the most profitable feature films of all time eventually arrives in theaters on December 16th, 2022, just in time for the Christmas season, after an unprecedented eight delays and well over a decade after the original 2009 smash. Avatar (2009) has its detractors, but even the most outspoken have been anxious to see what creative filmmaker James Cameron has in store for the first of four planned sequels. 20th Century Studios and their relatively new parent company Disney are also interested in how viewers will react to future films, which is why Avatar returned to theaters last month with restored and improved graphics.

Filip Geljo

The aquatic-themed sequel also takes place on the hostile extraterrestrial planet of Pandora, well over a decade after the events of the first film, and once again revolves around human-turned-Na’Vi Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), his wife and fellow leader of the Omaticaya Clan, Neytiri (Zoe Saldaa), and the rest of their new family. The whole ensemble has a decent mix of new and returning actors, the latter of which includes a few names that fans may be shocked to learn are appearing.

Filip Geljo Aonung

When Jake Sully and his family landed on the shores of Awa’atlu, Ao’nung was among those who greeted them. While exploring the jungle, Na’vi and his companion Rotxo were delighted by Lo’ak and Neteyam’s tails, which they compared to a child’s. This drew a rebuke from his sister Tsireya. When his father, Tonowari, offers the Sully family uturu (a Na’vi custom stating that any refugee seeking safe harbor must be provided safe harbour), he appoints Aonung and Tsireya to teach the Sully children Metkayina practices. Aonung first objects to the duty, but his father is adamant about his decision, leaving his son with little choice but to follow.

Aonung and Tsireya are ordered by his father to teach the Sully children how to free dive. While diving on the reef, he and Rotxo are perplexed as to why the woodland Na’vi do not follow, despite their numerous signs to do so, ignorant that they do not understand sign language. Aonung also teaches them how to ride the ilus, and when Loak fails to do it properly, Aonung and his pals mock him. Later, he and a group of his pals come upon Kiri staring at the sand beneath the waves. Aonung deems her strange and begins to harness her on her human ancestry after noticing her strange conduct. This eventually leads to him and his pals engaging in a violent altercation with Loak and Neteyam.

More Details

When Jake questions Neteyam about the battle, he adds that they appear far worse than him and his brother, who are observed by Aonung to be covered in bruises. Later, Loak apologizes for punching Aonung. He accepts Lo’ak’s apologies and asks him to join him on a hunt outside the reef with his pals. Lo’ak refuses to attend since his parents had advised him not to go, but Aonung persuades him and he grudgingly agrees. When they reach Three Brothers Rock, Aonung instructs Loak to summon the fish, but he and his buddies dump him there as a form of retaliation. Later that night, Aonung is chastised by his father for removing Loak off the reef after they discovered him, despite the fact that the latter was guided back to the village by a tulkun who had saved him.

But he is taken aback when Loak blames himself rather than him, which gains him his friendship and esteem. The next day, Aonung learns of the tulkun’s rescue of Loak and declares that no tulkun lives alone, but learns through Tsireya that it is Payakan. Aonung claims that Payakan murdered numerous Na’vi and other tulkuns further south in the past, but Loak refuses to believe him. Following the tulkun migration, Aonung, along with Neteyam, Tsireya, and Rotxo, observed Payakan pick Loak and bond with him, despite being chastised by Tonowari and Ronal for doing so with the pariah.

More Details

When the sky people slaughter his mother’s spiritual sister and calf and his father swears war on humanity, Aonung appears to agree. Jake persuades them not to fight the sky people and to order their tulkuns to go so that no one else is murdered, which the clan agrees to. Aonung leads everyone after Loak, who is on his way to notify Payakan about the whalers. When he returns to the Three Brothers Rocks, he assists in removing Payakan’s tracker.

They battle to pull it out and succeed, then ride away on their ilus from the SeaDragon. Aonung, Kiri, and Rotxo manage to escape captivity, but the humans manage to catch Loak, Tuktirey, and Tsireya. Later, he and Rotxo watch Kiri defeating a Mako Submersible by controlling and using her relationship with Eywa to manipulate the underwater flora and fauna. Aonung visits Neteyam’s burial after the fight.

Filip Geljo Girlfriend

The young actor is currently single and has no public relationships. Filip Geljo is, however, still too young for any type of relationship. In the same way, Filip Geljo keeps his sexual life under wraps. In the interview, he disclosed that he shares the same personality as his Odd Squad character, with the exception of his urge to play video games. He has also never been in the spotlight because of a love relationship. He is presently focusing on his studies and striving to climb to the top of his field.

We hope he meets his right love, who will unconditionally love and care for him. The actor is a contented single man who likes spending time with his family and friends. He has never been involved in any rumors or difficulties affecting her personal or professional life, as far as we know. There is no information on his married life, divorce, or extramarital affairs as of yet.

Filip Geljo Movies

Filip Geljo was born in Toronto, Canada on April 13, 2002. He will be 21 years old in 2023. In 2022, he played a role in the Avatar: The Way of Water movie. Then, in 2021, he played a role in the Odd Squad: Mobile Unit TV show as Otto. Then, in 2016, he played a role in the Annedroids movie as Student. From 2014 to 2016, he played a role in the Odd Squad TV show as Agent Otto. In 2015, he also played a role as Dan in The Waiting Room movie. Then, in 2015, he played a role as Lee in The Last Chance movie.

Filip Geljo ODD Squad

Odd Squad (stylized as ODD SQUAD) is a children’s live action educational television series that debuted on November 26, 2014, on TVOKids in Canada and PBS Kids in the United States. The series, like Cyberchase and Peg + Cat, other PBS Kids math-centered programmes, has young characters employing mathematical principles (addition, multiplication, using data in graphs, etc.) to advance each episode’s storyline. Sinking Ship Entertainment, Fred Rogers Productions, TVOKids, and Ici Radio-Canada Télé co-produced the series, which was developed by Tim McKeon and Adam Peltzman. The series stars kid actors as members of the “Odd Squad,” who utilize indirect reasoning and rudimentary math to solve and explore weird occurrences in their neighborhood.

The series is a broad satire of the police procedural and espionage fiction genres, and it uses humor to educate the viewer fundamental math abilities and themes linked to math. It is shown on CBBC and BBC Two in the United Kingdom. It is shown on ABC Kids and ABC Me in Australia. Agent Otto (Filip Geljo, season 1): Olive’s companion and, in the first episode, the organization’s newest employee. He is a more tolerant, laid-back employee, in contrast to his partner’s more serious approach and disposition. Despite his lack of expertise, Otto usually uncovers the information required to solve the issue at hand, even when his more experienced colleague is not there. Otto leaves the series in the season finale to manage another Odd Squad office as Mr. O, with Olive as his partner.

Filip Geljo Net Worth

Despite the fact that he is only in the early stages of his acting career, he has already made a name for himself. He has been in several films and television programmes that have earned him a lot of money. Filip Geljo made the most of his money through acting, and at the age of 19, he has a net worth of around $250 thousand dollars.

Filip Geljo

Filip Geljo is a Filipino-Canadian actor who was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is quite quiet about his personal life and has not divulged much about his family, however his father, Jasmin Geljo, is also an actor. Filip has been homeschooled and has not stated whether or not he wishes to continue his schooling.

Filip Geljo Height

Geljo became 20 years old on April 13, 2002. He looks to be tall and in good physical shape. His chest measurement is 36 inches, his waist measurement is 31 inches, and his arms measure 12 inches; he wears a shoe size of no. 8. Filip stands 5′ 8″ tall and weighs roughly 58 kg. He has Dark Brown eyes and hair that is the same color as his eyes.


  • Filip began his career at a young age, and he is just 17 years old as of 2019. He made his professional acting debut as Agent Otto in the television series Odd Squad in 2014.
  • The show is a live-action educational children’s television show that debuted on TVO Kids in Canada and PBS Kids in the United States.
  • In 2016, he appeared as Otto in an episode of the television series Old Squad.
  • Following the premiere of the Odd Squad film, he became a popular hero throughout Canada.
  • Filip establishes himself as a major actor in Canada’s film business.
  • He also appeared alongside his father, Jasmin, in the film The Waiting Room.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How Old is Filip Geljo?

Filip Geljo (age 20) was born on April 13, 2002 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He spent his whole youth in Toronto and attended St. Jean Vianney School. Jasmin, his father, is a theatrical artist from Bosnia. According to accounts, Filip loved basketball as a boy and aspired to be an NBA player, but his father introduced him to the world of acting, and Filip’s career as an artist began there. He was a student in St. Petersburg when the director cast him as Lee in “The Last Chance.” Geljo’s first acting role was in an action-packed Canadian film starring Bernadette Couture. As his career progressed, he enrolled at Don Montgomery Center to hone his acting abilities while simultaneously focusing on basketball.

What is his IG account’s name?

Geljo rose to popularity for his role as Aonung in “Avatar 2,” yet despite his celebrity, he leads a regular life. He has an Instagram account called “fgeljo01,” although he seldom posts anything. We saw on his CV that he described himself as an elite-level basketball player. Perhaps the young actor prefers to spend his spare time on the basketball court rather than reading through Instagram pictures.

Is Filip Geljo Filipino?

Filip Geljo is a popular Canadian-Filipino actor. He is famous for his work in films and television programmes such as The Waiting Room and Shahzad. He rose to prominence as Agent Otto in the television series Odd Squad.

When did Odd Squad end?

Odd Squad Mobile Unit Season 3 debuted on February 17, 2020 and concluded on July 8, 2022. It is the show’s final season, with 33 episodes in total.

Who is the youngest Odd Squad agent?

Orson is a baby agent who likes milk, teething, and rattle playing. In the Season 2 finale, he was appointed to Director in lieu of Oprah. His ambition is to become Captain Fun.

Is Baby Genius an antagonist in Odd Squad?

Baby Genius is a villain because “villains don’t tattle on other villains,” according to Rivka in the episode Jinx. This is a reference to the rigorous No Tattletale Code that all of the show’s villains adhere to. Agents frequently have to bribe Rivka or Baby Genius in order to obtain information or items.

What is the net worth of Gejio?

Despite his young age, he has managed to captivate a large following with his films and television programmes. Canadian actors earn an average of $12 per hour, or $23,400 per year. His net worth is around $500 thousand.

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