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Everything About American Actress Cydney Bernard

Cydney Bernard started her career as a production manager, then she became a production supervisor and eventually she became a producer. She was the production manager of a famous British show, Mr. Bean. Other than Mr. Bean she had been producer and production manager of many TV shows. Cydney Bernard Net worth roughly estimated as 110 million.

By the end of 2020, Cydney Bernard Net worth is currently around 100 Million USD, because she has done vast jobs so it is hard to frame her Net worth precisely. But with her past work and experience, it suffices to say that her successful career has made her a millionaire. She has produced some of the blockbuster movies of Hollywood.

One of the multi-millionaire brackets:

Cydney Bernard’s present net worth has made her one of the multi-millionaire of Hollywood in the production segment. In the early 90’s she started to work in production as a production supervisor. She eventually became a producer with her hard work and efforts. Her journey as a producer from a production supervisor has helped her in being a millionaire.

Ratz, A Girl thing, Spinning Boris, are some of her blockbuster movies. She is the star with self-rights and has to boast high-profile credits for her production of movies and TV shows.

Cydney Bernard Connection with Jodie Foster

Cydney Bernard has a net worth of 1-10 million because of her dedication to Hollywood. But many people know her, just because of her past relationships with actress Jodie Foster. Jodie Foster is a well-known and iconic multi-talented celebrity. Apart from being shinned as actresses, she also played a significant role as a director, and producer. Jodie Foster and Cydney Bernard have known each other for more than 15 years. They met with each other on the film set of Sommersby- at that time Cydney was the production coordinator.

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Rumour has it that they both had been secretly dating and never accepted it publically. But when they break up their 15 years long relationship, Jodie did mention Cydney in one of her speeches that how Cydney had always been for her. Jodie Foster is a renowned actress with an estimated Net worth of 100 Million. It is believed that Cydney and Jodie broke up their long-term relationships because actress Jodie fell in love with another director, Alexandra Hedison. Hedison and Jodie Foster had been married since the year 2014.

Childhood and Family Background Of Cydney Bernard

Cydney Bernard was born in the year 1953, March 30. She is an American citizen with white ethnicity. She is the younger sister of Dustin Bernard, who is also a film producer. Just like her love life, Cydney’s personal life of childhood is also secret and she has not revealed it ever publically. It is believed that she has isolated herself from the public and does not reveal anything more about her professional or private life after she broke up with her ex-partner, Jodie Foster.

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Dustin Bernard, brother of Cydney Bernard has also made his name in the life of Hollywood film production. From terminator to fugitive and many other movies, he has played the role of Unit production manager.

The journey started with Sommersby

Though Jodie Foster and Cydney Bernard had never accepted their relationship officially or publically, the couple was dating secretly. Their journey started with the film set of Sommersby, in this film set, Cydney was the production coordinator, while Jodie Foster was the lead actress. The movie was released in 1993, and that was when their journey had begun.

The couple was together for fifteen years before they broke up in 2008. Although they broke up and Jodie Foster had been married to Alexandra Hedison, Foster and Bernard still keep in touch with each other. They keep in touch with each other because they have reason to do so, the reason being their two children. The couple had two children name, Charles Bernard Foster born in 1998, and the second kid, Kit Bernard Foster was born in 2001.

Because of their children, they still have kept contact with each other. Even after they broke up, in one award speech, Jodie Foster came out openly about her relation with Cydney Bernard and mentioned that she was thankful to the mother of her children and she was referring to Cydney Bernard at that time.

Awards and Achievements

It is not an easy position for anyone to achieve being as the producer just as Cydney achieved. She managed to get her name listed in the list of a self-made millionaire. But Cydney Bernard did it anyway. She struggled in the beginning when she started in the early ’90s and then became the producer of some famous TV shows and produced blockbuster movies of Hollywood. She was on the production team of a famous British show- Mr. Bean, which made Rowan Atkinson globally famous.

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Other than her own achievement as a producer, she also has helped many actresses, many actors, and many movies and TV shows to win many awards. Her movies like the client have won many awards for leading actress and have ever won many nominations.

Cydney Bernard has also produced TV films such as 

  • Spinning Boris
  • Ratz
  • A Girl Thing

Cydney Bernard was also the production manager for TV movies like; 

  • L Word
  • Roswell
  • Family Prayers
  • Off the Map
  • Bean
  • Loch Ness
  • Ruby Jean
  • Joe

Things to learn from Cydney Bernard:

  1. Stand for yourself: She did not have any support in her career and professional life but with her hard work she became what she became and has an estimated Net Worth ranging between 1-10 Million. To get a name in the list of millionaires by only doing some movies and TV shows that can be counted with fingertips is also an achievement itself.
  2. Never get demotivated: She has earned her own name with her work in the Hollywood industry, though people just know her for the thing she has not done- for the thing her name is associated with- her connection with Jodie Foster. Be motivated even if you are not getting any recognition for your work. It was not easy for her to stay strong while people only knew her by her ex-partner and not her hard work.
  3. Do what is right: When she broke up with her old loving partner, she did what she had to do. She stayed calmed and did not open about her relations with Jodie publically. She is on good terms with her and often they keep in contact because of their children.

While Cydney Bernard is an outstanding career producer, she is best known as Jodie Foster’s lover. For her long-term relationship with the lovely actress Jodie Foster, Cydney Bernard is mostly recognized and successful. Cydney and Jodie aren’t together. Despite their relationship has ended, they are still close to each other.

Wrapping Up

Cydney is the kind of actress who fits perfectly for all kinds of roles and people would love to watch her on-screen. Ever since, she started to appear in TV series right from the 1960s and in movies from the 1970s Cydney Bernard net worth starts facing upwards right now, her net worth predicted as $110 Million.

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