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Celina Powell: Age, Baby, Prison, Net Worth, Odell, Offset, Drake, 50 Cent, Aaron Carter, OnlyFans, FAQs & More

Celina Powell is a Denver, Colorado-based Instagram model. She has a fame for dating well-known American rappers. Another name for Celina is “The Black Widow.” In Wheat Ridge, Colorado, Powell went to Wheat Ridge High School. She is a Puerto Rican.

Celina Powell, commonly known by the people “The Black Widow,” is a famous American on the internet. Her official Instagram account, @celinaapowellxo, now has close to 115,000 followers. She gained fame for being an infamous and well-established rap groupie. We know her well for her ties to many rappers and singers.

It includes Snoop Dogg, Akon, and Aaron Carter, in addition to her amazing looks.

Celina Powell: Who Is She?

Celina Powell has been successful in getting media attention recently, but for all the wrong reasons. She gained fame in the hip-hop community as a result of her involvement in controversies. It involved cheating involving rappers like Snoop Dogg, Drake, and Fetty Wap. She became famous due to her scandals.

Celina Powell

Celina Powell is an Instagram model and influencer. We refer to her as “Black Widow.” Over 3.2 million people follow her on Instagram. She also has 17.3 thousand followers on Twitter. Also, she is infamous for leading a wealthy life while posting thirst traps on social media. She changes between being in a luxury pool and being on a mini yacht.

She is a well-known Instagram model who posts sexy images. On the platform, she currently has more than 3.2 million followers. She also has an account on OnlyFans.

Celina Powell Age

She was born in Denver, Colorado in the USA on 13th June 1995 and is currently 28 years of age as of the year 2023.

Celina Powell Net Worth 2023

We think Celina Powell’s net worth to be 1.5 million dollars by Celebrity Net Worth. She was born in Denver, Colorado, and works as an Instagram model. She has found acting roles in movies like “The Guilt Trip” and “The Good Doctor”. It is in addition to her modelling career.

Celina Powell started using social media as a creative channel when she was just 13 years old. So, by the time she was 16, she had got over 100k Instagram followers. Her career took off after she and her mother moved to Los Angeles. Then, some friends who were already employed in the business introduced them to the modelling world.

Powell first came to public notice when she started sharing pictures of herself on Instagram. It was in innerwear or bathing suits. She then appeared in Playboy magazine in 2016. Additionally, Celina Powell has made appearances in music videos for Justin Bieber and Chris Brown. Also, in Maxim and Harper’s Bazaar publications.

Instagram model and social media influencer Celina Powell. She took birth in Denver, Colorado, on June 13, 1995. Her Instagram videos have made her famous. In 2023, it is predicted that Celina Powell will have a net worth of $1.5 million.

On Instagram, she has more than 2 million followers, and on Twitter, she has 600,000. On YouTube, where she posts videos about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle subjects, she has more than 300k subscribers.

Celina Powell Odell

The Cleveland Browns’ Odell Beckham Jr., better known as OBJ, is a famous person. People selected the 28-year-old product of Louisiana in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. He excelled 100 career receptions in 2015, doing so more quickly than any other receiver in NFL history.

An American social media star named Celina Powell is well-known for spreading rumours about her outside marriage affairs with well-known men. She has accused other rappers of cheating on their wives. It included Snoop Dogg, Offset, and Fetty Wap. Celina and her friends had already discussed the works of well-known celebrities in bed.


The NFL player allegedly had women urinate on him in the bedroom. Celina Powell and her pals said this. They spoke about their interaction with him on media personality Adam22’s No Jumper podcast.

Slim Danger claimed that after meeting Beckham, she was eventually unable to carry out the act. Odell Beckham Jr. appears to have addressed the direct allegations regarding his bedtime routine. He appeared to make light of the claims circulating on Twitter on Instagram. He said that nobody could knock him off his pivot. It did not matter the things that we threw in his way. Also, he captioned a snapshot of himself that he uploaded online.

Celina Powell Offset

Celina Powell is an Instagram model who claims to have dated Eminem, Aaron Carter, Snoop Dogg, and Odell Beckham. She said that Offset paid for her abortion. Heavy had contacted Powell for additional comments on the charges.

She is well-known for her triple-X-rated Twitter account in addition to her relationships with famous people. Powell said us to stalk her in her bio. Like many other Love & Hip-Hop celebrities, Powell has a page on OnlyFans. Sherefers to herself as “Ya fave hoe” in that section of her biography. Powell claims in the description that she has had affairs with rappers, NBA players, and NFL players.

Celina claimed in a video that she had an abortion because of Offset, Eminem, Jason Derulo, and Gucci Mane. it was on January 11. Powell asked for comments on which photo she should have preserved in the description. She later shared another video of a cease-and-desist letter with her identity and Offset’s true name, Kiari Cephus, heavily obscured.

In response to a user who requested evidence for the claims, the video was provided. Powell captioned the video, “When Offset paid me $50,000 to abort it.”

Celina Powell Cardi b

To Powell’s fresh accusations, which were first made in 2017, Cardi has already answered. She apparently stated that the Offset pregnancy rumours were untrue. The headlines that we saw in a Google searchwere not true. Powell responded to Cardi’s post by claiming that the former Love & Hip-Hop: New York star was “dragging” her. Also, she tweeted that she still loved Cardi and was having a fantastic day despite the criticism from Cardi.

She said that people were onto her for things that was more than 2 years old. Both Drake and Cardi B was a matter of the past. She was extremely grateful to God for making today a fun day instead of a sad day. Powell said in a 2019 video that she faked being pregnant with Offset’s child.

It was to enrage an ex-boyfriend after she caught him with someone else. Powell claimed that in order to give the hoax more validity, she borrowed a friend’s ultrasound. Earlier in 2018, Powell expressed regret to Cardi when making an appearance on Akademiks’ Instagram page. Powell apologised to Cardi at the time for making it appear as though she was carrying Offset’s child.

To My Unborn Child, I’m Sorry I Failed You is a video that Powell posted to her YouTube account.

It was around the same time as the TikTok video. Powell speaks openly about having an abortion in the moving film, but she omits to name the baby’s father.

Celina Powell Baby

Celina Powell admitted to faking a paternity test when she appeared on DJ Akademiks’ Twitch channel. It was to claim Offset was the father of her (not real) child. Once more, there is no baby, she told to quit it and swallow her dick. We looked into this thing for nine months. She couldn’t care less and was making fun of us sexists.

Then Powell made an effort to apologise to Cardi B. She was really sorry if she ever gave us the impression that Offset was the father of her false baby. She smirked and said this. Twitter tried and found Celina Powell guilty of publishing a “fake” paternity test. It was in an effort to establish that she was the mother of Offset’s child.

In response to the accusations made against her future husband, Cardi B, had made a statement. She was carrying Offset’s child back then. Two videos that appear to have Powell admitting to doctoring the papers went viral on Twitter on Thursday (May 3).

Celina Powell Denver

Celina Powell’s name arguably shouldn’t be familiar to anyone in the rap scene, yet it is. She claimed to bed with many famous rappers. They are Rappers Snoop Dogg, Young Thug, and Offset.

People call her an infamous clout chaser. She even acknowledged fabricating the results of a paternity test in order to prove she was pregnant by rapper Migos. But it appears that karma is punishing her.

The police sentenced the 26-year-old to two years in a Colorado State Prison for a probation violation. It resulted from a 2015 theft ring conviction, according to the website of the Colorado Department of Corrections. People say that Powell was the getaway driver.

According to the local police, Powell violated the terms of her probation in that case. It was by repeatedly failing drug and alcohol tests. After missing a court date, the police detained Powell on May 1 and sentenced in Broomfield County on May 12.

She was stopped by Miami-Dade police in March 2021 for making an unlawful right turn. Then, the police took Powell into custody in Miami, Florida.

She received a warning for that specific crime and got off easy. But the police took her into custody when they found out she was driving with a suspended licence. So, the police then arrested her for routinely operating a vehicle. It was her license was not right. So, she was jailed.

Celina Powell & Aaron Carter

Powell apparently dated child actor Aaron Carter in the summer of 2018. Also, the two of them shared several cuddly Instagram photographs. It’s unknown how long the couple was dating. However, shortly after the press published the pictures, a Carter official claimed this.

The actor had no wife. He was dating, and looking for the right woman right now. Aaron Carter called out infamous rap groupie Celina Powell. It was after she allegedly threatened to reveal his personal information after an odd meeting at the singer’s house.

Before Carter revealed Powell on Twitter with nasty DMs, we thought the two were dating. The musician, who spoke with The Blast, emphasised that they were not an item.

What Does Celina Powell Do?

Celina Powell is a well-known figure in the hip-hop community. Last year, Tekashi 6ix9ine brought forward new allegations that Snoop Dogg had been having an extramarital affair with her. Now, the press has been revealed that Celina exchanged texts with none other than Canadian hitmaker Drake. People are looking more closely at Celina. Also, who she really is in light of the alleged cheating incident and the Drizzy allegations.

Celina is a well-known Instagram celebrity and socialite who is well-known for her provocative material. She rose to fame after making some bad claims about some of the top hip-hop artists. It included Snoop Dogg, Waka Flocka Flame, Fetty Wap, and others. Additionally, Celina asserted that she was carrying Offset’s child while he was dating Cardi B.

Black Widow is another name for Celina.

Celina Powell and Drake

Online reports of purported text communications between Celina and Drake from early January 2021. Celina, who we know for attempting to expose celebrities, seemed to be attempting to interact with Drake in the chats.

Celina Powell

Drake, though, quickly silenced her. “No way did I ever give you my number. I know you. I don’t want any components,” the sender penned. Celina replied, “welp, that’s OK. You did, and it’s still in my dm, sure. I’ll stop now because I don’t want to annoy you.

Drake responded by posting a screenshot of the purported direct chats in an effort to refute her claims. He replied, “Doesn’t look like it lol.” I only wanted you to open my DMs, thanks, Celina retorted. She said that she did not want to get blocked.

Celina Powell and 50 cent

Celina Powell was back. She also spilled the beans just over a week after she exposed Snoop Dogg’s alleged cheating tendencies. Powell informed the world that they had unprotected sex on a cocaine-fueled binge.

She hinted that she would go after 50 Cent next. Powell also delivered on that promise by sharing a new video revealing all the fun they had together. Also, the model exposed several text conversations and provided receipts. You must, of course, consider anything she says with a grain of salt given her dubious past.

Powell described what allegedly occurred between them sexually, noting that 50 Cent had a fetish for having his behind touched. This explanation caused Montana’s hyena-like laughing to spread across social media.

Celina Powell Prison

The notorious social media personality had broken the terms of her probation. So, the police gave her a two-year prison term. Powell, who we know best for making accusations against some of the biggest personalities in hip-hop did this. The, the police detained her in 2015 on suspicion of serving as a getaway driver for criminals.

According to the prosecution, Powell has continued to break the terms of her probation. It was by disobeying orders to submit to drug and alcohol tests as well as other requirements. Following her failure to appear for a court appearance, the police finally took Powell into custody.

She completed her prison term at a state prison in Colorado. She also was eligible for release on parole sometime in December.

Celina Powell FAQs

What country is Celina Powell a citizen of and where is she from?

She is an American who was born and raised in Denver, Puerto Rico.

What is the Instagram for Celina Powell?

The model has almost 182,000 followers on her Instagram account @celinaapowellxo, which is her primary source of drama.

How old is Celina Powell?

This model was born on June 13, 1994, and is 26 years old.

Does Celina Powell have OnlyFans?

Yes, she is a subscriber on OnlyFans, and she goes by the username @celinapowell.

Who is Celina Powell’s friend Aliza?

Aliza is a friend of Celina Powell who posts as @ayyyejae on Instagram. She made news for her appearance on the podcast No Jumper. The internet star Adam22 hosts it.

Regarding their sex adventures, the two made some wild allegations, one of which involved Trey Songz. Aliza remarked that people peed on her too. He just did it, and she had no idea what had happened. She said this before stating her experience Songz.

What happened between Snoop Dogg and Celina Powell?

Snoop Dogg has previously disputed Celina Powell’s repeated attempts to accuse him of having an extramarital affair. It happened with her while under the influence of drugs. After the incident, he even made preparations to host a TV programme called “Clout Chasers.”

Powell made a lengthy video telling about the incident. It was after sharing alleged screenshots of texts exchanged between the two that included semi-naked images and alleged FaceTime talks. The rumours resurfaced after Tekashi 6ix9ine called out Snoop in a deleted post. He also tagged Shante Monique Broadus, asking Snoop to “apologise” to her.

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