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Devon Sawa: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Young, Casper, Stan, Movies & TV Shows, Wife, Children, Net Worth, FAQs & More

So, who does not remember Casper the friendly ghost? Well, we all do right. It was such a big part of our lives along with cartoons and comics. Therefore, it comes as no doubt that despite being generated on the computer, it became a huge success. We lonely kids in a city started looking for a friendly Casper in our real lives. So, amongst the many actors that were a part of Casper was also Devon Sawa, who we now know as the actor from Final Destination. However, he has been a part of various other phenomenal projects. So, let us see more about him.

Hence, Devon Sawa took birth as Devon Edward Sawa on 7th September 1978 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. So, his mother was Joyce and his father Edward Sawa was a local mechanic. Moreover, he also has two older siblings. His father originally belonged to Poland. However, his mother is a wild mix of different races, what in Hollywood they call “ethnically ambiguous”.

So, Devon Sawa had started acting very early in life. Therefore, he had begun his acting career when he was just a teenager. This was back in the 1990s and he was a cast member in many films. Moreover, this was when Casper came out as well. Leaving Casper, he has done several other films. So, some of these include Little Giants, Now and Then, Idle Hands, Wild America, and obviously Final Destination. Moreover, he has not just played in movies. So, he also gained a lot of popularity by playing the character of Owen Elliot in Nikita. Therefore, this is an action spy drama series from the CW. Additionally, he has also worked together with Eminem. So, he appeared in his music video “Stan”.

We will discuss more of these in detail.

Young Devon Sawa

So, how was Devon Sawa when he was young? Well for most of those who grew up in the 1990s, we can be sure he was one of the first celebrity crushes that you have had. Since his teenage, he looked exceptionally handsome and dashing. However, it goes beyond just his looks. The native from Canada was widely regarded as the heartthrob in the 1990s because of his exceptional talent as well. So, he had started appearing in films from a very young age and had been quite successful. Therefore, the first role that he ever played was as a children’s action toy spokesman back in 1992. However, he made his proper film debut a couple of years later in 1994. So, the film that introduced him to Hollywood was Little Giants.

Devon Sawa

However, as we already have a fair idea, his maximum recognition and popularity came from the titular role in Casper. So, he played the role of a human boy which Casper finally enters. Therefore, he gathered enormous popularity and a lot of love from children and adults alike.

Devon Sawa Net Worth

So, we have already seen that Devon Sawa has been working in the film industry for a long time now. Therefore, his huge popularity since he was a teenager has definitely helped him earn a lot. Hence, we cannot overlook the fact that these significantly contribute to his net worth today. It is the cumulative effect of his earnings for decades now. However, since he has not portrayed major characters in a lot of films, his net worth is not a lot compared to other actors of his age. So, he had more popularity when he was a teenager than when he actually came of age.

As per reports, his current net worth is somewhat around 3 million dollars. So, this is the result of the hard work that he continues even today. Moreover, he also earns from making appearances, brand and product endorsements, speaking engagements, and so on for which the public can book him. Additionally, we all know that the Final Destination franchise films are also massively successful in the commercial sector. Therefore, all of these add generously to his net worth.

So, now that we have discussed his net worth in detail, let us take a look at the movies that he has done over the years.

Devon Sawa Movies

So, in 1994, Devon Sawa began by playing the role of Junior Floyd in Little Giants. Moreover, throughout the 1990s, he has played various roles. So, these are-

  • The human form of Casper McFadden in Casper in 1995.
  • Scott Wormer in Now and Then in 1995.
  • Eric in The Boys Club in 1997
  • Mark Stouffer in Wild America in 1997.
  • Noah Ward in A Cool, Dry Place in 1998
  • Sean in SLC Punk! In 1998
  • Simon Harris in Around the Fire in 1998
  • Anton Tobias in Idle Hands in 1999

Devon Sawa

Therefore, he had been extremely active as a teenager in the 1990s. In some years like in 1998, he has been a part of as many as three films. So, again in 2000, he was a part of three projects. He played Alex Browning in Final Destination, Nathan Corrigan in The Guilty, and Stan in Eminem: E. Therefore, taking a year’s break, in 2002, Devon Sawa played Dave Goodman in Slackers and Will in Extreme Ops. So, after this, he again took a break and returned in 2005 by playing Daniel Roenick in Extreme Dating and Paul the Pawn in Shooting Gallery. So, in 2006, he again appeared as Quinn in Devil’s Den. Taking a few years’ breaks, he again returned in 2009 playing Andrew in Creature of Darkness.

So, after this in 2010, he played Zeth Arnold in Endure as well as was a part of the short film Random Walk. Hence, in 2011, he played Bill Burrows in 388 Arletta Avenue, and in 2012 Jake in The Philly Kid. Therefore, again in 2013, Devon Sawa played Travis in A Resurrection and Miller in A Warden’s Ransom in 2014. In 2015, he played John Barrow in The Exorcism of Molly Hartley and Duncan in Life on the Line.

Recent projects (from 2016)

So, over the years, Devon Sawa has been pretty consistent with his work. In 2016, he played the part of Sean in Punk’s Dead. However following this, he took a somewhat long break. But, he returned in 2019 with three projects. So, he played Lester Clark Jr. in Escape Plan: The Extractors, Hunter Dunbar in The Fanatic, and Ronan Jackson in Jarhead: Law of Return. Moreover, in 2020 again he had three projects. Therefore, he portrayed Diablo in Disturbing the Peace, Joseph Mersalut in Hunter Hunter, and Death Rider in Death Rider in the House of Vampires.

So, after this, Devon Sawa went ahead to play Ken in Black Friday and Jimmy Jayne in Gasoline Alley.

Hence, these are all the movies that he has ever been a part of till now from the beginning of his career.

Devon Sawa Final Destination

So, Devon Sawa plays the role of Alex Browning in the films belonging to the Final Destination franchise. Therefore, he was there in the first Final Destination that was released in the year 2000. So, James Wong directed it.

However, he did not return to the later movies because in Final Destination 2 we come to know that he had died. So, this happened because a loose brick from a nearby house had bludgeoned his head.

Devon Sawa Stan

In 2000, Eminem released the music video, Stan. So, Devon Sawa played the titular character Stan here. This was about a fan who was extremely obsessed with Eminem. So, when Eminem could not respond to his letters, he killed both himself and his girlfriend. There were a lot of doubts amongst fans if this was a real story. It was not. However, Eminem confirmed that his own real experiences inspired him to make the song and the video.

Devon Sawa Casper

So, Casper is an American supernatural dark fantasy comedy-drama. Bad Silberling directed it in 1995. Moreover, it was also his debut feature film as a director. So, the movie is based on the character from the Harvey Comics cartoon that Seymour Reit and Joe Oriolo created. The film features a bunch of actors including Christina Ricci, Bill Pullman, Cathay Moriarty, and Eric Idle. Moreover, it also uses the voices of Brad Garrett, Joe Nipote, and Joe Alaskey. Finally, the voice in the titular role of Casper who was the friendly ghost belonged to Malachi Pearson.

Devon Sawa

However, Casper was the ghost of a 12-year-old boy. So, the boy had died many years ago. He makes friends with Kat- the character that Ricci plays. Therefore, they form a very special bond. However, because of a magical spell, Casper could finally gain a human shape. So, the human being that Casper finally emerges as was a human actor- Devon Sawa. Therefore, many tend to forget him because he was not one of the important characters surrounding Casper, the friendly ghost. However, we cannot deny the fact that he was Casper himself!

Devon Sawa Wife

So, Devon Sawa married Dawni Sahanovitch. Dawni is also a fellow Canadian and works as a producer. Moreover, Dawni and Devon had been lovers for a long time. They had dated for 10 years before they married each other in 2013. They also have two children together. So, they have a boy who took birth in 2014 and also a girl who took birth in 2016.

Although Dawni had begun her career by being a TV producer, she is now a professional interior designer and has made a fortune for herself. So, she had attended The Academy of Interior Design Los Angeles and also became the “best designer” in her class while graduating.

Devon Sawa Height

So, Devon Sawa has a height of 1.83m. Therefore, this means a little more than 6 feet. Hence, Devon is quite a tall man.

Devon Sawa FAQ

Why is Devon Sawa famous?

Well, he is famous because he has been acting in movies since a very young age. So, he made his debut in Little Giants back in 1994. However, it was the role in Casper that actually made him the teenage heartthrob back in the 1990s. To know more about what he did and why he is famous, scroll up and follow the article- particularly the section concerning his movies!

Does Devon Sawa tattoo?

Yes, Devon Sawa does have tattoos. So, in 2020, he took to Instagram to confirm that he had finally got his full neck as well as a bit of his cheek tattooed. Moreover, he also mentioned that he had been waiting to do this for years.

What happened to the kid who played Casper?

So, the kid who played Casper is Devon Sawa and he is doing pretty good in life. Currently, he is 44 years old. However, he was only 16 when he shot for Casper. So, it has been a long time since then. In his professional life, he has done a number of movies and TV shows after being the heartthrob for years. Moreover, when it comes to her personal life, he had married TV producer and interior designer Dawni Sahanovitch. So, they have been in a relationship for two decades now which indeed is a very long time. The duo also have a pair of children- their son Hudson Sawa and their daughter Scarlett Heleena Sawa.

How old is Devon Sawa in Casper?

So, he took birth on 7th September 1978. Therefore, he is now 44 years old. However, Casper was released in 1995. So, he was only sixteen back then, going to be seventeen.

Is Devon Sawa a smoker?

So, yes, he has publicly accepted in interviews that he was addicted to drugs and was a chain, old-school smoker. However, that did not happen just like that. When he became the teenage heartthrob in the 1990s with the huge popularity of Casper, it did not go well with him. So, he felt suffocated within this shell that he desperately tried to break out from. He wanted a different image for himself and his acting career. Hence, when that did not happen, he resorted to smoking. However, that was for a short period of time in his late teens before he rehabilitated himself.

What episode of hacks is Devon Sawa in?

So, Devon Sawa plays the unexpected love interest of Deborah- Jason in Hacks. He appears in Episode 206.

What is Devon Sawa’s nationality?

Well, he took birth in Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada. Therefore, his nationality is Canadian.

Does Devon Sawa voice Casper?

So, we might associate Devon Sawa the most with Casper because he is who the ghost finally turns into. However, we often make a mistake when we think he voiced Casper. He did not. So, the voice belonged to Malachi Pearson. Moreover, Sawa has also agreed that while he himself had less than a minute’s role to play in the film, the majority of the work went to Pearson.

Which school did Devon Sawa go to?

So, he started with Ecole Alpha Secondary School. Later on, he studied at the VFS or Vancouver Film School.

When did Devon Sawa get married?

So, he married his love interest for a long time, Dawni Sahanovitch in 2013.

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