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Sam Hammington: Wife, Children, Net Worth, Career, TV Shows & Personal Life

Sam Hammington is a New Zealand-born Australian comedian, reality television star, MC, and radio host based in South Korea. He became the country’s most recognizable foreign face after appearing in one of the country’s most popular reality TV shows, ‘Real Men,’ for which he won the ‘MBC Entertainment Awards’ twice in 2013-14. Since 2016, he has been in the reality programme ‘The Return of Superman,’ which showcases famous fathers and their children, including his two boys, William and Bentley. He became the first foreigner to win a ‘KBS Entertainment Award’ in 2018, when he received the ‘Top Excellence Award’ in the ‘Male Variety Category’ for his performance in the series.

The following year, he and other celebrities on the show shared the ‘Grand Prize’ at the ’17th KBS Entertainment Awards,’ and he was also nominated in the ‘Top Excellence Award in Entertainment’ category. He has acted in films such as ‘How to Steal a Dog,’ television shows such as ‘Witch Hunt,’ ‘Let’s Eat,’ and ‘Who Are You: School 2015,’ and shows such as ‘True Justice,’ ‘Happy Together,’ and ‘Infinite Challenge.’ He co-hosted the radio show ‘Drivetime’ with Annabelle Ambrose from 2008 until 2012.

Get to know more about Sam Hammington, his wife, children, and net worth. Learn about his career, TV shows, and personal life.

Sam Hammington Bio

Sam Hammington

Full Name Sam Hammington
Profession TV Actor
Date of Birth July 31 , 1977
Current Age 46 Years
Place of Birth New Zealand
Birth Country New Zealand
Birth Sign Leo
Height 1.8 m
Net Worth 5 million dollars

Sam Hammington Birth/Young

Sam Hammington, sometimes known as Samuel Mayer Hammington, is a well-known actor. He was born in Wellington, New Zealand, on July 31, 1977. Wellington is a lovely and bustling city in Wellington, New Zealand, Australia. Samuel Mayer Hammington began his acting career in 1981, when he was just four years old. Soon after, he grew more successful in his job in a short amount of time, influencing others on the basis of his work and gaining a lot of popularity. His career eventually came full circle as he rose in prominence. Samuel Mayer Hammington became well-known for his performances both in Australia and in other countries.

Sam Hammington Career

The well-known television personality chose to study Korean alongside his marketing degree while attending Swinburne University of Technology solely for professional objectives. He earned two degrees in Oriental Studies and Advertising and Marketing in 2002. Sam has agreed to participate in a student exchange programme at the University of Korea to enhance his study. While attending a prestigious South Korean university, Hammington participated in a humorous programme that included amusement celebrities such as lm writers and also supervisors. The show’s producers needed somebody for a comedy act at some point. As a result, fate had a hand in it and chose Sam Hammington.

His performance in the short parody accidentally delighted a specific entertainment scout who was participating in the initiative to recruit a non-Korean citizen who was proficient in Korean for a forthcoming show. This was the beginning of an inspiring and amusing work in South Korea. After appearing on the highly acclaimed programme Real Men, Sam Hammington’s name became a household name. The show’s 2013 iteration was based on an adjustment to the Oriental military. The stranger won the hearts of audiences all around South East Asia. They are also fluent in their language and skilled at cracking their ribs. Sam earned the coveted MBC Entertainment Award for his outstanding performance on the reality television show.

More Details

Furthermore, he discovered that, while the comic had his success in the South Korean comedy business, he had some type of experience on the radio and television prior to his appearance on Real Men. Jan Russ, Sam Hammington’s mother, worked as a casting director in Australia. This also helped him land several acting roles at a young age. Sam appeared in films such as All the Rivers Run, Holiday Island, The Flying Doctors, and Neighbours as he matured. All of which were released in the 1980s. It was also stated that Hammington provided some protection for an Oriental television station during the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup. The New Zealand-born comedian has had amazing success in the South Asian entertainment sector.

Sam Hammington

Sam Hammington has also become one of the most well-known television superstars as a result of this. His notable television and film appearances include Let’s East, Witch Hunt, and Cha Salem. In addition, there are Creaking Heroes, True Justice, Infinite Challenge, Running Man, and Non-Summit. My Neighbor Charles and The Return of Superman From 2008 to 2012, he co-hosted the radio show Drivetime.

Sam Hammington Mother

Hammington was born on July 31, 1977, in Wellington, New Zealand, to casting director Jan Russ and Bruce William Hammington. He is of English origin, with ancestors from Berkshire, England. Jan Russ (born c.1939) is an Australian theater and television casting director, producer, and performer. Russ is most known for her role as a casting director on the TV soap opera Neighbors from its inception in 1985 until her resignation in 2009. So, she was also the Prisoner’s casting director until the programme was canceled. Also, Russ made a brief appearance on City Homicide in 2009, her first acting role since 1982. Russ grew up in Maribyrnong, a suburb northwest of Melbourne, and was a member of the Maribyrnong Youth Club.

Sam Hammington Family

Father Bruce William Hammington
Mother Jan Russ
Wife Jung Yu-mi
Children William Bruce Hammington

Bentley Hammington

Sam Hammington Wife

So, Sam married South Korean-born Jung Yu-mi in 2013, and their nuptials were celebrated in both South Korea and Australia. The official wedding ceremony was held in South Korea and was broadcast on Korean television stations. Nonetheless, this lovely couple had several challenges in having children, and their fertility fight remained despite their best efforts. In their quest to have a child, the couple attempted artificial insemination fertilization (IVF) four times. When all IVF attempts failed, Sam and Jung tried artificial insemination; unfortunately, this operation was repeated again with no positive results.

Destiny finally smiled on the pair when Yu-mi was born in 2015, as well as Hammington’s first kid, William Bruce Hammington, on July 12, 2016. Jung Tacoh, a South Korean name, was contributed by William. Tacoh later invited his newborn brother, Bentley, on November 8, 2017. Jung Woo-sung, a South Korean name, was suggested by Bentley Hammington.

Sam Hammington Third child

Sam Hammington disclosed in a recent edition of MBN’s Friendly Variety that he and his wife had attempted IVF in order to have their third child. Also, Sam Hammington has voiced his genuine desire for a girl after having two sons. “As my third child, I’d like to have a girl.”

Sam Hammington Net Worth

In 2021-2022, his net worth increased dramatically. Sam Hammington’s net worth is 9 million USD dollars, with his primary source of income being a comedian and television actor. But in 2022, his net worth is around $3,5 Million. Then, his salary is around $200K – $700K. Also, Sam Hammington Previous Year’s Net Worth was $2 Million – $2,3 Million.

Sam Hammington

Sam Hammington Instagram

So, his Instagram account’s name is “sam hammington”. Also, he posted 1,228 images on his account. Also, he has 690k followers on his account.

Sam Hammington TV Shows

  • So, In 1981, he did a role in the Holiday Island TV show as Andrew Alston. Also, you can see his appearance in the “The Best of Everything” (Season 1, Episode 12) episode.
  • Then, In 1983, he did a role in the All The Rivers Run TV show as Gordon Edwards.
  • Then, in 1983, He did a role in the The Flying Doctors TV show as Richard Connors. Also, you can see his appearance in the “A Rural Education” (Season 7, Episode 5) episode.
  • Then, in 1985, He did a role in the the Neighbors TV show as Michele Martin. Also, you can see his appearance in 2 episodes of this show.
  • Then, in 2008, He did a role in the “Ophojol” TV show as Hamel. Also, you can see his appearance in the “Hamel Pyoryugi” (Episode 17) episode.
  • Then, in 2013, He did a role in the Witch Hunt TV show..
  • Then, in 2014, He did a role in the Let’s Eat as President of a soy sauce crab restaurant TV show. Also, you can see his appearance in Episode 12.
  • Then, in 2015, he did a role in the Who Are You? School 2015 TV show as new English teacher. Also, you can see his cameo in Episode 15.
  • Then, in 2017, he did a role in the Teacher Oh Soon Nah TV show as Cha-Saem.

Sam Hammington Movies

  • So, in 2002, he voiced in the Jaemitneun Yeonghwa movie as Soldier in Boat.
  • Then, in 2005, he voiced in the Antarctic Journal movie as an English Explorer.
  • Then, in 2014, he did a role in the “How to Steal a Dog” movie as an English Teacher.
  • Also, in 2015, he did a role in the “Granny’s Got Talent” movie as an English Teacher.


The KBS Entertainment Award is an annual event in Korea. And KBS is sponsoring this event. Each year, the award includes performances by K-pop artists as well as musical parodies by Gag Concert members. Gag Concert is a South Korean television show that airs on KBS. Sam Hammington got the Top Excellence Award for The Return of Superman in the Variety category in 2018. Also, he won the MBC Entertainment Award for Best Male Newcomer in Show/Variety.

Sam Hammington Weight

The exciting news is that Sam Hammington has dropped weight. He is now 22.5 pounds. Sam Hammington joined The Yoo Seung Ok Project in The Miracle of 10 Weeks, according to an insider. Because of his elevated cholesterol, he decided to try this diet. He was not just dieting but also exercising. When asked how he felt about his diet, Sam said, “I’m dying.” But he continues to work on his health, and we can tell that he is healthier and happier as a result of his diet.


Sam Hammington began his television career as a kid in Australia. Even when he was ten years old, he had been in TV shows such as ‘Holiday Island,’ ‘All the Rivers Run,’ ‘The Flying Doctors,’ and ‘Neighbors.’ His mature career, however, began in the early 2000s in South Korea. He initially visited the nation in 2001 as part of an exchange programme while studying business, marketing, and Korean at Swinburne University of Technology. He was found after attending a live comedy concert in Seoul and was chosen from the audience to perform in a sketch. As a Korean-speaking foreigner, he immediately drew notice and was called by one of the audience’s directors and scriptwriters who wanted someone like him for a programme.

During the 2002 FIFA World Cup, he began working in the Korean television industry and earned his first major break on the hit comedy show ‘Gag Concert’ in 2005. He has had a few minor film parts, but he rose to national prominence after being chosen as an initial cast member on the first season of the reality-military show ‘Real Men’ in 2013. Also, he was a foreigner who featured on the show, which portrayed a group of celebrities going through the rigorous military training required of every able-bodied Korean male. He is now so well-known in the nation that his mother is afraid to go out with him for fear of being swarmed.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sam Hammington Korean?

Sam Hammington was born on July 31, 1977 in Wellington, New Zealand to a New Zealand father and an Australian mother. He grew up in Melbourne, Australia. As the son of a casting director, Hammington began working in the Australian television industry at a young age.

Is Sam Hammington leaving the return of Superman?

The Return of Superman has been said good-by by William and Bentley Hammington. Sam Hammington acknowledged his family’s departure from the show last year. Sam shared the news on his own Instagram account. The family joined in 2016, while William was still a baby, and Bentley was born a year later.

When did Sam Hammington go to Korea?

He opted to take Asian language lessons while going for a business degree at university to assist boost his résumé. Also, he opted to learn Korean since Japanese and Chinese language classes were so popular. He studied Korean for 18 months before transferring to Korea University in 2002.

Who is Sam’s wife?

In 1999, Sam Hammington met his future wife, Jung Yu-mi, at a restaurant in Itaewon. He originally lied to her about his age, claiming to be six years older, despite the fact that she is two years older. Despite her lack of English fluency, she asked him where he was from, to which he replied in Korean, “guess.” While her assumption that he was from the United Kingdom was incorrect, they got close and dated for years before marrying in October 2013. There were two wedding ceremonies: one in traditional Korean, which was broadcast nationwide on Korean television, and another in Australia, at the Melbourne Zoo.

They later have two boys, William Bruce Hammington (born in July 2016) and Bentley Hammington (born in January 2017). (born in November 2017). His first kid was named after his late father, who died in the early 2000s.

How did Sam Hammington get famous?

Sam Hammington was found as he raised his hand on the spur of the moment to be an audience member at a comedy concert. He’s become one of the most well-known faces on Korean television. A fan approached Sam Hammington for a picture on a packed street in Itaewon, a multicultural district in Seoul’s center, in 2013.

How did Sam Hammington end up in Korea?

He moved to South Korea as an exchange student 13 years ago and has since become a superstar who is swarmed by admirers whenever he comes out. Sam Hammington, 37, is a comedian, actor, and TV and radio presenter who speaks fluent Korean and has a large fan following in Seoul.

Who is older, Bentley or William?

On November 19, it was announced that the Hammington family will be leaving the programme, and Sam Hammington personally thanked viewers for their support following the decision. Viewers saw William blossom into a dependable elder brother throughout their time on the show, and Bentley grew up since his birth.

Is The Return of Superman staged?

“Because the programme is an observation-style variety show, papers in the form of a preview that arrange the contents on set like a script are prepared in real time for the ease of the production team afterwards,” the production team explained.

Why are William and Bentley famous?

Sam Hammington appeared on Happy Together 4 and discussed his boys’, William and Bentley’s, rising popularity. The Hammington family earned fame and popularity after starring on the show Superman Returns, which depicted the daily activities of a father raising two children.

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