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Trinity Bliss: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Instagram, Movies, & TV Shows, Avatar, Tuktirey, Facts, FAQs & More

Trinity Bliss was born in Los Angeles, California on May 11, 2009. She is a professional child actor, singer, and songwriter. Trinity Jo-Li Bliss is her full name. Her first breakout role occurred in 2016, when she was signed to play Tuktirey in the Avatar sequel, “Avatar: The Way of Water”. It was just released in December of 2022.  She is most known for playing Tuktirey or Tuk, the Sully family’s youngest child, in “Avatar: The Way Of Water”. Bliss will also appear in the subsequent Avatar Sequels.

Additionally, she has appeared as series regular in the Apple TV + series “Best Foot Forward”, and HBO Max series “The Garcias”. Her debut album, “Confessions of a Preteen,” will be released on January 20, 2023.

Trinity Bliss Biography

Trinity Bliss

Trinity is a popular American-born child actress who predominantly works in Hollywood movies and Tv series. She was born on May 11, 2009. Her full name is Trinity Jo-Li Bliss. She is also a singer, songwriter as well as an actress from the United States. She gained worldwide fame by portraying the role of Alexa Huh Garcia in Jeff Valdez’s created 2022 released comedy-drama Tv series named “The Garcias” (2022). Bliss is also well known for her impressive role in “Avatar: The Way of Water” (2022).

Parents and Family

Trinity Bliss was born on May 11, 2009 in the United States to middle-class American parents. Trinity grew up in southern California with her parents and relatives. Her mother is camera-shy, but her father appears in TikTok videos alongside her.

She has been artistic since she was three years old. Her interest in music grew after watching her older brothers play instruments.

Jo eventually began playing the piano, which introduced the young girl to her passion of singing. In her spare time, she would play the piano or guitar and sing anything that came to mind. Her parents both admired her and encouraged her to learn more.

She and her father have a TikTok account called misstrinityblissanddad. Her mother was in charge of the account.


Trinity Jo-Li Bliss was born on May 11, 2009 in California, United States of America. She goes by the name Trinity Bliss and is of mixed ethnicity.

Trinity Bliss Age

According to Trinity Bliss’s birthdate, she is 14 years old (as of now, in 2023). Although she is 14, her on-screen age range is 12-14 years old.

Height and Weight

The height and weight of Trinity Bliss are roughly 4 feet 2 inches and 31 kg, respectively.


Trinity is a talented child who is presently completing her higher studies.


Trinity hasn’t exactly updated her social media accounts with information on her current boyfriend, her relationships, or either of her previous relationships.

Trinity Bliss’s Net Worth

Trinity’s net worth was not covered by Forbes or any other publication. Let’s look at her job, wages, mortgage, and properties. She is a professional actress/singer/writer who has already finished multiple movies/TV shows and some post-production work.

By browsing many blogs and websites and analysing her career, we may estimate her net worth at the age of 13 to be between $400 and $800 thousand. We anticipate she will reach a million dollars by 2023. Her primary sources of income are estimated brand promotions and acting in films and television programs. She also makes a lot of money through her business endeavours.

Trinity Bliss Instagram

Her Instagram handle is @misstrinitybliss. As of 2023, Trinity’s Instagram profile is verified.

She goes under her real name Trinity Jo-Li Bliss on Instagram. As can be seen, she currently has 95.8k followers and follows 225 people on Instagram.

Trinity Bliss Wikipedia

Trinity is a popular American-born child actress who predominantly works in Hollywood movies and Tv series. She is famous for her outstanding performance in the television series “Mr. Corman” in the year 2021, “The Garcias” in 2022, and “The Really Loud House” in 2022 as well. She also played the role of Tuk in the recently released film “Avatar: The Way of Water” (2022).

Trinity is an actor, singer, and songwriter. She enjoys listening to my music and telling stories about my life experiences. Trinity is ecstatic to share her music with the audience. She will be seen in the upcoming Apple TV + series “Best Foot Forward”. She is especially known as the character Alexa Garcia who is a granddaughter of Sonia and Ray Garcia in the HBO Max television series “The Garcias”.

Trinity Bliss has gained public recognition for her outstanding acting skills and capabilities, which are widely praised by audiences. As a young actor working on numerous different productions, she has accumulated a great deal of experience. The young actress was most recently seen in “Bone Cold” (2022) as Wendy.


Trinity is a popular American-born child actress who predominantly works in Hollywood movies and Tv series. She was born on May 11, 2009. Her full name is Trinity Jo-Li Bliss. She is also a singer, songwriter as well as an actress from the United States. She gained worldwide fame by portraying the role of Alexa Huh Garcia in “The Garcias” (2022). It was a comedy-drama tv series created by Jeff Valdez and released in 2022. Bliss is also well known for her impressive role of Tuk in “Avatar: The Way of Water” (2022).

Bliss began her acting career in 2017 when she was cast as Tuktirey in the Avatar sequels, with Avatar: The Way of Water. It was her debut feature film which was expected to be released in December 2022. Her first on-screen appearance was as a minor character named Susan in an episode of the TV sitcom Mr. Corman. She also appears as Alexa Garcia in the HBO Max television show The Garcias, starring experienced television performers Carlos Lacamara and Ada Maris.

Bliss is a singer-songwriter as well. Despite the success of her acting career, she did not abandon her passion for music. She launched her first official single, “Paradise,” on April 13, 2022, followed by further songs and videoclips. Other releases by her include “Outsider,” “Sad Self,” and “California Sun.” She has a history of starring in original songs and covers on YouTube, including a rendition of Mariah Carey’s holiday song “All I Want For Christmas Is You” in 2017.

Trinity Bliss Movies and TV shows


In the year 2022, she played the role of “Tuk” or “Tuktirey Sully” in the film “Avatar: The Way of Water”. It was an American epic science fiction film directed and produced by James Cameron.

Her upcoming films include the sequels of Avatar, i.e. Avatar 3 which is to launch in 2024 and is currently in post-production and Avatar 4 which is to launch in 2026 and is currently being filmed.

Television shows

In 2021, Trinity Bliss played the role of Susan in “Mr. Corman” in just one episode of the show. Later in 2022, she gained popularity for playing the role of Alexa Huh Garcia in the tv series “The Garcias” for 10 episodes. She also played Gabriella in “Best Foot Forward” and Stella Zhau in “The Really Loud House”.


She has been uploading versions of songs and even singing some of her own songs since 2021.Trinity released her debut album as a singer and song-writer in 2023. “Confessions of a Preteen” is the title.

Trinity Bliss Avatar

The entire Bliss family watched “Avatar” when it released in 2009. But Trinity was only a toddler at the time. Who knew the small child would one day have a big role in the sequel to the same film? According to her D23 interview, she was 7 years old when casting director Margie Simkin chose her for the audition.

She was so thrilled about the screening that she arrived at the venue a week early, and Simkin was gracious enough to greet her. There were auditions a week later, and Bliss had to reappear a few more times before being chosen.

Trinity Bliss was just seven years old at the time of filming Avatar. Despite her early age, Bliss learnt to free-dive for her role in the sequels, mastering the technique alongside her fellow kid co-stars. She was able to act underwater for 3 to 4 minutes while holding her breath.

Trinity Bliss Avatar 2

In 2018, she joined the cast of “Avatar: The Way of Water,” and James Cameron cast her as Tuktirey. Aside from her, the cast includes Duane Evans Jr., Jack Champion, Britain Dalton, and “Titanic” star Kate Winslet. It took countless hours and specially constructed equipment to complete the picture, but the sequel to “Avatar” finally hit theatres on December 16, 2022.

Trinity’s IMDB page indicated that she will also appear in the film’s third and fourth instalments.

Trinity Bliss Role in Avatar

Bliss played the role of Tuktirey, Jake Sully and Neytiri’s youngest and only biological daughter. It was alongside Jamie Flatters, Britain Dalton, and Sigourney Weaver who were Neteyam, Lo’ak, and Kiri (adopted), respectively. Tuktirey appears to have a significant role in the film, with one scene, an argument between Jake and Neytiri, taking place from her point of view while she hides from them.

Trinity Bliss Tuktirey

Trinity Bliss

Tuktirey te Suli Neytiri’ite, also known as Tuk, is Jake Sully and Neytiri’s sole biological daughter and their youngest child at seven years old. Neteyam and Lo’ak are her two older biological brothers, and Kiri is her older adoptive sister.


Tuktirey was the third and final biological child of Jake Sully and Neytiri, born in 2163. The Omaticaya Clan took care of Tuk. It is because she is too young to accompany the rest of her family on dangerous travels such as Lo’ak’s Iknimaya ceremony.

Tuktirey forms an unusual bond with her adopted older sister Kiri.

Tuk in Avatar: The Way of Water

Tuk and Kiri slipped away to the ancient battlefield in 2169, when their parents were attending an elder council meeting. They discover the remnants of a Samson and the skeleton of a banshee among the branches of a tree. Kiri tells Tuk how to pay her respects to the late Ikran as the youngsters looks at the machine and its remains.

When a new wave of humanity lands on Pandora some time later. Tuk’s life is jeopardized as a group of Recombinants approaches her and her brothers. They took Tuktirey, Lo’ak, and Kiri as hostages. Her parents rush to her aid, murdering some of the Recoms to protect their children. Faced with a new human threat, Jake and Neytiri decided to relocate the entire Sully family to the Metkayina Clan’s homeland. Tuk rides her banshee in her mother’s arms because she is too little to have tamed her own banshee.

Tuk sticks close to Kiri as she adapts into her new tribe, despite her homesickness at first. She grows more at ease with the tribe’s peculiar way of life, and she begins to appreciate aquatic life, such as an Ilu that Tsireya shows her.

Personality and Traits

Tuktirey is a charming and witty child who adores her family, especially her mother, grandmother Mo’at, and sister Kiri. She is bold, mischievous, and inquisitive about the world, and she always joins her siblings on their escapades, despite the fact that her brothers want to shake her off. Tuk frequently cuddles with both of her parents, her mother and father. She has a big heart, and her family is everything to her.

Tuk, like Neteyam, is an avatar/Na’vi hybrid, although she was born with four fingers and toes and a browless face, giving her the appearance of a full-blooded Na’vi. Her hair is still fairly short due to her age, yet her braid is now entirely lengthy. She wears a purple loincloth with a fancy necklace around her chest and carries a little knife.

Tuk, like her parents, is fearless and will go to any length to protect people she cares about. She resembles her mother in certain ways. Emotionally, she prioritises her family, home, and Pandora, and she is naturally healing and nurturing. At the same time, she inherits many of her father’s personality traits, such as being reckless, stubborn, or brave.


Jake & Neytiri

Tuktirey adores her parents; as the youngest member of the family, she is always attentive and affectionate toward them. During her childhood, her parents served as role models for her, being fearless and impulsive like her father, but also sensitive to her environment and daring like her mother.


Tuk and Kiri have a wonderful sisterly bond. Due to her age, Kiri serves as Tuktirey’s teacher and guide, teaching her how to honour a departed animal, among other things. Kiri is also in charge of her younger sister while her parents are unavailable. They go many miles together while exploring the Metkayina clan’s area. Kiri refers to her sister as “Tuk-Tuk” on occasion.


Lo’ak frequently does not bring Tuk with him when he goes on adventures because he is possessive of her. They regularly make fun of one another, as was evident when Lo’ak imitated her when she said she would inform her mother if her elder siblings refused to allow her to go with them.


Tuk respects Neteyam greatly since he is her older, more protective brother who at times acts as a father figure.


  • Many people believe Tuk going into a tunnel is an allusion to Newt falling down a shaft in another James Cameron picture, Aliens.
  • According to The Visual Dictionary, Jake made the shell armband Tuk is wearing as a present for her.
  • She has a best friend named Popiti, according to The Visual Dictionary. The book also claims that Tuk’s friend came up with the idea for the colour of her knife.

Facts about Trinity Bliss

Trinity Bliss

Trinity Jo-Li Bliss makes her big screen debut in Avatar: The Way of Water, and we caught up with her to uncover some fun facts about her that you probably didn’t know before!

Tuk, the youngest child of Jake Sully and Neytiri, is played by the 13-year-old actress.

Trinity, like all of the Na’vi actors, appears in the film completely through performance-capture technology.

13 Fun Facts

  1. Her parents did not name her Trinity after the character in the movie “The Matrix”.
  2. She has two much older brothers which makes her the third child.
  3. Her middle name, “Jo-Li,” is a combination of her grandparents’ surnames.
  4. Her mom and dad call her “coco bear”. As a result, when she hears the name “Trinity”, it generally means that she’s in trouble or there is bad news.
  5. She is a vegetarian and her favourite food is steam white rice with seaweed.
  6. She boasts about having perfect pitch in her voice.
  7. She can also play multiple instruments.
  8. Trinity writes songs as a way to journal her life and process her feelings about the world around her.
  9. She released her first song even before getting her first mobile phone. When she turned 13, she celebrated the closure of her pre-teen life with her debut album “Confessions of a Pre-teen”. She also got an iPhone 13.
  10. Although she has motion-sickness, Trinity is also a rollercoaster maniac. Her favourite rides at Disney World are “Flight of Passage” and “Guardians of The Galaxy”.
  11. She loves reading books like Novels, science discoveries. She also loves browsing around for jokes and gossip.
  12. She has read all the Harry Potter books multiple times. So She is a proud Potterhead.
  13. She is a dog person. She herself has a dog named Levi and loves her very much. She describes him as a “bit of a cat dog”. He was a rescue and his Foster Mother was her Avatar cast mate, Bailey Bass.

Bonus Facts

  • She has double joints.
  • Trinity is a very good swimmer.
  • She tries to solve little maths problems every day. It is because “Maths is the foundation for anything I want to do when I grow up”, according to her mom.
  • Bliss needs 10 hours of sleep most days.
  • She is ashamed of her feet. According to her, she has “large and ugly feet”.
  • Her favourite holiday is Christmas.
  • Her first ever concert was Coldplay.

F. A.Qs

When was Trinity Bliss Bliss born?

Trinity was born on May 11, 2009.

What is Trinity Bliss’s Instagram username?

She goes by the handle @misstrinitybliss on instagram.

Who played Tuk in “Avatar: The Way of Water”?

In Avatar: The Way of Water, Trinity Bliss was chose to play the part of Tuk.

How tall is Trinity Bliss?

She is 5 feet 4 inches or 5′ 4″ or 163 cm tall.

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