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What is MightyText? Is MightyText App Available for iPhone?

The MightyText SMS app has recently become very popular. Its great features let users reply to SMS from PCs. Many people now want to download it for Android and iOS.

However, MightyText isn’t available for all platforms, especially iPhone. If you’re looking to download MightyText for iOS, I’ll guide you. In this article, I’ll suggest alternatives for iPhone users. But first, let’s understand what MightyText is.

So here we go:

What is Mightytext?

MightyText is an excellent SMS text messaging app. It improves your text messaging faster by offering a faster and better experience. You will be able to text from your tablet using your Android phone number.

As the app kills the need for texting from the phone, it simply kills the need to check the notification on your phone. As a result, you will be able to increase productivity.

Moreover, with this app, you will easily be able to manage your texts, picture messages, and see the Caller ID of incoming calls without looking at your phone.

Top Features of MightyText

  1. With the help of this app, you will be able to turn your tablet into an SMS messenger.
  2. All the messages stay synced with your phone’s messaging app.
  3. You will get instant notifications on your tablet when a text message arrives.
  4. You will be able to schedule SMS directly from your tablet.
  5. The app will send you low battery alerts. Plus, you will get to see the phone’s battery level on your tablet.
  6. It allows you to send MMS group texts from your tablet. However, your Android phone should supports Group texting.
  7. Apart from your tablet, you will also be able to use your PC to send messages.
  8. The app can be downloaded for Android, Windows, Mac, and other platforms.
  9. MightyText allows you to send bulk messages to up to 25 contacts at once. Send as one group message or to individual contacts.
  10. The app is free to use.

Is MightyText App Available for iPhone?

As of now, MightyText is not supported by the iPhone or any other iOS devices. This is indeed a big drawback, given the fact, there are a huge number of iPhone users who envy for mightytext app which is indeed superior to messages. However, you can download the app for your Mac. Also, Read – Tips For Negotiating The Best Settlement For Your Case

But still, the app will require you to have an Android phone, and it will sync up all your messages to your Mac or PC. Also, you have to download the app to both your computer and smartphone to sync them together. So as long as you are using an Android device, you will be able to use MightyText.

How about you dig in at 5 best mightytext alternatives you can try?

Mightytext Alternatives in 2021

1. Join by Joaoapps

The next app that you can check out is Join. This app also allows you to easily do stuff remotely on your Android and PC. You will easily be able to manage things like SMS, Notifications, clipboard, and so on.

You will also be able to receive notifications from your Android device and interact with them on any device using your Google account. For example, you can reply to the WhatsApp message from your PC. Also, with this app, you can send SMS messages from any web browser with your Google account.

However, the app is for free for a month, after that, you will need to pay for the app to unlock all its features. Also, Check – How to Get Into a Freelance Accounting

2. Pulse

Pulse offers you the best web-based platform where you can easily manage your texts. The app allows you to access messages everywhere. Along with that, you will be able to share all types of media files instantly.

As well as it comes with an easy-to-use interface. So you can easily get started with the app. What’s more? The app is free to download.

3. Mysms

First of all, I have mysms. With the help of this app, you can easily send and receive texts on your computer or tablet. It offers you the same experience as your Android phone would do.

The app also helps you with call notifications. So you will get notified on your computer when a call arrives. Plus, you can choose to send free messages to other mysms users. Plus, it offers you lots of customization options.

However, the app is not completely free. But it also comes with a premium plan. The premium plan will give you access to a bunch of other features. Also Read – 5 Good Reasons Why You Really Should Use VPN

4. AirDroid

Next, I have AirDroid. Instead of managing your texts, it helps you to manage your whole Android device. You will be able to use the app for transferring files across different platforms, mirrors and remote control mobile devices, and so on. In short, it allows you to control and manage your device directly from your PC.

However, the interesting part of the app is that it allows you to receive, reply, and send SMS messages via AirDroid. Also, you will be able to manage all your messages and contacts stored on your phone.

5. myPhoneDesktop

If you have an Apple device, then myPhoneDesktop is the best app that you can try out. It does not matter if you want to make a phone call, send long SMS, copy a large amount of text, store an image on your iPad or iPhone, myPhoneDesktop will help you out.

Also, you will be able to call any telephone number from any application or Web browser, initiate direct Calls, and send SMS through Google Voice, Auto-Complete and Quick Dial for Phone Numbers, and so on.

However, the app is not free. It comes with a price tag, and you will be able to download the app from Apple App Store.

Final Words

So that was all for the MightyText app. Although, there are MightyText alternatives for the iPhone available out there. But you can always use an Android phone to get done with your job. Or you can consider using the myPhoneDesktop app.

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