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5 Good Reasons Why You Really Should Use VPN

These days VPN is something that most internet users are well aware of. But still, there are a majority of the users who don’t even know about the concept of VPN. However, if the same goes for you, then I am here to talk about good reasons for VPN and why you really should use a VPN.

VPN is primarily known for offering a safe browsing experience online. But the feature is not only limited to safe browsing. Instead, VPN helps you in a lot of ways and to help you understand better here are the good reasons why you really should use a VPN:

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5 good reasons why you really should use a VPN

1. VPN protects your privacy

The first and most important reason why you really should use VPN is that it helps you to protect your privacy online.

Whenever you use a VPN, your connection goes through an encrypted tunnel for transferring data from your device to the host website and vice versa.

Also, as you are using an encrypted tunnel, hence it removes all the chances of getting spied on online. No one will get to know what you are doing online, what websites you are visiting, and what content you are browsing.

Even, VPN makes your connection so private that your internet service provider or ISP will not get to know about your activities or track them.

Because of this high-level anonymity online, it becomes easier for you to access anything online. For example, you can browse torrent websites, access illegal websites online, or share important files and information without anyone.

Even VPN also protects you from web trackers. As you already know, different websites and search engines track your data and store them. And then they use the same data to show ads to you or sell the data to others.

But whenever you are on a VPN, trackers will not be able to track your activities. As a result, you will no longer get to see user-targeted ads.

2. Anonymity

With a VPN, you will also be able to experience anonymity online. This is one of the most important reasons why most internet users prefer to use a VPN.

VPN allows you to explore and browse the internet from different locations through its services. As a result, you can easily choose any of the locations on this planet and browse the internet.

Also, whenever you connect to a VPN server, your ISP will only get to know that you are connected to a VPN. But whatever you do after getting connected to VPN becomes anonymous and not accessible by anyone.

All your traffic will get directed from the VPN server. As a result, your true identity will get hidden. Even, your destination website will not get to know your real location.

Because of high-level anonymity, you will stay protected against cyber attacks as no one will know your real location or any of your details.

Moreover, VPN also protects you when you visit malicious websites. Also, most of the VPN providers offer a no-log policy, which means, they will not store any of your browsing data on their servers.

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3. Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Another best part of a VPN is that it helps you to bypass geo-restrictions pretty easily. As a result, you can access anything and everything online without any trouble.

For example, you may have noticed websites that do not open or you don’t get to access them. This is because those websites are geo protected, and they can only be opened in specific regions.

But since VPN gives you the option to choose any location while connecting. So you can easily change your location and visit such websites without any trouble.

Also, most of the content on the internet is geo-restricted, and in this case, VPN can be a useful tool for you.

Moreover, if you use streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others, then you would probably know that not every content is available in every region. But when you use a VPN, such content becomes easily accessible.

4. Protects You Over Public WiFi

Using public WiFi has become one of the common things. Since, most of the coffee shops, restaurants, airports, shops, and other public places offer you free WiFi. Although it is a good idea to use those WiFi’s and get done with your work.

But the thing with them is that they are not secured. Hackers can easily gain network administrator access and get into your device and steal sensitive information while you use public WiFi.

But when you are using a VPN, this is not possible. VPN is capable of encrypting all your browsing data so you can safely login to your net banking account, social media accounts, or shop anything online worry-free.

5. Using BitTorrent

There are quite a lot of users who use BitTorrent to download files, movies, TV shows, and so many other copyrighted materials. And most of you already know that downloading files from torrent websites are illegal activity.

Even, in many countries, ISP’s don’t support torrenting. As a result, you cannot access torrent websites. Or even if you download torrent files, you will get to see a slower internet downloading speed.

And in case if you wish to download files from Torrent sites without any restrictions or hassles, VPN can be a great tool. As you already know a VPN completely anonymizes your connection and nobody will know what you are doing online.

As a result, it becomes impossible for your ISP to figure out you are torrenting, hence there will be no internet throttling. Also, if the torrent websites are blocked on your network, you can use a VPN to access your favorite torrent website.

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So those were the 5 good reasons why you really should use a VPN. VPN helps you in quite a lot of ways. Like it protects your privacy, anonymizes your internet activity, and overall offers you a safe experience. So if you are not using a VPN already, then you must start using one.

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