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How To Become A Hashtag # Pro

As you will no doubt know, using hashtags is a vitally important way to gain followers and overall grow your Instagram account. However, doing this by the use of hashtags alone is no easy feat and so you may want to use the service available at in order to do this organically. For those interested in doing it through the use of hashtags and want to become a hashtag pro, then there are a number of ways in which this can be done.

Copy Successful Accounts

The first of these involves doing some research and looking at the hashtags that some of the most successful accounts in your space use. This is a technique that many users use and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Finding and being able to join in with a niche-specific hashtag is a great way of finding new potential followers that would have an interest in your content.

Create Your Own Hashtag

With there being no restrictions as to what hashtags contain and what they can be used for, you are able to create your own unique one in order to coincide with a marketing campaign that you have running or intend to run in the future. If done in the right way and using a creative hashtag, this can really work to boost engagement with both your current followers and potential new ones. For example, just look at the #IceBucketChallenge campaign and the impact that had around the world.

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As part of such a marketing campaign, you can incorporate a free giveaway for even more of an impact – after all, everyone loves free stuff. By getting your followers to post their own content using the made-up hashtag, it also exposes it to their audience also, and so widens the overall reach that it has.

Be Consistent

Do not worry about having to use a whole new set of hashtags each and every time that you post content on Instagram. Instead, you are perfectly fine using the set of ten or so hashtags on each and every post that you make. However, that is not to say that you cannot occasionally change things up a bit and throw in some different hashtags in there also. This is perfectly fine. The main thing to remember when using hashtags, regardless of how often you use them is that they are relevant to the post and your audience.

Use Hashtags To Connect

Using hashtags on your Instagram posts is a great way of connecting with your audience and building a community with them. By keeping an eye out for relevant trending hashtags, you can use these to make new partnerships with brands or influencers within your own niche.

Armed with the knowledge of how to adopt each of these hashtag techniques you should become a pro in no time and see your number of followers increase dramatically.

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