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Tips For Negotiating The Best Settlement For Your Case

Are you planning to file a personal injury claim? Well, you need to demonstrate excellent negotiation skills. Settlement negotiations will be going on throughout your case. So, it’s very important that you understand how to go about this. Here are simple tips to help you negotiate the best settlement for your case.

Determine Your Needs

Start by determining how much you think your claim is worth. And before you talk to an adjuster, decide on a minimum settlement amount that you’ll accept. But this isn’t something you can reveal to the adjuster- just keep it to yourself.

If the adjuster begins with an offer close to your minimum figure, consider revising your figure upward.

Be Patient

Don’t be quick to accept the first offer made by the insurance adjuster. It might just be a tactic to see if you understand your rights. But if the offer is reasonable, you may want to consider making a counteroffer that’s slightly lower than your demand letter amount. Doing this will convince the adjuster that you’re being realistic and are willing to compromise.

Make a Counteroffer

If the adjuster’s first offer is too low, refrain from immediately lowering your target amount. Instead, ask the adjuster to explain why the offer is too low. Then, write a brief letter providing comprehensive responses to all aspects the adjuster has mentioned.

Emphasize Your Strongest Points

Emphasize emotional points in your favor. For instance, you may want to convince the adjuster that the other party was at fault for the accident and that you were severely injured.

Nonetheless, it might help to mention the strongest points supporting your claim. If you’ve sent the adjuster a photo of your smashed vehicle or a severe-looking injury, be sure to refer to it. And if the injuries you suffered interfered with your ability to take care of your children, mention that your children suffered as a result.

Write Everything Down

Once you reach an agreement with the insurance adjuster, confirm the terms in writing. Write a letter to the adjuster indicating the amount for which you agreed upon, what injuries the settlement covers, as well as, the date by which you’re supposed to receive settlement documents.

Key Takeaway

Without the help of an experienced attorney, you may not get maximum compensation for your injuries. Of course, you can file the claim on your own, but do you have the right expertise to negotiate a fair settlement? If not, consider hiring a qualified Personal Injury Law Firm. He or she will dedicate their time and effort to ensuring that you get the compensation you truly deserve.

The Bottom-Line

If you want to get maximum compensation for your injuries, there are certain things you need to do. Start by determining how much you think the claim is worth, avoid jumping into the first offer, ask the adjuster to justify a low offer, emphasize emotional points in your favor, and put the agreed settlement in writing.

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