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Bobby Lee: Age, Mad TV, Wife, Breakup, Brother, Feud, Nationality, Salary, Net Worth & More

Bobby Lee, or Robert Lee Jr., is a stand-up comedian, podcaster, and actor from the United States. He was born in America but his parents are Korean immigrants Jeanie Lee and Robert Lee. Bobby Lee and his younger sibling grew up in California where they were born.

At 18 years of age, Bobby left his parents’ home and began working in the San Diego region of California. There he took up jobs in restaurants and coffee shops while attending Palomar College from where he dropped out later. As a school student, Bobby Lee was in the school’s breakdance team too.

The coffee shop in which Bobby worked closed abrupt in 1994. This made Bobby go the next door coffe shop for work. It was the famous The Comedy Store in San Diego. After working for some time there, he decided to try stand-up comic in that shop during one of their amateur nights. He then started performing regularly there. Within a year, he received offers to open from both Pauly Shore and  Carlos Mencia. Bobby went on to work regularly in The Comedy Store, Los Angeles, US

Lee said that his parents were not supportive of his career as a stand-up comedian initially but later accepted it. He added that his father even apologised to him for not supporting him in the beginning.

Bobby Lee Wife

Bobby Lee was in a long-time relationship with his partner Khalyla Kuhn until they broke up recently. Khalyla Kuhn is also an Asian-American. She was born in Cebu, the Philippines. Cebu is the wealthiest region in the Philippines. It is a highly urbanised city in the Philippines and has been the richest region there for several consecutive years.

Shortly after Khalyla’s birth, her parents moved to the US. Her mother’s name is Marites Kuhn. We do not have much information about her father though. Khalyla herself does not bring up her father in her discussions. Apart from this, we also are not sure about her childhood life and even the number of siblings she has. Although there is surety about one sibling of hers, Julianna Kuhn, some reports also suggest that Khalyla has three siblings. They have identified one of them as Khawinda.

Khalyla, in the US, pursued Biochemistry as the subject of her higher studies. Before she met Bobby Lee, her future partner with who she hosted TigerBelly Podcast, Khalyla worked as a tutor. She taught anatomy, microbiology, and physiology.

Khalyla and Bobby Lee had been together for about 9 years since 2013. They once revealed they started to date in 2013. They met on the dating platform Tinder. Some reports suggest the two even married in 2016. They got married in New York. However, Bobby Lee and Khalyla did not publicise the marriage, unlike most celebrity marriages.

Besides the TigerBelly Podcast, Khalyla Kuhn also co-hosts Trash Tuesday, another podcast. She has made quite a following for herself and has a net worth of about a million dollars, say reports. This suggests she has a decent income too.

Just recently, Khalyla and Bobby broke up, but there were talks for quite a few days surrounding this possibility.

Bobby Lee Brother

Bobby Lee, the famous American comedian, podcaster, and actor, has a younger sibling. And guess what? He is in the business too. Bobby’s younger brother Steve Lee is also a comedian and a podcaster. He is a musician as well. Steve Lee hosts The Stebee Weebee podcast and with another comedian Jeremiah Watkins, he co-hosts the Scissor Bros podcast. The Stebee Webee podcast has over 135 thousand subscribers on YouTube. He joined YouTube in 2017. This tells about the popularity of Steve Lee.

Bobby Lee

Steve attended Arizona Stae University. While he was in school, he wrestled and qualified twice for the state championships. Prior to becoming a comedian, musician, and podcaster, Steve spent years in the customer service industry.

Steve made appearances with his brother Bobby Lee on MADtv in 2006. He played the role of a bartender there. Since 2016, Steve has been appearing on the TigerBelly podcast as a guest. TigerBelly podcast is hosted by his brother Bobby and Bobby’s previous partner Khalyla Kuhn. In 2019, he appeared on another comedy podcast, Riffin with Griffin. Riffin with Griffin is hosted by the actor and comedian Erik Griffin. Besides these, some of Steve’s most famous performances are those sketches in which he appeared alongside his elder brother Bobby Lee. Those sketches featured Kim Jong Il and Tank.

Bobby Lee & Brendan Schaub Feud

Brendan Schaub is a former professional mixed martial artist, podcast host, and stand-up comedian. He is an American and was born in Colorado, US. The podcast shows he hosts are The Fighter and the kid podcast, the Below the Belt with Brendan Schaub podcast, and the King and the Sting podcast. He is actually a co-host of the King and the Stings. He co-hosts that with another comedian Theo Von.

Schaub started training in mixed martial arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu after retiring from football in 2009. After just six months of training, Schaub won the Colorado novice-division Golden Gloves heavyweight title.

As a mixed martial artist, Schaub signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 2009. He signed to compete in the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter. He retired in October 2015 and announced his retirement on The Joe Rogan podcast where he was a guest. At UFC, Brendan won Knockout of the Night once and at Ring of Fire, he won the Ring of Fire Heavyweight Championship.

In December 2014, while he was still a professional mixed martial artist, he joined a joint podcast with Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen. Both of them advised Schaub to retire from mixed martial arts and pursue a career in stand-up comedy. He actually did that and is now a famous stand-up comedian. Brendan shared a cordial relationship with fellow stand-up comedians and podcasters like Bobby Lee and Khalyla Kuhn.

Recently, we have seen a deterioration in the relationship between Bobby Lee, Khalyla Kuhn, and Brendan Schaub. Khalyla alleged with fellow podcasters on the Trash Tuesday podcast that someone “B.S.” had come after her hard but was rejected. This made people mock Schaub. He joined Lee and Kuhn on the TigerBelly podcast to clarify himself but nothing was resolved.

Khalyla Bobby Break Up With Khalyla

Very recently, long-time partners Khalyla and Bobby Lee announced their breakup. They were together since 2013 and even got married reportedly in 2016 in New York but never announced it. Over these 9 years, both Bobby and Khalyla have not been as open about their relationship as other celebrity couples although they both hosted and still host the famous podcast the TigerBelly Podcast.

Bobby Lee

On one of the TigerBelly Podcast episodes, Bobby Lee announced that he and Khalyla are not together anymore. He added Khalyla is the love of his life and his best friend and that she has reinvented him by changing his life in so many ways. In the same episode, he added that they had faced a lot of challenges together like learning Khalyla had a coronary heart condition during a trip to the Philippines. Bobby Lee continued by saying that they spend 24 hours together and that Khalyla’s niece also lives with them. They are a family, he said. He even added that both of them created the TigerBelly podcast together.

Bobby confessed that he had no money until he met her. He was “was making on the road”, he went on. His life right now is the “direct result” of Khalyla and him building a business together and that “rekindled” his acting career.

On Ryan Sickler’s HoneyDew podcast, Lee was open to discussing his relationship with Khalyla. Bobby Lee accepted that one of the biggest reasons why they broke up was his addiction to video games. He said he could not give her the time he could. He said the new game Starfield is going to release in eight months and that he knows he would be playing that for 16 hours a day. Bobby Lee ended by saying he would remain supportive of Khalyla.

Bobby Lee and “The Dictator”

The Dictator, a 2012 Hollywood movie, was a political black comedy. It was about a fictitious brutal dictator from the middle-east who came to the United States to address the United Nations Security Council. The dictator’s plan spoils due to his kidnap by a hitman hired by his uncle Tamir. General Aladeen is that dictator’s name.

The movie was a box office success. It was also the second most successful film of the main lead of this movie Sacha Baron Cohen. Sacha Baron Cohen was also this movie’s co-writer and one of the producers. The film was made at a budget of $65-$100 million and earned $179.4 million worldwide. Although the movie is not based on any real-life characters, the makers say they found inspiration in real-life dictators like Kim Jong-il, Idi Amin, Muammar Gaddafi, Mobutu Sese Seko, and Saparmurat Niyazov. The absurd rules they made, the brutal fashion of their reign, and the oppression and unfreedom their countrymen faced at their hands were shown by the makers in the movie The Dictator but with a comic touch.

Of the so many characters who made the movie memorable and added their touch to make it a success, Bobby Lee is one of them. The American podcaster and comedian played the role of Mr Lao, a corrupt businessman. Mr Lao is seen with Tamir, the uncle of General Aladeen. Ben Kingsley, an excellent English actor, played the role of Tamir. He was the person who plotted the kidnapping of General Aladeen during his visit to New York, US to address the United Nations Security Council.

Harold and Kumar

Harold and Kumar is a Hollywood film series consisting of three movies: Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (2004), Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (2008), and A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (2011). The movie stars Kal Penn and John Cho in the lead roles. Kal Penn plays Kumar Patel and John Cho plays Harold Lee. It also stars Neil Patrick Harris in all three movies as his fictionalised self. Neil Patrick Harris, although openly gay in real life, is a heavy drug user and womaniser in the movie. Other actors include Errol Sitahal, Bobby Lee, Shaun Majumdar, and others.

The Harold and Kumar film series follows the story of two friends, Kumar Patel and Harold Lee, who go on adventures and end up in comical situations.

Kumar Patel is an Indian-American pre-med student living in New Jersey. He is a confident and fearless slacker and does what he wants. But Kumar is very intelligent and talented though. His father and brother are successful doctors and want him to follow in their footsteps. But Kumar does not want to go to medical school and he prefers to smoke marijuana at night. On the other hand, his friend Harold Lee is a hard-working investment banker. Harold is a Korean-American person with a romantic life centring on John Hughes. He thinks he will end up with Cindy Kim, a Korean-American woman, who happens to like Harold but he doesn’t. Harold and Kumar are roommates.

There are many actors who have made their mark in the movie. One of them is Bobby Lee. He plays the character of Kenneth Park. Kenneth Park introduces himself as a Princeton student and tries to network with Harold for an internship. Later in the movie, we can see him shirtless holding a pot of brownies.


MAD TV, or MADtv, is a sketch-comedy television series in the US. It draws inspiration from MAD magazine. MAD was an American humour magazine. It started as a comic series but became a magazine. At the peak of its circulation, the magazine had over 2 million readers in 1973-74.

MADtv presented live performances before the audience. The performances comprised sketches, musical performances, and often cartoon shorts. The topics were parodied from popular television shows, movies, and music. They also covered topical, political, and pop culture humour.

The show had 15 seasons and ran from 1995 to 2009. Bobby Lee joined MAD TV in its seventh season as a featured character. Then he remained a part of the show as one of the main characters until the fourteenth season. In the fifteenth and final season, Bobby appeared as a guest on MAD TV.

The makers planned a revival of the popular American show. Reports came out in December 2015 that the series would return for an hour-long special episode to mark the twentieth anniversary of MAD TV. The episode would air in January 2016 on The CW, an American English-language commercial broadcast network. Later The CW announced they were reviving MAD TV for an eight-episode season in April 2016 featuring a new cast. They also retained a few original members of the cast like Nicole Sullivan, Bobby Lee, Will Sasso, Debra Wilson and a few others. They returned as hosts. Some of them appeared as their signature characters or most memorable celebrity impressions.

MAD TV was a very popular television show in the US. Its popularity is reflected by the number of award nominations the show received and the number of awards it won. MAD TV received 35 Emmy Awards nominations and it won 7 out of them.

Bobby Lee FAQs

Bobby Lee

What movie is Bobby Lee in?

Bobby Lee is in several movies doing a variety of roles. He has worked in The Dictator (2012), the Harold and Kumar film series, Laid in America (2016), Kickin’ It Old Skool (2007), Borderlands, Bro, What Happened? (2014) and some other movies and shows.

Where is Bobby Lee from?

Bobby Lee was born in San Diego, California, the US. His parents Jeanie Lee and Robert Lee  are Korean immigrants. Bobby grew up in the US and is a Korean-American.

How old is Bobby Lee?

Bobby Lee was born in on 17 September 1971. He is 51 years old.

When did Bobby Lee join Mad TV?

Bobby Lee joined MAD TV in 2001. MAD TV was in its seventh season then. As a matter of fact, Bobby Lee was the first Asian-American cast member of MAD TV.

How much is Bobby Lee worth?

The actor, comedian, and podcaster Bobby Lee is worth $10 million.

How much does Bobby Lee make a year?

Bobby Lee reportedly makes $400 thousand a year.

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