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Corey Feldman: Age, Height, Young, Movies, Documentary, Michael Jackson, Wife, Net Worth, FAQs & More

So, Corey Feldman took birth on 16th July 1971 to Bob and Sheila Feldman in Reseda, California. His father was a record producer and his mother was a cocktail waitress. Moreover, he follows the Jewish faith. Successful as he is today, he has a lot of complaints against his parents. As per him, his parents had been abusive as well as exploitative. Therefore, he detests his years as a child actor. However, his parents have denied these accusations.

Hence, to begin with, Corey Feldman gathered a lot of popularity in the 1980s when he was still very young. So, this happened via extremely popular films like Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter in 1984, Gremlins in 1984, The Goonies in 1985, and Stand by Me in 1986. Moreover, in 1987 he acted in the horror film The Lost Boys. His namesake, Corey Haim was also a part of the film.

Therefore, after this, they became famous as “The Two Coreys”. Hence, they together acted in a couple of popular films like License to Drive in 1988 and Dream a Little Dream in 1989. However, Corey Feldman did not become much successful as a grown-up artist. Moreover, his personal conflicts with Corey Haim came to public scrutiny due to Haim’s substance abuse. Later on, he also got into a tassel with the King of Pop Michael Jackson. So, the latter had befriended Feldman when he was still a teenager.

Moreover, Corey Feldman has also often voiced against the horrors of sexual abuse in children and young adolescents in the entertainment industry. So, this comes from the fact that he himself was a victim of similar abuses.

Discover all you need to know about Corey Feldman, including his net worth, movies, spouse, and height. Learn about his filmography, documentaries, tours, music, and more in 2023. Find out about Barbara Walters’ interview with Corey Feldman and the rumors surrounding him. Discover what happened to Corey Feldman and if he’s still alive.

Corey Feldman Movies

So, let us begin by seeing in detail the movies that Corey Feldman has been a part of. However, his career started back in 1979 with the television movie Will and he worked even in 2021 as Mike Merryman in 13 Fanboy. Therefore, he has, as of now, a career that spans over 43 years. It is only natural that he has acted in a lot of films during this time. He has had quite an illustrious career. Hence, mentioning all of them might get difficult. Therefore, let us take a look at the most iconic movies that Corey Feldman has been a part of.

Corey Feldman

Therefore, to begin with, we have The Lost Boys. It came out in 1987 where he played the part of Edgar Frog and is one of the most popular of his films. Moreover, right in the next year, in 1988, came out the comedy film License to Drive. It was also immensely successful. So, he played the role of Dean here alongside Corey Haim. Therefore, the duo became extremely popular back in the day. This was a good phase in his career because in 1989 Corey Feldman played Bobby Keller in Dream A Little Dream. This romantic comedy or drama also became very popular. Moreover, in 1989, The ‘Burbs got released in which he played Ricky Butler. He also voiced Donatello in the 1990 film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Additionally, he also played Butler in the 1991 adventure drama Edge of Honor.

However, Corey Feldman also had a good career in the early 80s. So, in 1984 he worked in Gremlins for the part of Pete Fountaine. Following this, he played Clarke Devereux in the extremely popular “The Goonies” in 1985. Stand By Me (1986), where he played Teddy Duchamp was also very popular.

Corey Feldman Net Worth 2022

So, we can already understand that Corey Feldman has had an illustrious career over the years. He has been a part of tons of commercially successful and popular films. Moreover, his partnership with Corey Haim also garnered both of them a lot of limelight. However, he was not a leading star. So, one cannot expect him to be a billionaire, despite having such a long work span. However, he still has a substantial income as he continues to work as he had been doing since he was a teenager. Moreover, he has also acted on television and has been a musician for a long time.

Therefore, as per reports, Corey Feldman has a net worth of 3 million USD. As of 2022, his monthly income is more than 12,000 USD which makes the average yearly income around 1,50,000 USD. Moreover, Corey Feldman has a lot of luxurious assets. So, these include real estate properties in Los Angeles and Manhattan which are the richest parts of the US. Moreover, he also has a praiseworthy selection of cars that includes a Mishtubishi as well as a Toyota and Chevrolet.

Corey Feldman and Michael Jackson

So, Corey Feldman had a quite tumultuous relationship with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson himself. Therefore, they started off pretty great. Michael Jackson picked him up and befriended him when he was still a teenager. They became great friends. Moreover, in his book Coreyography, Feldman accepts that their bonding was very strong. He has also accepted in interviews that being with him made him feel like he was a child again. However, a lot happened in the middle that made him realize or question that the late pop star might have groomed or coerced him at a time when he was too young to understand these. Yet, he did not testify in 2005 when the case for sexual allegations against Jackson reopened. Hence, he accepted that though there were sexual undertones, there had never been any physical contact. So, probably, his gesture was just parental.

Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman and Michael Jackson fell apart in 2001 when news reached the latter that Feldman was going to bad-mouth him in a week. However, when Jackson died in 2009, with his band Truth Movement, he dedicated a LA concert to the late singer. Even later on, he strongly defended his late friend and did not believe in him sexually assaulting minors. It is particularly crucial to note here that Feldman has always been a voice against sexual harassment of children in show business. He himself has been a victim. Yet, he concluded that his time with Jackson had been pure and memorable.

Corey Feldman Documentary

So, in 2020, the documentary film My Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys came up. Brian Herzlinger directed it. Therefore, this film talked about the sexual and psychological abuse that both Corey Feldman and Corey Hiam had to go through when they were still minors. The latter had died in 2010 and had been a victim of substance abuse for a long time. They were indeed popular in their time but the reality behind the silver screen was horrifying for the young boys. So, the documentary bears testimony to Feldman’s activism against child abuse of every kind in the entertainment industry.

However, when the documentary Leaving Neverland came up by 2 survivors who claimed to be abused by Michael Jackson, Feldman defended his late friend. Hence, he said that the documentary was extremely one-sided. Moreover, people after that have tried to tell him he too had a similar experience with Jackson. However, he said it was never so. They might have fallen out but there was never any sexual abuse involved.

Corey Feldman Wife

So, as of 2022, Corey Feldman had married thrice. Therefore, he married the actress Venessa Marcill back in 1989. However, within a few years, they opted for divorce and got separated in 1993. Later in 2002, he met the model Susie Sprague and married her within months. They also had a son together- Zen Scott Feldman. However, in 2009, Sprague opted for divorce for irreconcilable differences. Moreover, she also asked for alimony and complete custody of her son with him having visitation rights. However, Feldman fought for joint custody and no spousal support. Therefore, they finally got divorced in 2014 after a legal battle.

Hence, in 2016, he married Courtney Anne Mitchell. She has been his girlfriend for a long time. So, she is a fashion model from Canada and they are still together.

Corey Feldman Music

Over the years, Corey Feldman has established himself as a notable musician and singer. From having a partnership with Michael Jackson to forming Corey’s Angels- a band backed up entirely by women, he has had an exciting and controversial musical career. Moreover, his band is extremely unusual in nature, particularly in the album Angelic 2 the core.

However, in the process, Feldman has released a number of tracks. Therefore, these range from Dream a Little Dream title track to What’s Up with Youth to Corey Feldman’s Ascension Millenium to Something in your eyes to Rocking Revolution to Comeback King. Moreover, all his songs from the album Angelic 2 the core are extremely popular now. So, a few of these include Go 4 it!, Lovin Lies, Take A Stand, We wanted change, Remember 222, Wanna Break Free, Seamless, Duh!, and so on.

However, Megalo Man from the album Former Child Actor is one of the highlights of his musical career. So, this one he dedicated to Michael Jackson after they fell out and he suspected his behavior as potentially grooming. Therefore, it received a lot of public views back in the day.

Corey Feldman FAQs

Corey Feldman

How rich is Corey Feldman?

Well, he is pretty rich because he is a multimillionaire. So, his current net worth is around 3 million USD with some expensive real estate assets. Moreover, he earns around 1,50,000 USD every year. This comes primarily from his long and illustrious career in the movies, television as well as the music industry. He works even now. Moreover, his band Corey’s Angels are unconventional and also garners a lot of revenue. He even sings for parties with his band. Scroll up and check the Corey Feldman net worth section to get more detailed information.

Is Corey Feldman married?

Yes, he has been married three times. Moreover, with his second wife Susie Sprague, he also has a son. However, now he is married to his girlfriend for a long time- the Canadian model, Courtney Anne Mitchell. The duo has a prominent age difference but they are quite happy together.

How tall is Corey Feldman?

So, he is 1.65 m tall. Therefore, this means he has a height of 5 feet 4 inches only. Hence, this is less than the average height of 5 feet 7 inches as well as very little for a Caucasian male. So, we can conclude that Corey Feldman is quite short to be a white man and definitely short for an actor. However, who cares? He is still relevant and popular amongst fans of every kind even today when he is no more in his prime.

How old is Corey Feldman?

So, Corey Feldman took birth on 16th July 1971 in California, in the United States of America. Therefore, as of 2022, he is 51 years of age. However, he has been working in the entertainment industry since the early 1980s even before he was a teenager. This is admirable.

Is Corey Feldman a vegetarian?

So, not everyone might know this about him but he is indeed a vegetarian. However, it is more important to note that this is not a recent habit. Today, people have grown concerned with animals and veganism has become a trend. Though not a vegan, Corey Feldman has been a vegetarian since he was an adolescent. Additionally, he has always been vocal about animal rights and fought for their welfare and dignity.

How old is Zen Scott Feldman?

So, Corey Feldman and his second wife Susie Sprague gave birth to Zen Scott Feldman on 7th August 2004. Therefore, as of 2022, he is 18 years of age.

How did Corey Feldman meet his wife?

So, Corey Feldman is 17 years older than his current wife Courtney Anne Mitchell. She is also his third wife and a fashion model herself. Therefore, there is a short story about how they met. So, both of them had been to the “A Midnight Summer’s Dream Party” which took place at the Playboy Mansion. However, this happened in 2012 when Feldman was still legally married to his second wife Susie Sprague. She had filed for divorce in 2009. However, after the legal battle, the divorce finally happened in 2014 when he had already been dating Mitchell for 2 years. So, finally, in 2016 the duo got married after seeing each other for 4 years. Being the fun couple that they are, their marriage took place in Las Vegas, at the Fizz Champagne Lounge of Elton John.

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