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Matt Ox: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Mom, Dad, Career, Songs, Albums, 2022, Net Worth, X, Chief Keef, Lil Peep, FAQs & More

Young and emerging rapper Matt OX has completely dominated the scene. His song, Overwhelming, became a YouTube sensation. Matt OX is not only a rapper but also the CEO of OX Gang.

At a young age, his fascination with music became apparent. For instance, he didn’t start listening to rap music until he was four years old. His main musical inspiration came from the song Young & Black by Eminem and Kendrick Lamar. Matthew Grau, now known as Matt OX, was born on December 13th, 2004. In Pennsylvania’s Philadelphia, he was born. Also, the mother of the boy is Laura Grau. He has a brother as well.

Matt Ox

It’s important to understand that his childhood had not been perfect.

For instance, when he was born, his mother was only 15 years old. And also when he was only two and a half years old, he also lost his father. The worst thing is that it was a suicide and not a normal death. In essence, his mother has been his primary carer his entire life. So, that’s because, even before his father passed away, his mental instability prevented him from doing that.

Matt Ox Bio/Wiki

Net Worth

So, we all think that Matt OX has a net worth of around $200,000. He earns money from a variety of sources. The first is that he is a performer who has given a number of songs. Views on YouTube are his other source of money. Matt also markets a number of brands and offers t-shirts for sale. All of that has made a huge difference in his current riches.


At the tender age of five, Matt Ox, who was born on December 13, 2004, began writing rap songs. He is 18 years old. With the release of his song “Overwhelming” in 2017, he then quickly rose to fame and went from being a meme to a musical sensation. One of the few rappers from Soundcloud to successfully get into the mainstream is Ox. He also released “Year of the Ox,” his most recent studio album, on January 31, 2022, proving he was no passing fad. Even at such a young age, Ox is making waves in the hip-hop scene and numerous fans always praise him for his music.


Matt Ox, the 18 year old singer stands 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs around 63 kg.


Since the 18-year-old rapper’s single Overwhelming became viral in 2017, Laurel Grau has been Matt Ox’s manager.

Grau also teaches kindergarten and fitness classes at Juniata Park Academy in Philadelphia when she isn’t managing.

Matt Ox

Also, her star sign, Aries, is the second to last day, which indicates that her birthdate is close to 18 April. She said this in the Lipstick League podcast. She is thirty-one years of age as of 2022.

Also, the Catholic school where Grau attended was quite supportive of her when she gave birth to Ox when she was 15 years old, and the guidance counsellor even started a moms’ support group.

When Ox was two years old and Chris was 19 years old, he committed suicide. Since the pair wasn’t together at the time, Grau is unaware of what led him to commit suicide.

Because she was so young, neither she nor her father gave abortion a second thought. However, the mother admitted that she is in shock which didn’t occur to her in retrospect.

Matt Ox 2022

Given how forward-thinking his newly released album Year Of The Ox is, new wave star Matt Ox could have a banner year.

The Philadelphia rapper has been ahead of his time ever since he appeared on XXXTENTACION’s “$$$” in 2017, despite the fact that the underground is rife with rage-inspiring talent everywhere you turn. The mysterious 17-year-old has improved dramatically over the years, developing his distinctive sound from the ground up.

YOTX not only saw the young rapper “unleash his energy,” but also is a reassertion of his unrelenting grind through and through, drawing inspiration from Carl Jung’s ideas and the Chinese Zodiac.

Three albums’ worth of music was there in Ox’s project, which was first out on SoundCloud before it was there via DSPs on Monday. Over the period of December, he uploaded one track every day (Jan. 31). His rollout went just as intended, maintaining true to the atmosphere he wanted to establish with his most recent work while also releasing little amounts of the album to fans throughout the latter half of 2021.

Matt Ox and Others


Many people were startled to see one particular name on the tracklist of XXXTentacion’s ? album when it got out. Many individuals concur that the song “$$$,” which featured Philadelphia rapper Matt Ox, has grown on them over time. Although it might not have started out as a fan favourite, its catchiness has surprisingly caught on. It’s odd that Matt Ox was one of the few rappers X had actually worked with and was there on his album while he was alive. After all, there is a tonne of posthumous X songs being released as features for other artists. Although it appears like a lot of individuals have access to a XXX verse or hook, Ox’s inclusion developed naturally. He met with Mass Appeal to explain the specifics.

The young man came out with OX, his first album, through Motown. Chief Keef, Valee, and other celebrities were there in the project, and he has been making himself accessible for interviews to promote it. The adolescent claimed that a DM was how his collaboration with XXXTentacion got started.

The interview is a little challenging to get through because Ox sounds like he’s attempting to sound barred out. At 1:45 in it, he begins talking about XXXTentacion.

Chief Keef

With a joint single with 10k at the beginning of the year, Matt Ox launched his 2019 campaign. “KERWIN FROST SCRATCH THAT,” said Caash. The young rapper is back with a brand-new vignette for another high-profile pairing; Ox and Chief Keef are working together to create a music video for their song “Jetlag,” which was produced by Brandon Finessin and Oogie Mane.

In the new “Jetlag” video by Matt Ox and Chief Keef, which was directed by Al Kalyk, the former musician is seen waking up from a deep slumber, slipping into his bed, and eventually finding himself partying with his “Jetlag” co-star in a smoke-filled jet.

Lil Peep

Due to the quickening pace of online fame, a new generation of young rappers have become famous virtually overnight. Young hip-hop musicians, or “Soundcloud rappers,” have spoken out against substance misuse and mental health among the genre’s younger followers and performers in the wake of the tragic death of Lil Peep in 2017. The topic is also heavily featured in the lyrics.

Since his fame began to grow, or for the past year, according to his mother, Ox has been home-schooled. He preferred to watch YouTube videos over the school. Also, he clarified it. Then, he wished YouTube had a school where he could simply search for the material he wanted to learn.

When you meet Ox, you get the impression that he’s doing his best to cope with the rapid onset of fame. Being a middle school student and suddenly being well-known online in a few months can’t be simple. He intends to release new songs this year and has discovered that a major label’s pace is shockingly slow. After releasing a string of early hits with Warner, Ox signed with Motown in 2018. He’s also interested in performing more live shows, which is difficult when you’re 14 years old.

Matt Ox Albums/Songs

Here are some of his musical career’s high points:

  • Pull Up
  • Overwhelming
  • Ya Dig
  • Go Up
  • Distorted
  • Revolution
  • Jetlag
  • Ride Around
  • Ambition
  • Gopsycho
  • This N That
  • Zero Degrees
  • Messages
  • Trident
  • Dazed
  • Maintained
  • Ha Ha Ha!
  • Psyche
  • Pop It
  • Infinity
  • Oh Dam
  • Yeah Yeah
  • Learned
  • Becky
  • Wop
  • Pom Poms
  • Tripple Dip
  • 1000
  • Turn Up a Notch
  • Tesla
  • Michael Myers
  • Pumped Up

His famous albums are:

  • 2018 – OX
  • 2020 – Sweet 16
  • 2021 – Unorthodox

Matt Ox Career

When he was eight years old, he began writing his rap with the fantastic inspiration of his favourite rappers. When he was just 12 years old, in 2017, he released Overwhelming, a single hit song that featured Oggie Mane instrumentals. He secured a contract with Warner Bros. Record that year, which enabled him to release additional hits. Youngest Coming Up and Messages were two tracks that were released through the record company.

Along with Chief Keef, he was one of the performers in Los Angeles, California. In October 2018, he issued his self-titled debut album via a Philadelphia-based production team. There are 11 songs in total, each lasting three minutes. His CD includes songs from a number of well-known musicians, including Chief Keef, Key, and Vale.

Is Matt Ox Signed

After releasing the music video for “Overwhelming” earlier in 2017, Matt Ox became well-known online. One day, a rumour from DJ Booth stated that the 12-year-old rapper had inked a record deal with Warner Bros. Working on Dying co-owner Finesse claimed that Warner was interested in Ox just like every label was since they did what they wanted to do at a more affordable and direct price. They received a fantastic bargain as a result of their business, not online nonsense. They had to repeat the process, so they did. Oogiemane, the man behind “Overwhelming,” Brandon Finessin, and Forza are the other two producers on Warner’s roster in addition to Ox.

Why is Matt Ox Famous?

Matt Ox is absurdly young, and in many ways, his youth is what has helped him achieve a degree of rap recognition. When he released the video for “Overwhelming,” a tune that featured Ox’s adolescent voice set against an entrancing Oogie Mane instrumental, he was just 12 years old. He was seen in the video hanging out with friends outside a corner shop while spinning a fidget spinner in each hand. His debut album Ox, which is available now, shows that Ox is much more than just a popular meme and further establishes his legitimacy. According to the figures, the album has three features, 11 songs total, none more than three minutes, and is what most rappers should aim for in 2018.

Working On Dying, the Philly production team that has produced the majority of Ox’s work up to this point, executive produced the album, and their muddy production shapes the album.

Why Do Fans Love Matt Ox?

He has many inconsistencies.

We do not mean any harm by that. The comparatively privileged life Matt Ox led is in stark contrast to his dark trap music style. His music is considerably more appealing since it contrasts with his age and upbringing.

Matt Ox

He combines the past and present.

He combines an enthusiastic, contemporary tone with the classic rap approach. It shows his artistic ability and nods to both genres.

He is appealing.

He is a young man from the suburbs disguised as a drug lord. It’s a delightfully self-aware perspective on a genre that’s overrun with impostors and con artists.

Matt Ox FAQs

Was Ox XXXTentacion’s collaborator?

For the song “XXX,” which was featured on XXXTentacion’s sophomore album, the two worked together.

Did anyone mention Ox in a song?

He appeared in songs by Valee, Dixie Cat, and Andy Morin in addition to Jimmy Edgar.

What musical style does Ox play?

He performs hip-hop music.

Does he attend homeschool?

After releasing his music, Matt Ox started attending homeschool.

Is he among the most recent rappers?

He began his career at age 11, making him one of today’s youngest rappers.

What happened to Ox’s dad?

His father suffered from mental illness for a very long time, and as a result, he committed suicide.

Who were Ox’s role models?

So, he learned to love and aspire to be like Kendrick Lamar and Eminem, artists who Laurel, his mother, and his aunts loved.

Did Ox always earn on his own?

He did odd jobs at the beginning of his career to save money for a microphone.

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