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Logan Paul: Bio, Age, Height, Brother, Movies, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Boxer, Podcast, WWE, FAQs & More

An undoubtedly famous personality, Logan  Paul is a professional wrestler, YouTuber, and social media star from the United States. He is now tied to WWE and fights on the Raw brand. In addition to making videos on his own Youtube account, he has been airing the show Impaulsive since Nov 2018. And, he has over 24 million Hits on youtube as of January 2022. Paul found favor in 2013 after sharing doodles on the multimedia app Vine.

On 18th October, 2013, he began his Channel on YouTube, named TheOfficialLoganPaul. And, he began posting daily when the Vine app was canceled. On August 29, 2015, he began the Logan Paul Vlogs stream, which has since grown into his greatest Content channel. As of Jan 2022, the channel had 23.2 million users and over 5.8 billion hits. In fact, this has ranked him as the 74th greatest stream in the United States. And, he is surely among the site’s most-subscribed streams.

Logan Paul Height, Age and Bio

Logan Paul

Name Logan Paul
Profession Youtuber, Boxer
Way to fame Vlogging, podcast
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Black
Religion Christian
Zodiac sign Aries
Height 1.88 m
Age 27

Logan Paul and His Brother Jake Paul

Logan Paul’s television and film credits are roles on the show ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ and ‘Bizaardvark’. He is also known for his roles in the films The Thinning and The Thinning: New World Order. He has also varied his content. For Example, in 2016, he issued his first single “2016,” and in 2018, he beat British Vlogger and rap artist KSI in an open white-collar boxing ring. The duel was won by a majority ruling. In regard to the professional rematch, Paul was defeated by KSI by close decision.  Paul has been mired in various issues, most notably a Dec 2017 visit to Japan in which he went to the Aokigahara “suicide forest”. Then, he taped a suicide victim, and posted the clip to his YouTube page.

Paul was born and raised in Ohio with his younger brother Jake. In fact, Jake is another YouTube content creator and an iconic figure. Paul started to make videos on the internet for the Zoosh YouTube channel at the early age of 10 years. He studied at Westlake High School. The Plain Dealer voted him an All-Star defender on the football team in 2012. Later, he qualified for the state-level Ohio High School Athletic Union 2013 Div I Wrestler Single Finals.

Paul’s YouTube page had a lot of followers by the time he began college, due to the app Vine.  He enrolled in Industrial Engineering at Ohio University before leaving out in 2014 to seek a full-time career as a social media entertainer in Los Angeles. So, he moved into an apartment with other Vine stars.

Logan Paul Net Worth

Logan Paul’s net worth is somewhat around $19 million. Of course, his wealth has surged greatly in the past year. And, as per the newest analysis, the wrestler has made roughly around $45 million.

He owns a very large merchandise firm called Maverick Apparel in addition to his Videos online. Maverick made over $40 million in sales during its first nine months of business. Since November 2018, he has aired the Impaulsive show. Logan and his sibling Jake have taken to pro boxing in their latest years.

Logan Paul

The famous boxer spent $6.55 million for the mansion in October 2017. He posted it for $8.5 million many months earlier. The home is almost 30,000 square feet in area and contains 14 rooms. Logan later sold the house for $7.4 million in April 2022 to none other than  Machine Gun Kelly.

Logan has spent the last few years in Puerto Rico, wherein he owns a $13 million-plus property inside the exclusive Ritz-Carlton estate.

He paid $1 million for the 80-acre Fobes Farm in the San Jacinto Mountains. In fact, it is roughly two hours east of Los Angeles, and he bought it in 2019. Leary slept on the site and made LSD among a gang of Laguna Beach surfing agents. Further, people know them as  the “Brotherhood of Eternal Love.”

Logan Paul Movies

Logan Paul is a famous YouTuber. Also, he has been in five films so far. Logan Paul has made constant cameos on the big screen. Besides, he also has a strong YouTube job and engages in boxing.

His most notable parts, though, were in the movies ‘The Thinning’ and its sequel ‘The Thinning: New World Order’. Here, he played the character of  Blake Redding. YouTube Premium released both the movies. The Thinning is a film of science-fiction about a congested Earth in the distant future. This was  Logan Paul’s debut. The movie won a 5.5 score on IMDB and came to be nicer than many thought.

Logan Paul’s second feature film was the scary movie ‘Can’t Take It Back.’ It was heavily derided and has a low 4.1 score on IMDB. Logan Paul played a relatively smaller role in the flick.

‘The Thinning: New World Order,’ like so many sequels, was definitely inferior to the original. Logan Paul, who has a 3.9 grade on IMDB, has been blasted for his ‘lazy’ portrayal.

In 2019, Paul featured a fantasy version of himself in the humor film ‘Airplane Mode.’ The comedy also included his brother Jake, as well as veteran artists Nick Swardson and Heffernan. It was yet another failure for the YouTuber, with a 3.4 score on IMDB.

Logan Paul’s most recent film role was in the 2020 Broadway Valley Girl. This replica of an 80’s classic is Paul’s top film on IMDB, with a rank of 5.6. Paul, on the other hand, had a tiny part in the movie and was not chosen as the lead role.

Logan Paul & His Girlfriend Nina Adgal

Logan Paul, the YouTube Vlogger, fueled talks with Nina Agdal. In fact, this came after a recent quiet supper with each other in New York in mid-July, as per British media. Just one month ago, the couple was also seen cuddling on a trip out with pals in London.

Paul also stated in True Geordie’s show in June that he was dating someone. Also, a month later, he stated on Impaulsive that he had a partner. Of course, h e didn’t reveal her name, but Agdal is likely to be the secret girlfriend.

The blonde beauty gained attention after working for top names like Victoria’s Secret, Adore Me, Bebe Stores, and Calzedonia. She rose to fame in 2012 as the Magazine Cover Swimsuit Issue’s Rookie of the Year. She was on the magazine’s 50th anniversary cover in 2014, alongside runway models Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen.

But Agdal has earned a lot more than pacing the runway and starring on covers of magazines. According to IMDB, she acted in the romcom Don Jon (2013) opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson, and Brie Larson, along with the comedy Entourage (2015). She also appeared on the series Love Advert with female stars Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, and many other famous celebs(2011-2018).

Agdal has been seen out on outings with A-list stars from the film and music sectors. Her most notable partner was none other than Leonardo DiCaprio, who she had dated for a small period from 2016 to 2017.

Logan Paul & His Girlfriend Josie Canseco

Logan Paul, 25, has broken his affair with partner Josie Canseco. During the latest issue of his show, the YouTuber mistakenly revealed it. In fact,  Logan had been courting Josie Cancesco, a 24-year-old social media star and beauty, since early 2020. Also, the two had also lived with each other during the lockdown.

Is Logan Paul A Good Boxer?

Logan Paul, one of the most divisive YouTubers, has been looking forward to the next big chance for many years now. Paul’s story started with IRL videos. But, he has recently gained a mark for himself in pro sports and, of all things, card collecting. The YouTuber began a second job as a boxer. In fact, he has been competing in high-profile fights against rivals such as FHe’s also tried with pro wrestling, though any chances of a promising role were dashed. Since it was evident that most of the audience only came to see Paul get pounded.

Some have disputed Paul’s total sporting career. Also, his bout versus Mayweather made headlines because fans felt the battle was rigged. Luckily for Paul skeptics, the boxer-in-making may not be in the arena for much longer due to a horrific wrist injury.

Logan’s crippled hand is one of many tragic details concerning the YouTube hero. But, it may be the only thing that kills his goals of being the best boxer in the country. On an April live broadcast of “ImPaulsive,” Paul’s audio chat show, he claimed that he has been suffering hand problems. In fact,  it while going abroad. Sadly for Paul, the root of his malady is quite unpleasant.

Paul was not too anxious that he might not be able to punch again. He called it  a ‘what now’ moment. So, what could he do next?  He thought about how he could substitute boxing. D  Paul stated he mulled engaging in another prize fight. But, he was not clear if boxing would help him reach his goal of being ’s best artist.

Is Logan Paul’s Podcast Number 1?

Dana White actually appeared on IMPAULSIVE, Logan Paul’s regular fan-favorite show. However, it looks like he is not a big fan of the show. White’s reply to Paul’s claims that his show was the best in the world spoke for itself.

While debating the issue over YouTube’s banning of Full Send’s podcast with Donald Trump, White stated that Joe Rogan’s blog was ranked first. And, that Full Send was a close second. Paul then said that IMPAULSIVE had been the world’s number one podcast. Thus, this provoked a puzzled face from the UFC Chief.

Logan Paul

Full Send’s latest issue with former President Donald Trump fueled the topic over which podcast is the finest. The famous creator group NELK Boys offers the Full Send podcast. The 52-minute video featuring Trump was initially broadcasted on March 9. Then, it was banned from YouTube hours later.

YouTube said that the choice to remove the show was driven by Trump allegedly spreading lies about the approaching 2020 election. However, the episode  is still viewable on sites such as Spotify and Apple.

Logan Paul WWE

Logan Paul proved his boxing ability with a volley of punches in his fight with the Miz. In fact, he sent The Miz spinning over the rails with a line and landing with a fantastic moonsault as he knew he was in for a war.

A furious Miz got Paul in the ropes and beat him again before Ciampa threw a fast right hand. On the other hand, The Miz diverted the ref. Paul came from a running knee to hit a bomb and a flying powerslam for just a two-count.

Paul got revenge by taunting Miz with a flurry of blows to the chest. And, tying The Miz up for a Figure-Four Leglock. Paul put his foot on the pedal as Miz hit the ropes with an upper crossbody and a leaping moonsault.

Ciampa tried to level the count, but the referee caught him. And, removed him from the arena. An irate Ciampa took a nearby chair and was not ready to move until AJ Styles’ music began to play. Styles came in to drop Ciampa with a Perfect Forearm and drive him backstage as everyone looked for The Phenomenal One.

After the chaos, Paul copied Styles with his own Amazing Forearm for a near-fall. Miz slid out of the ring to rest, as Paul chased him and put him across the reveal table for a top-rope frog drop through the table!

Maryse jacked up to fool the referee as Paul rolled Miz into the ring again for the fall. The Miz tried to take down Paul with his necklace while she was talking with the ref. When Paul evaded the hit, Miz nearly hit his wife, and Paul followed it up with a Head-shattering Finale to win the match.


How did Logan Paul get rich?

He started out as a content developer by sharing funny clips on Vine and then on YouTube. He now has over 23,000,000 Hits on youtube and earns over $23 million per year.

What is Logan Paul’s background?

He enrolled in Engineering Management at Ohio State university before quitting that in 2014. Then, he went on to explore a full-time job as a media comedian in Los Angeles. Here, he shared an apartment block with other stars on Vine. Paul gained fame as a user of the video site Vine.

Who is Logan Paul’s GF?

He and Josie Canseco firstly started love rumors in Jan 2020. Further, their bond’s trip ended after several ups and downs. After a short split in February 2020, the couple reconciled in May 2020. Further, they celebrated their six-month milestone in Oct of that year.

Is Jake richer than Logan?

Logan Paul’s approx net worth is about $35 million, as per Celebrity Net Worth. On the other hand, his brother, Jake Paul’s personal wealth is probably at $20 million.

Did Mayweather lose Paul?

Ans: Logan Paul did not beat Floyd Mayweather. At the close of the 2021 amateur boxing match among Floyd and Logan Paul, there was no formal winner. ‘Money’ met the Internet popstar in an eight-round duel in June this year and won easily.

Was Logan Paul’s family rich?

Jake Paul was not born rich. On the other hand, he was also not born homeless. The parents of the Paul siblings were both famous real estate brokers. Upon his boxing bout with Ben Askren, Paul stated to Snoop Dogg regarding his early life. Further, he said that he grew up poor and living on the rough alleys of Westlake, Ohio.

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