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Proven Tips to Find the Best Georgia Real Estate Agent

Literally everyone dreams of owning houses and landed properties, no matter the size. Owning a real estate property is one of the smartest investments you’ll ever make. In the words of the great Will Rogers, “Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.”

Georgia is a good place to live and invest in real estate. By population, it’s one of the fastest growing states in the U.S., and saw a one percent surge in population in 2020 alone. With housing costs below the nation’s average, an affordable cost of living, and low taxes, it’s no surprise that people want to live in Georgia.

According to the Georgia Association of Realtors, the median sales prices of a home in the “Peach State” increased by 13 percent in 2020. Thus, if you desire to live in Georgia, purchasing a home will be one of the biggest financial obligations you may have to make. There are many properties for sale in Georgia and owning one is no small feat. It’s therefore important that you get things right from the get go.

You’ll need to find an experienced Georgia real estate agent to guide you through the entire process. There are hundreds of proclaimed professional real estate agents in Georgia that are hoping to be your preferred pick, and choosing the best agent might seem so much of a task. Of course, you’ve also got to look out for the quacks!

How do you know the best one for you? You have all the answers in this article. Follow these simple yet essential tips.

How to Find the Right Georgia Real Estate Agent

There are four proven tips that will help you find the right Georgia real estate agent. They include:

1.    Contact a Mortgage Lender

This tip may seem non-essential but it isn’t. Some people make the mistake of talking to a real estate agent before contacting a mortgage lender. However, the smart thing to do is find out the maximum amount you can borrow and make sure your loan has been approved by your mortgage lender before setting out to hire a real estate agent.

Big cities, like Atlanta, have competitive real estate markets, and realtors often tend to consider serious buyers only. Having a preapproval letter from your mortgage lender increases your chances of winning a bid in competitive markets. Once you have your loan approved, it becomes easier to find the right real estate agent.

Another reason to take this first step is that knowing the maximum amount you can borrow helps you to stick to the right price range. The houses for sale in Georgia come at different costs.

2.    Get Referrals From Reliable Sources

Do not hesitate to ask your friends, family, and trusted neighbors to recommend a Georgia real estate agent they’ve worked with in the past. Make sure their referrals fit your needs. The needs of a first-time buyer may not be the same as a repeat buyer.

Some real estate agents have credible websites where you can check out reviews from past clients. Read what other clients are saying about the agent. Don’t do this in a rush.

It is also important to note that a buyer’s agent is not the same as a seller’s agent. While some agents may act as both (dual agency is legal in Georgia), this isn’t always the case. Of course, as the name implies, a buyer’s agent is the one you should hire if you want to buy a property.

Some agents may also act as middlemen, that is, they link you to buyer or seller agents. Familiarizing yourself with these differences will help you in your search for the right real estate agent.

3.    Request Certification Documents From Your Potential Hire

There are many real estate agents in Georgia. It will be careless to assume that all the proclaimed “licensed agents” are truly licensed. Hiring uncertified agents could put you at financial risk therefore it is important to verify their certification or licensure.

The State of Georgia issues a state license upon successful completion of the Georgia Real Estate Sales Associate Examination. To be sure that you’re about to hire a licensed agent, request to see documents that show the license number. You can search the Georgia Real Estate Commission’s repository to affirm whether or not the agent is licensed.

The agent you’re about to hire should also be a member of the National Association of Realtors and must have obtained other specialized certifications like the Certified Residential Specialist.

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4.    Assess Agents

You should examine agents to have a clue of their professionalism. Go for agents with well-drafted proposals and professional resumés.

An interview also gives you the opportunity to know if the agent has enough expertise for exactly what you need. Ask questions. Request to see proof of work and check thoroughly.

A professional real estate agent should be able to provide you with the contact information for some of their past clients. An agent’s reluctance could mean that something is fishy about their work. After the agent provides you with references, call the clients to know all about their experience working with the agent and ask if they’d be willing to hire again for future transactions.

Choose Tim Stout Associates

Are you looking to get out of your old house and move into the perfect home in Georgia? Tim Stout Group makes the process easy for you. We have a team that specializes in every aspect of the real estate market.

The high ratio of people looking for homes to the number of homes for sale in GA makes the real estate market quite competitive and dicey. The process can be pretty much exhausting, even for repeat buyers. Making the wrong decision can affect your return on investments in the future, and this is why you need the services of a reputable and trusted real estate company.

With us, you need not worry about meeting your real estate needs. We will go through the whole process while letting you in, every step of the way. You can be rest assured of bagging your dream home when you choose us.

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