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Developing and Maintaining your Application – How much can it cost?

In the field of commerce, the mobile application has become a classic stage in the digital development of companies. Whatever your industry, you may want to develop your own app. In this article, we invite you to discover the cost of this type of project and app maintenance cost. This allows you to determine the budget needed to develop the application you need. There are also the best solutions to quickly amortize your investment.

The criteria that influence the cost of a mobile application

To establish a quote, certain data must be taken into account by digital agencies. We have therefore chosen to gather for you the criteria that make it possible to establish the price range associated with your project. This allows you to understand the rates that are offered to you.

Technical expectations

The first factor in establishing the overall cost of a mobile application creation project revolves around your technical expectations. The more complex or numerous the latter, the greater the number of hours of development.

Aesthetic expectations

For someone who wants a simple aesthetic, development teams will need less time than people with atypical expectations.

Rather iOS or Android?

It is important to take into account that the development price of the application may vary depending on the type of platform on which it will be downloadable. Most of the time, the costs of iOS app development are higher than those intended for Android.

Marketing elements

When choosing to work with a digital agency to create an application, other services can be included. It is possible to ask for support regarding the marketing strategy around the launch of the application. These services can cause additional costs.

Price ranges for a mobile app

The following piece allows you to get an idea of the cost of your project:

Basic mobile app

By basic mobile apps, we mean those that engage limited functionality. For example, it could be an application to manage a schedule. It will take between $5,000 and $15,000 to develop this type of content. Be careful, some features can increase the fees.

E-commerce mobile application

The quotation of an e-commerce application, allowing one to make online sales, is generally between $20,000 and $50,000.


Designing a mobile game can cost between $50,000 and $100,000. For very simple games, it will sometimes be possible to get smaller quotes. This is the average rating observed for classic games. For role-playing games with multiple possible outcomes, it is possible to reach the $200,000 production cost.

Professional tools

Companies sometimes choose to develop a mobile application for internal use. It will allow employees to communicate with each other, manage projects or perform certain daily tasks. This type of tailor-made development is to be charged between $15,000 and $30,000, for simple features.

Unique features provided by the application

Proximity to customers

The mobile application is an opportunity to maintain certain proximity with your customers in the context of e-commerce. A person choosing to download it will have the opportunity to get there in just a few clicks. It’s as if you’re in their pocket, ready to offer them your content, whether it’s products or services to sell, information to transmit, or a game.

Less invasive communication

Thanks to the application, you will be able to engage your customers and users through notifications. These short messages can be scanned in the blink of an eye if they are not of interest to their recipients. It is thus a method of communication generally better perceived by the public.

Loyalty, promotion, and purchase incentives

In the context of e-commerce, the application is a great opportunity. It rewards customer loyalty with discount coupons or exclusive benefits. News can also be broadcast on this medium.

The advantages of a custom mobile application

If the mobile application represents for you a real part of the strategy of your company, no question of failing! For this, calling on development professionals, like Inoxoft, is reassuring. Placing trust in a digital agency specializing in application creation grants many advantages.

Custom specifications

By going through a digital agency, like Inoxoft, you will have the opportunity to establish custom specifications. You avoid having to settle for a lambda template, which you can find in your competitors. You will have the opportunity to let to know your requirements related to the appearance of the application.

Technical follow-up and efficient maintenance

Bugs and crashes are the worst nightmares. By choosing to call on professionals, you will be able to benefit from their support in case of a problem or need for maintenance. In addition, you will reduce approximate app maintenance costs and put all the chances on your side to benefit from a secure and stable system.

A successful launch on download platforms

From a technical point of view, a digital agency will allow you to publish your iOS and/or Android applications. Specific developments will be carried out to be able to meet the expectations of each of these two systems. On Apple Store, there are many requirements to be able to offer an application. The call to professionals accustomed to the processes of the brand with the crunchy apple will put all the chances on your side to succeed.

From a marketing point of view, it will also be possible to be followed to create an effective launch strategy. There is no question of letting your brand-new application get lost in the meanders of download platforms. You will be able to give visibility to your new tool for communication, sale, or publication of content.

So as you can see that creating an application is a difficult but possible process in which professionals will always be able to help you and make it profitable. There are many ways to make an application profitable. The application can also be monetized through the display of advertisements, or partnerships. In the context of e-commerce, the application represents a new sales channel, which can generate turnover and lead to profits.

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