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Lana Rhoades: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Career, Parents, Husband, Child, Net Worth, Mike Majlak, Kevin & FAQS

Lana Rhoades is an American adult video actress. A model and actress, she was born in McHenry County, Illinois, the US on the 6th of September 1996. She grew up in McHenry County itself where she did her schooling. It was a local school in Chicago. In school, she was a part of the cheerleading team of her school. After high school, she enrolled herself in a local community college. The name of the community college was Oakton Community College. Although she joined to complete her degree, she did not complete it and dropped out. The reason for her dropping out was that she had joined the adult entertainment industry before graduating.

Lana Rhoades Introduction

Lana Rhoades is a social media personality and influencer. She has millions of fans on Instagram, and thousands on OnlyFans and Twitter. Instagram and Twitter are social media sites as everyone knows. OnlyFans, for those who don’t know, is a content-creating platform where content creators receive payments from their “fans”. OnlyFans is a popular platform but often gets surrounded by controversies because of the kind of content it allows. Lana Rhoades is also quite popular on TikTok. TikTok is a short video platform where people share videos they make. The videos can be of any range if they satisfy the conditions of TikTok. TikTok gives its users a vast set of video editing tools on the app itself to make videos. There are many other apps which work like TikTok.

Lana Rhoades

When she was just 18 years old, Lana Rhoades married her boyfriend Jon. They remained together for about 5 years before getting a divorce. Lana prefers to maintain a private life. Very limited information is available about her family. She also does not post too often like many other adult video actors on social media.

Lana Rhoades WIKI/Biography

Full Name/ Real Name Amara Maple
Age 26 Years (as in 2022)
Date of Birth 6 September 1996
Birthplace McHenry County, Illinois, United States
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Profession Actress

Lana Rhoades Age and Other Info

Lana Rhoades was born on on September 6 1996. Now her age is 26 years old (as on 2022). According to our research, She was born in Chicago (Illinois, USA).

Birthday September 6 1996
Age as in 2022 26 years old (As on 2022)
Birth Location Chicago (Illinois, USA)
Home Town Los Angeles, California (USA)
Star Sign Virgo

Lana Rhoades Height, Weight & More

Lana Rhoades

Height 160 cm
Height in Feet 5 Feet 2 Inch
Height(s) meter 1.6 meter
Weight 51 kg
Weight in Pound 112 lbs
Figures 32-23-34
Brest size in inch 32 inch
Waist Size in Inch 23 inches
Shoe Size US 6.5.
Hip 34 inches
Eye Color Blue
Hair Colors Dark Brown

Lana Rhoades Kid/Child

The adult video actor Lana Rhoades gave birth to a child on 8 January 2022. The 28 years old actress generally remains very private about her personal life. So much so that we do not even have any information about her parents. Some media reports suggest that Lana’s father is a businessman while her mother is a housewife. She does not share many details about them herself though. She also has a sibling but we don’t know about her yet.

With the birth of her first child Milo, Lana Rhoades shared a single photo of herself with the baby. There she wrote, “Mom life is the best life.” Now she has appeared with her son on various occasions in interviews and podcasts. In Lana’s initial Instagram announcement of her pregnancy, she posted a sonogram picture and wrote “This is the announcement.” The due date on the sonogram was 13 January 2022. This says that the conception must have happened around April 2021. By that time, it was around a couple of months since Lana Rhoades quit her relationship with her boyfriend Mike Majlak. Both of them had quite different explanations as to why they separated but regardless of that, this tells that Mike Majlak is perhaps not the father of the child.

Her fans are eager to know about the child’s father about whom Lana has not disclosed any information. Mike Majlak on the podcast he co-hosts Impaulsive clarified that he is not the child’s father. Some people speculate the basketball player Kevin Durant is the father because Lana Rhoades on the 7 June 2021 podcast of 3 girls one kitchen said a basketball player from the Brooklyn Nets team asked her out, and that he is a Libra. Somehow Kevin Durant is the only Libra on that team.

Lana Rhoades Parents

The adult video actress Lana Rhoades maintains is strictly private life. She shares very less information about herself and her near and dear ones with her fans. Because of this, we have extremely limited information about her parents and family. Media reports tell that her father is a businessman and her mother is a housewife.

Recently, on the show BRADLEY MARTYN’S RAW TALK on 13 May 2022, Lana Rhoades talked about her relationship with her parents. She said her parents divorced when her mother was pregnant with her. The divorce was rough and she and her sibling were not allowed by their mother to like their father. They were raised by her single mother. Although Lana was not there during the divorce, she saw the “nasty” custody battle their parents engaged in. She went on to say that during the custody battle, their mother would “feed” them “lines to tell the court” about their father. They complied because they wanted to make their mother happy. She also said she thinks that was probably what triggered her sister’s mental illness.

Lana added that she was too young to understand what was going on then and her elder sister led the way. She told Lana what she had to do. Lana recollected an incident when her sister told her to not smile during their birthday pictures at their father’s house because that would make them look happy. For all this and now on becoming a mother herself, Lana Rhoades said she did not understand where her mother came from. She concluded that parents should keep their children out of their battles. She ended by saying that in the future, she does not want to become a barrier between her son and his biological father should they ever want to meet each other.

Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak Relationship 2022

Lana Rhoades and Mike Majlak were in a relationship until they broke up around February 2021. They had gotten back together in October after their previous break up. That break-up lasted only a few days but this one is long.

Mike Majlak is a podcast hoster. He hosts the podcast Impaulsive with George Janko and Logan Paul. The podcast series has been running since 2018 and has hosted several famous personalities like Mike Tyson, Triple H, Kevin O’Leary, Snoop Dogg and many more.

Mike Majlak and Lana Rhoades seemed to be happy and no one expected their break up. Both of them went public about their break up and both had different stories to share as to why they broke up. According to Lana’s side of the story, Mike was “inappropriate with other women”. She also said that during Majlak’s Grand Theft Auto Online sessions, he would “break the Fourth Wall” and hit on women in the Role Playing servers. But these were not the reasons why she broke up with Mike.

Mike, she said, told her he was going to move in with her. Although they had plans of sharing the house, Majlak “broke up” with her on “the day he was supposed to move in”. This was the “second time” they had planned to move in. Majlak, on that day, told Lana Rhoades he was working on a new “content house [with Richard ‘FaZe Banks’ Bengston].

Mike Majlak had a different story. He said that breaking up was their “mutual decision” as the couple just could not “make [it] work”. When Lana Rhoades welcomed her first son, there were rumours that the father was Majlak but Majlak clarified he was not. Lana has also not revealed the baby’s father’s name yet “respecting” the baby’s father’s choice.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is an American professional basketball player. His actual name is Kevin Wayne Durant. He also goes by KD.

He was in the news recently for probably being the father of Lana Rhoades’ son Milo. Lana Rhoades is a model and adult video actress. Lana Rhoades in an interview said she was asked out by someone from the basketball team Brooklyn Nets and said he was a Libra. Rhoades said they did not connect because “he” was not “spicy” enough for her or did small talk at all. People think she meant Kevin Durant because Kevin is the only Libra in Brooklyn Nets.

Durant was born on 29 September 1988 in Washington D.C. When he was an infant, his father abandoned him and his mother. His grandmother helped raised him. When he was 13, his father came back and started to travel across the country with him for basketball tournaments. Kevin has a sister, Brianna, and two brothers, Tony and Rayvonne. Kevin and his siblings grew up in Prince George’s County, Maryland. He was unusually tall as a child. He is currently 6’10” but when he was in middle school, he was already 6” tall. Durant always wanted to play for his favourite team, Toronto Raptors, which had his favourite player Vince Carter.

Durant has played in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) for several years in the Maryland area. There he became friends with several future NBA players Michael Beasley, Greivis Vásquez, and Ty Lawson. On a professional level, Kevin currently plays for Brooklyn Nets, a team of the NBA (National Basketball Association). His first professional team was Seattle Super Sonics. He joined them in 2007. Then he joined Oklahoma City Thunder. In 2016, he joined Golden State Warriors. He has been with Brooklyn Nets in 2019.


Impaulsive is a podcast series. They have been posting weekly podcasts since 2018. The podcast is hosted by George Janko, Logan Paul, and Mike Majlak. They invite celebrities, social media stars, and influencers and discuss gossip. Impalusive has hosted several guests, often very notable ones.

One of the co-hosts of Impaulsive, Mike Majlak, was in a relationship with the adult video actress Lana Rhoades. They broke up in February 2021 after getting in October 2020 after their previous break up. Both of them have shared their own sides as to why they broke up. While Lana Rhoades said the reason for their separation was Mike breaking up with her on the day he was supposed to move in with her, Mike said it was a “mutual decision”.

Impaulsive has a huge social following. Their YouTube channel has over 3 million subscribers. In 2019, they won the “The Best Podcast” award at Streamys Premiere Awards. They have hosted several notable public figures including the champion boxer Mike Tyson, wrestler Triple H, and the business tycoon Kevin O’Leary. Kevin O’Leary, when he appeared and was hosted by Logan Paul, trashed Logan’s company on the show. He later discussed his financial and personal life and pieces of advice to budding entrepreneurs. Kevin O’Leary is also known as Mr Wonderful. He is a “shark” on the show Shark Tank US where people pitch their business ideas and receive investment from the “sharks” on the basis of their business’ performance and prospects.

It is on Impaulsive that one of the co-hosts Mike Majlak clarified that he is not the father of Lana Rhoades’ son Milo. The couple separated in February 2021 and Lana gave birth to Milo on January 8, 2022. She has not revealed the child’s father’s name “respecting” the father’s choice.

Lana Rhoades Net Worth 2022 Forbes

Lana Rhoades has had a very successful career as a model and adult video actress. She has made her various sources of income and enjoys a lavish life in the United States. Although we understand Lana has amassed a good amount of fortune, information about her net worth is still not very clear. Various sources claim to have estimated her net worth. What makes it difficult to choose one of them is none of them is even close to each other’s estimates.

Lana Rhoades

Techie + Gamers say Lana’s net worth is as high as $24 million (£19 million). This is one of the most recent estimates. It is on the basis of this that she started her own collection of NFTs in January 2022, they say. When her project failed, she began to receive hate and criticism. It is estimated that she made about $1.5 million from the investors who invested in her NFTs.

Besides this, Lana Rhoades also co-hosts the successful podcast 3 Girls 1 Kitchen with Alexa Adams and Oliva Davis. She drives a white Lamborghini which is not the only luxury car or supercar she owns.

Another source tells she has a net worth of only $1 million. Yet another portal tells her net worth is $4 million and one more estimate says she has a net worth of $10 million.

All these estimates are pretty far from each but what we know for sure is that she has a luxurious life. She has overcome a lot of hardships and lived through many difficulties as a child. She once confessed that when she was 16 years old, she had to stay in jail for a year because she was a part of a notorious gang in Chicago. Her lifestyle is what anyone would wish for.

Lana Rhoades FAQs

Is Mike Majlak the dad of Lana’s baby?

Mike Majlak clarified in an episode of Impaulsive, the podcast he co-hosts, that he is not the father of Lana’s son. Lana has also not commented on the baby’s name. She said she is not disclosing the child’s father’s name “respecting” the child’s father’s choice. Mike and Lana used to date each other until they broke up in February 2021.

Is Mike Majlak still with Lana Rhoades?

Mike Majlak and Lana Rhoades are not together anymore. They quit their relationship in February 2021 officially. Both of them have a different version of the story of their breakup. There were speculations that Mike is Lana’s baby’s father but Mike said he is not while Lana has simply chosen to not reveal the father’s name.

Why did Mike Majlak break up with Lana?

It is unclear as to why the two broke up. They seemed to be happy together from the pictures they shared. They patched up in October 2020 after their previous break up. Both of them have different reasons for the breakup. While Lana Rhoades says they separated because Mike broke up with her on the day he was supposed to move in with her, Mike says their separation was a “mutual decision” because they could not make it work.

Who did Kevin Durant date?

The American professional basketball player Kevin Durant once dated Monica Wright. Monica Wright is also a professional basketball player. Kevin Durant even announced their engagement but the two had to separate. Kevin Durant also presumably dated the adult video actor Lana Rhoades and is also perhaps her child’s father as many fans guess. This is because Lana once said a Brooklyn Nets player once asked her out and that he was a Libra. Kevin is the only Libra on the team.

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