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AzzyLand: Wiki, Age, Height, Ethnicity, Real Name, Boyfriend, Merch, YouTube, Riddles & FAQS

In today’s world, content creation has opened up channels of income and stardom that we never knew till the last decade. However, today you find these digital stars are as popular as those that belong to the big screen, if not more than them. From Instagram influencers to different kinds of content creators on YouTube, all of them are really changing the face of entertainment. So, it comes as no doubt that the Kardashians, the first Instagram influencers own billions- more than the movie or music stars. Therefore, Azzyland is a YouTuber. There are various kinds of YouTubers. So, some just blog about themselves, some deal with news and current events, some with history and geopolitics, some with cooking, some are gamers, some are critics, some are teachers- the list really goes on. Moreover, it is great how people actively use the space of YouTube for various purposes, mostly constructive.

So, now, let us come to Azzyland. Her content is mostly about gaming videos and just random vlogs on YouTube. However, her chief source of popularity is probably her cosplaying videos. So, cosplaying means dressing up as a character from some book, film, or game and playing the role. Therefore, she tries on various costumes depending upon the character she is portraying and it is very fun! Moreover, she has also given her fans and followers a tour of her costume closet. Hence, it is for sure that if you follow AzzyLand, you will get a full package of entertainment. She also posts quite regularly. Moreover, she is also amazing when she meets fans which she does often, and speaks at panels. So, all of these contribute to her flourishing personality.

Most of us love her! Let us check more details about her life.

AzzyLand Wiki


Full name Azra Bajrami
Nickname AzzyLand
Date of Birth November 23, 1991
Age 31 years (As in 2022)
Birthplace Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Profession Content creator on YouTube, Instagram, singer and streamer at Twitch
Boyfriend Currently single. Broke up with Kwebbelkop in 2020.
Religion Christianity
Zodiac sign Pisces

AzzyLand Real Name

So, the real name of AzzyLand is Azzy or Azra Bajrami. She took birth and also grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. However, she has come indeed a long way from being a kid with poor immigrant parents to be such a famous YouTuber. Moreover, YouTube has recognized her as one of the top 10 YouTubers with maximum global views. So, this is because she had 1.9 billion views back in 2019. Moreover, she was the only female YouTuber to make it to the top ten. Therefore, she was also the most-viewed female YouTuber.


Coming to her personal background, AzzyLand confirms that despite being below the poverty line and staying in project public housing, her parents were very much in love. So, her childhood was difficult but she was very happy.

However, the real difficulty arose in 2016. She had a spinal injury that nearly paralyzed her. Therefore, the pain became chronic and she could not move for 3 months. This had made her extremely suicidal. However, she finally overpowered such tough times. Therefore, she pledged to help others suffering from similar situations. Moreover, early question and answer videos from her channel reveal that she has been into gaming since her childhood.

Hence, AzzyLand believes in kindness, encouragement, and uplifting one another.

AzzyLand Age

So, she took birth on 23rd February 1991 in Canada. Therefore, she is currently 31 years old.

AzzyLand Boyfriend’s Name

So, AzzyLand dated fellow YouTuber Jordi van den Bussche for quite a long time. He is extremely popular under the name of Kwebbelkop. Moreover, they also made appearances in each other’s videos several times. So, fans had widely regarded them as made for each other. In 2016, Kwebbelkpop broke up with his then-girlfriend and started dating Azzy. They had been together for three years and were absolutely adorable. Their pictures embracing each other were beautiful, to say the least. However, initially, they kept the relationship private. It was another fellow YouTuber, John Scarce who revealed it to everyone.

In 2020 when Azzy started posting sad photos, fans were skeptical that they might have broken up. However, that was not the case when she posted intimate pictures on New Year’s Day with Bussche. Yet, after more than 3 years of dating, they finally broke up in 2020. So, Kwebbelkop took to his Twitter and confirmed their split. However, he also stressed the fact that they were not embittered toward each other. He still loved and respected Azzy as a woman and friend and wanted fans to do the same. Moreover, he also asked everyone to respect the privacy they want to have while dealing with the breakup.

AzzyLand Height

So, AzzyLand is 1.65 m in height. Therefore, this means she is 5 feet 5 inches tall. This is a decent height for a woman though not exactly tall. However, it is fairly good given her Albanian descent.

AzzyLandAzzyLand Merch

There is a lot of AzzyLand merch available which you can find on TikTok, Instagram, etc. So, some of these include different stickers, keychains, button pins, bracelets, and various small accessories. However, there are also T-shirts, Drawstring bag Backpacks, lanyards and even Face Masks. Therefore, if you are a fan or know someone who is, these might be the perfect gift idea!

AzzyLand Net Worth

So, Azzy has become a notable name on social media sites. She has also emerged as a strong media personality with a sea of followers. However, this has come only after years of her hard work in gaming, content creating, and singing. Hence, her current net worth is a whopping 4 million US dollars and she deserves every bit of it. She is just 31 now! Moreover, she has come from nothing, not even humble belongings. So, her parents were Albanian immigrants to Toronto, Canada. They were originally from North Macedonia. She grew up in extremely poor conditions. Yet, she was a good student, and look where she is today! If this does not show perseverance, relentless efforts, hard work, and talent, we do not know what does!

So, no matter from what she emerged, AzzyLand managed to travel the world, despite her illness, and established herself as what she is today. 

AzzyLand Education

So, Azzy had been pretty great at her education. She graduated from the university with a degree of double Honors in the Bachelor of Sciences. Therefore, she majored in both Chemistry as well as Biology. From a young age, she always wanted to help others in whatever way possible. Therefore, she worked hard to become a doctor. However, she faced a grave problem. She is too kind a soul- yes that exactly was the problem. So, when she saw someone in pain, she could not stop thinking about them. She was way too empathetic for a doctor whose profession needs very strong nerves. Moreover, one also has to realize a doctor cannot help everyone every time. It is technically impossible to do so. So, she went very rough on the emotional side and had to take up other plans.

However, her parents did not like her dropping out of medical school. It is only natural for immigrant parents who came here overcoming a thousand difficulties to expect a safe future for their children. However, AzzyLand did emerge as a successful YouTuber. Therefore, she has said that she believes she is able to help people with her videos even though she has changed professions.

AzzyLand Zodiac Sign

So, she took birth in the month of February. Therefore, those of you who know the basics of astrology, would straightaway guess that she is a Pisces. Indeed, she is one and her ruling planet is Neptune.

AzzyLand Riddles

So, AzzyLand along with her fellow YouTuber Gloom often engage in various kinds of riddles on their YouTube channel. It is very fun! Therefore, there are various kinds of riddles. They have something called messed-up mystery riddles which test your logical abilities. Moreover, they also have really smart detective riddles. They give the answers to them as well. So, these are at once fun, entertaining, and thoughtful. They often sharpen your intelligence and thinking skills. So, their host of various puzzles is an engaging pastime. Hence, these are perfect for everyone from eight to eighty. 

AzzyLand Easiest Game

So, it is very difficult to say which is the easiest AzzyLand game. Moreover, that is very subjective. Therefore, she has multiple games. However, most of them are brain games for people of various ages. Hence, they are fun but also not idle fun. They are quizzes, spot the differences for kids, puzzles, and a ton of other stuff. Check out her channel for more!

AzzyLand on YouTube

So, summing up, AzzyLand presents a host of different content on YouTube as we have already seen. She sings, vlogs on a regular basis, plays video games, reacts to videos, organizes riddles, and so on. However, the main source of her popularity is still her cosplaying as various characters. When this entire idea was very rare and she had just started, she would spend hours making these costumes with her own hands. So, with this, national television had showcased her. This proved to be extremely valuable for her as she developed her entire YouTube personality from here.

AzzyLand FAQs


What nationality is AzzyLand?

So, AzzyLand was born to Albanian parents. They had immigrated to Canada from North Macedonia. However, Azzy was born in Toronto and grew up there. Therefore, she has Canadian citizenship and that is her nationality as well.

What is AzzyLand’s friend’s name?

So, she is a very timid and withdrawn person. Therefore, she prefers keeping her personal relations private. However, she is very good friends with her fellow YouTuber Gloom. So, she and Gloom together often make puzzles, riddles, and other brain games. Moreover, it was Gloom who stated that Azzy is extremely shy. Therefore, when she made her first music video, it was indeed a very big step for her.

How much money does AzzyLand make?

So, as we have already seen, her current net worth is around 4 million dollars as per various sources. This is because she is a prominent social media personality and YouTuber now. To know more, scroll up and check out AzzyLand’s net worth section in the article.

What is AzzyLand’s race?

So, despite the fact that she holds Canadian citizenship, her race or ethnicity is mixed. Her parents come from North Macedonia which is a Balkan country with a host of ethnicities. So, they are probably Albanian but nothing is confirmed. Moreover, in plural cultures like these, we never know.

Who is gloomy Kassie?

So Gloomy Kassie or Kassima “Kassie” Isabelle is the extremely popular YouTuber Gloom. Previously, her name was CloudyApples. Moreover, she is a very good friend of AzzyLand and they appear in videos together. Both of them are fellow Canadians and both of them are currently 31 years of age!

How did AzzyLand become famous?

So, she is indeed extremely talented and has a very engaging life. However, what got her the main fame was her innovative cosplays. She started doing these at a time five to six years ago when these were not as popular as they are today. Therefore, she had to manually sew costumes and undertake a lot of labor to entertain her audience. So, from characters in video games to anime, she has really done it all. Moreover, her cosplays are extremely unique and out-of-the-box which glues her viewers to the screen!

How many subscribers does AzzyLand have?

So, currently, she has around 1.34 crore subscribers with a total of about 1620 videos. Moreover, she has a total view count of nearly 5 billion which is huge. In 2018 alone, she had got 1 billion views on YouTube which made her the most viewed female YouTuber.

What does Azzy mean?

So, Azzy has probably come from her actual name Azra. However, literally, it means a wayward child.

Does AzzyLand have TikTok?

Yes, she has TikTok. So, her official TikTok account name is Azzyland. Hence, check her out at @azzyland to find out her most recent videos!

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