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Where Can I Check My Essay for Plagiarism for Free: Useful Tips for Students

The current students’ life is not so exciting and breathtaking as it’s depicted in the greater part of movies. There are copious problems and tasks the US and UK students have to deal with such as plagiarism check. Extra complicated curriculum, catastrophic lack of time, and a constant cash crisis are only a few of the difficulties graduates face.

Moreover, study requirements are becoming more stringent. If a couple of years ago it was possible to write an essay by copying abstracts from various resources, today you have to provide your tutor with 100% papers. Also, What is MightyText?

When it comes to writing term or research papers, essays, and thesis plagiarism is out of the question. If you think that the supervisor won’t detect that you’ve cheated, you are wrong. Nowadays schools, colleges, and universities use different anti-plagiarism tools and software. In some cases, when plagiarism is detected, students can be expelled from the college or university. There are two effective solutions to this problem. The first one is to use free essay writing services like The second one is to check all your papers with free anti-plagiarism websites or utilities.

There are many sites and different software samples where you can check your essay for plagiarism for free. The most popular and effective of them are the following:

1. DupliChecker

It’s a great example of free plagiarism detection programs. With its help, you can check the whole document or only some paragraphs. It has a simple but user-friendly interface.

2. PaperRater

No matter what courses you take and papers on what topics you should write, this service is the best choice for students in more than 140 countries. The service provides a superb grammar check, proofreader, and plagiarism checker. Yet, there is one drawback you should know about. It’s impossible to store result reports.

3. Plagiarism Checker

This service is to guide you through the whole process of checking. The tool allows you to check whether other writers have plagiarized your content.

Yet, even if you find a proper plagiarism checker, it’s still very difficult to write an absolutely unique text. You have to research dozens of books and tutorials, study awesome examples before you create good content.

You can also use other ways to get free paper. Also Read – How To Become A Hashtag # Pro

4. Special Online Courses

There are hundreds of special websites, which gather the best courses, programs, tests, and tutorials for students from the UK and other countries. For example, you can use Coursera or similar sites to improve your English, find out useful writing tools, and increase the quality of your writing skills. Most of these courses are absolutely free of charge, that’s why you should not worry about the price. There is no need to buy a book if you can listen to interesting lectures. Coursera and any similar website give you this great possibility to optimize your time. Just choose the most interesting course or topics and get rid of your problems.

5. Find a Free Helper on the Internet

Some sites are ready to help you free of charge. Some of these authors just want to improve their own skills, while others just like to write a lot. You have a lot of chances to find a professional writer online who will be ready to give you some pieces of advice or even proofread your paper. It’s a good idea to visit special blogs, forums, or writing contests to find these people.

6. Don’t Forget About Free Examples

Do you know what the best helper is? Yes, the best helper is a great example. Fortunately, dozens of websites gather samples of essays. Review some of these samples and try to discover the most common features. After that, it will be significantly easier to write your own paper. Also, you can use these examples like a guide. Some of them are really great if you want to avoid the most common mistakes of newcomers.

7. Use Special Software Apps

Besides, there are also online pages, which can proofread your assignment and provide useful tips on editing. For example, you can use Grammarly, which is absolutely free of charge. Just paste several paragraphs, wait a minute, and get the result. The system will detect your mistakes, highlight it, and provide better alternatives. It’s very useful if you are not very attentive. There are also other similar services. Just test some of them and make your final decision.

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