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Martin Henderson: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Children, Girlfriend, Movies, Virgin River, Net Worth, Instagram, FAQs & More

Martin Henderson was born in Auckland, New Zealand. When he was 13, he made his acting debut in Strangers (1989). It was a local television production. He went to Westlake Boys High School and Birkenhead Primary School. In the early to mid-1990s, he first rose to fame in his own country when he played Stuart Neilson from 1992 to 1995. It was in the television series “Shortland Street”. He later moved to Australia to appear in the short lived soap opera “Echo Point and Sweat”. Here, he co-starred with young Heath Ledger. The two became friends. Martin also persuaded Heath to move to Sydney to pursue his career. The two lived together. Martin also appeared in “Home and Away” and “Big Sky”. He was nominated for an AFI Award for his supporting role in the Australian film “Kick”. Martin moved to New York to pursue acting and theatre.

Martin Henderson

Henderson spent over a year unsuccessfully applying for roles in Los Angeles. Shortly after in 2001, he landed a minor role in “Windtalkers”. It was a John Woo directed military thriller. In 2002, he was in the horror film “The Ring” alongside Naomi Watts. In 2005, he was also in the romantic film “Bride & Prejudice” with Aishwarya Rai. He was cast in the award winning “Little Fish” with Cate Blanchett. Henderson was also cast in the television series “Off the Map”. It was created by the creators of “Grey’s Anatomy”.


Henderson is currently 49 years old. He was born on 8 October 1974 in Auckland, New Zealand. He attended the Westlake Boys High School. Later he decided to skip further education to focus on his acting career. Henderson began performing in local stages at the age of 13. In 1997, when he was in his early twenties, he decided to take his talents abroad. So he moved to the United States.


Martin Henderson was born on 8 October 1974. He was born to Ian Henderson and Veronica Henderson in Auckland, New Zealand. He is a white person. Martin also has one brother. When he was five years old, his parents got divorced.


The actor attended Birkenhead Primary School before moving on to Westlake Boys High School in Forest Hill, Auckland. Here he played rugby in his high school team. The actor chose acting over attending university. He didn’t go to college since he was never interested in learning anything or getting a degree.

Martin Henderson Age

Born on 8 October 1974, Martin Henderson will be 49 years old as of 2023. He was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. He holds dual nationality. It includes New Zealand and the US. His religion is Christianity.

Martin Henderson Height and Weight

Martin is 5 feet 10 inches tall, according to 2023. He weighs around 75 kilograms. His chest waist size is 43 and 34 inches respectively. He has light brown hair and his eye colour is green. He loves to workout and many times have been spotted outside the gym.

Roommate with Heath Ledger

Things were challenging for the actor when he initially moved to the United States. He used to sleep on couches in rooms he shared with friends since he was completely broke. Henderson received rejection after rejection. His father also urged him to return home, where different job offers awaited him.

He could have quit trying if he hadn’t met Heath Ledger. Heath lent him money and gave him a place to live as roommates. Heath’s achievements inspired him to stay in the United States. Heath’s death from a heroin overdose left the actor shocked and wondering what he was doing with his life.

Personal Life

Martin Henderson is an actor from New Zealand. He is well recognized for his roles in “The Ring” in 2002, “Torque” in 2004, and “Smokin’ Aces” in 2006. He has also been part of various successful television programs such as “Big Sky”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, and most recently, “Virgin River”. In the Netflix series, he plays Jack Sheridan, a gorgeous and charming bar owner whose romance with Melinda captures viewers. While fans have followed Jack and Melinda’s romantic ups and downs throughout the years, the same can also be said of Martin’s real-life love life. Continue reading to find more about the famous actor’s career and relationship history.

Martin Henderson Wife

The Virgin River actress has never married and has no children. He is, however, a proud dog dad who routinely uploads pictures of his gorgeous canine, Sammy, on social media. Demi Moore, who divorced Ashton Kutcher in 2012, is his most famous ex-partner. Prior to dating the Ghost actress, he dated actresses Aishwarya Rai, Marnette Patterson, and Radha Mitchell, as well as model Nicky Watson. However, his most recent relationship was with Mexican model Aisha Mendez.

Martin Henderson and Aisha Mendez

Martin and Aisha dated in 2020 and were even quarantined together in a New Zealand hotel when the COVID-19 epidemic began. They appear to have split up in early 2021. That’s when they stopped posting each other and Martin removed Aisha from his Instagram profile. However, it looks like they parted on good terms, as a few images from their time together remain on Aisha’a’s page. It includes one picture from Christmas in 2020 and a shot of them on vacation in Cabo San Lucas. It is unclear why they split up. However, some sources have speculated that they had disagreements over their desire to start a family. It was due to their age gap.

Martin Henderson Girlfriend

His Virgin River co-stars Annette O’Toole and Alexandra Breckenridge, Jenny Ortega, Brittany Snow, and Mia Goth are the only women on Martin’s Instagram lately. However, he is rumoured to be seeing a New Zealand-based interior designer. The unknown lover’s children were seen riding an off road vehicle with Martin in an Instagram post from June 28, 2022. However, he makes no mention of a girlfriend in the photo. He has also not made any public mention of a girlfriend as of now.

According to his social media, the Grey’s Anatomy star is currently dating an unnamed woman. He keeps their relationship private, but it didn’t stop him from posting a picture of her children on social media.

Henderson previously dated Aisha Mendez before his current relationship. They were last photographed together in January 2021.


Henderson doesn’t have any children, but he is a proud dog dad to his gorgeous pet, Sammy. The actor has a private life, but one thing he is open about is his affection for his dog. It’s no secret that the actor enjoys spending time with his dog. He enjoys sailing the ocean with his dog, and you will most likely find him having fun with Sammy when he is not on set. On his Instagram profile, he publishes numerous cute photos of the two, with captions expressing his commitment and love for the dog. Both the dog and the actor appear to be happy and enjoy each other’s company.

Martin Henderson and Aishwarya Rai

Martin Henderson, an Australian actor, captivated every Indian’s heart with his film ‘Bride And Prejudice,’ in which he played the love interest of our very own beauty queen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

Martin Henderson

Gurinder Chadha directed Bride and Prejudice in 2004. The screenplay by Chadha and Paul Mayeda Berges is a Bollywood-style rendition of Jane Austen’s 1813 classic Pride and Prejudice. It was largely shot in English, with some Hindi and Punjabi speech thrown in for good measure. The film was released in the United Kingdom on October 6, 2004, and in the United States on February 11, 2005. Critics have mainly praised it.

There is no denying that Aishwarya Rai comes to mind when you think about beauty. From Bollywood to Hollywood, any celebrity who has seen or worked with Aishwarya Rai appears to be awestruck by her. Martin Henderson, a Hollywood actor, is no exception.

I have a soft place for her,” the Bride and Prejudice actor previously remarked about Aishwarya. “Despite the fact that she is quite lovely, it’s not because of her beauty. I like the unseen side. Ash is a kind girl in real life. She looks like an old-fashioned movie star—so glamorous. I consider myself fortunate to have seen a side of Ash that many people do not see. I mean, the image of Ash as the enormous movie star that she is in India is one thing, and I find it interesting.

“But you know, I was happy to spend time with her and get to know the other side of her, which is a really nice, very sensitive, and really loveable person, she giggles a lot,” he added.

Early Life

Martin Henderson was born in 1974 in New Zealand. Martin’s parents are Ian and Veronica Henderson, who divorced when he was five years old. Henderson has one brother as well.

Martin went to Birkenhead Primary School before moving on to Westlake Boys’ High School in Auckland. He was interested in sports at the time and used to play rugby for the school team. Henderson was never interested in attending college, thus he did not receive that component of his education. Martin began acting at an early age, appearing in the TV series Strangers at the age of 13.


Martin Henderson Young

The actor began performing at an early age. He was only 13 at the time. He became a local celebrity after appearing in the TV series “Shortland Street” between 19992 and 1995. Martin also appeared in a number of Australian films and television projects. It includes “Echo Point,” a song by the southern star group. “Home Away,” a soap opera as well. In 1997, he relocated to the United States to pursue a career in Hollywood film.

Because of his early fame, he was seeking for a new opportunity to flourish. This was after he realised he was losing his enthusiasm for performing.

Martin Henderson Movies

From 1999 to 2005:

  • In 1999, he starred in Kick, for which he received an AACTA Award nomination for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 2000.
  • After more than a year of unsuccessful auditions in Los Angeles, he was cast in a supporting part in the John Woo-directed military film Windtalkers in 2001.
  • Henderson co-starred in the horror film The Ring with Naomi Watts in 2002.
  • Following the film’s box office success, he was cast as Drew in Perfect Opposites, and then as the lead role in the motorcycle picture Torque, which was released in early 2004.
  • Later that year, he participated in Britney Spears’ “Toxic” music video alongside Aishwarya Rai in the British romantic drama Bride and Prejudice.
  • He participated in the award-winning film Little Fish, starring Cate Blanchett, in 2005.

2006 to 2010:

  • Henderson garnered excellent reviews in London’s West End in a performance of Fool for Love starring Juliette Lewis in 2006.
  • He co-starred with Jordana Brewster in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, a television series based on the 2005 film. However, no network picked up the series.
  • He was in the movie Flyboys in 2006.
  • He also appears in the House episode “Painless” in a commercial for the 2008 Cadillac CTS.
  • Henderson appeared in Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes’ short-lived television series Off the Map in 2010.

From 2011 to 2022:

  • He appeared in the multi-platform Australian drama television series Secrets & Lies in 2014, as well as the SundanceTV drama series The Red Road.
  • Henderson co-starred in the 2015 film Everest opposite Jake Gyllenhaal.
  • In June of that year, Deadline announced that he would join Grey’s Anatomy as a potential love interest for series lead Ellen Pompeo’s Meredith Grey beginning in November.
  • The actor left the show two years later, with his last appearance in October 2017. Henderson told Deadline that his departure was motivated by a desire to tell a tale.
  • Henderson has been a co-star in the Netflix series Virgin River since 2019, playing Jack Sheridan, a former marine with PTSD. Netflix has renewed the series for a fourth and fifth season in 2021.
  • He played Wayne Gilroy in the A24 horror thriller X (2022).

Martin Henderson in Grey’s Anatomy

Nathan Riggs M.D., F.A.C.S. is a fictional character from Grey’s Anatomy, a medical drama television series that aired on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) in the United States. Shonda Rhimes invented the character. Martin Henderson plays the character. In the episode “The Me Nobody Knows,” he was first introduced as a cardiothoracic surgeon. The character had also worked with April Kepner in Jordan. He started working as an attending at Grey-Sloan Memorial after bringing a patient there. At the hospital, he begins a love relationship with Meredith Grey. Meredith is now a widow after Derek Shepherd’s death. It goes on until his missing fiancée, Megan Hunt, is found and brought back to her house. Nathan makes his final appearance in the episode “Danger Zone,” when he and Megan begin their new life in Los Angeles with her kid. Megan reveals that the couple split up in Season 18.

Virgin River

Martin Henderson is a New Zealand actor. He is well known for his role as Jack Sheridan in the popular television series “Virgin River”.

The hit Netflix series follows Melinda “Mel” Monroe, who answers an ad for a job as a nurse practitioner in the secluded California town of Virgin River in order to start over. She quickly realises that small-town life is not as simple as she thought. She also realises that she cannot keep her past secrets for long.

In season four, Jack tries to support Mel’s pregnancy despite not knowing if he is the father. His anxiety increases when his father arrives in town to criticise every aspect of his life. Meanwhile, Charmaine is ready to welcome the twins with little to no assistance from her lover, Todd.

The series also stars Colin Lawrence, Jenny Cooper, Lauren Hammersley, Annette O’Toole, Tim Matheson, and Melinda Dahl in addition to Henderson and Breckenridge.

Difficulties in Career

Because the actor wanted to advance his profession, he relocated to New York, but after failing to land any jobs for a whole year, he ended up studying acting at the “Neighbourhood Playhouse” for the next two years.

After migrating from New York to Los Angeles, he had notable roles in the 2005 romance films “Bride and Prejudice” and “Little Fish,” both of which garnered Oscars. In 2006, he co-starred in the film “Flyboys” with James Franco and Jean Reno. He played the role of Dr Nathan Riggs in the series “Grey’s Anatomy”. He is also very well known for this role.

Martin Henderson Net Worth

Martin Henderson is a model and actor from New Zealand. His net worth is $6 million as of 2023. Henderson began his career in 1989, but he had a lifelong passion in acting. He primarily appears in Australian television shows and films.

Martin Henderson

Martin is most known for his acting roles in “The Ring” and “Gray’s Anatomy.” He has portrayed a wide range of roles in his acting career, including drama series, horror flicks, and romantic films or series.


Fans have recognized the actor as a result of his talent. For his work in “Shortland Street,” he received an award in 1993 for best male dramatic performance in a television show in New Zealand. He also received a nomination for the Australian Film Institute Award for best performance in a supporting role as “Tom Bradshow” in the film “Kick”.

He was also a nominee for a number of honours. It includes AFI Awards for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for “Little Fish” (2005), AFI International Awards for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for “House M.D.” (2004), as well as FCCA Awards for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for “Little Fish” (2005).

Martin Henderson Instagram

Martin Henderson is very active on Instagram. He has 1.1 million followers on his Instagram account. His Instagram account is verified. Henderson regularly posts his photos and reels on his Instagram account. On Instagram, he has 520 posts currently. His instagram handle is @martinhendersonofficial. He flaunts his beautiful looks and figure on Instagram.

Martin enjoys spending time with his friends and cast members. His Instagram feed is full with pictures of his dogs. He is very handsome and charming. It makes it easy for him to create an impact online.

Even outside of the internet, he also has a large number of followers and well-wishers. They admire and appreciate his acting abilities.

F. A. Qs

Who is Martin Henderson in a relationship with?

He is currently dating an unknown person. Martin has not revealed details about his private life after breaking up with his ex, Aisha Mendez in 2021.

Where does Martin Henderson live now?

Virgin River star Martin currently lives in Los Angeles, California, United States. He has a boho inspired home which he frequently shows off on Instagram.

Is Martin Henderson still on Grey’s anatomy?

No, Martin Henderson is currently not on Grey’s Anatomy.

Who was Martin Henderson in Home and Away?

Martin played the role of Geoff Thomas in Home and Away.

Are Virgin River Mel and Jack together in real life?

No, Mel and Jack are not together in real life. Martin Henderson played the role of Jack.

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