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How to Choose the Best Restaurant Lighting For Your Restaurant Business

Are you revamping your old restaurant or starting a new one of your own? Regardless, you need to consider your restaurant lighting situation.

Sure, restaurant lighting isn’t the most important factor when you’re doing the restaurant design process, but why not make an effort to add some ambiance to your space with the right lights?

If you’ve never put any thought into restaurant lighting ideas, we’re here to offer you some advice. Keep reading to learn all about lighting your restaurant business the right way.

Consider Your Desired Atmosphere

If you have a dine-in restaurant, the atmosphere is everything. You want customers to feel comfortable in your restaurant to keep them coming back and bringing friends along.

Different types of restaurants will have different desired atmospheres. For example, a classic deli may have a more “functional” look, while a fine dining restaurant may be more refined. A dive bar will be a low-light situation while a gastropub will be warm and inviting.

What atmosphere do you want your restaurant to have?

If you use bright and cool lights, the environment will feel modern and sterile. Warm light is easy on the eyes and provides a more “comforting” environment if that’s what you’re looking for.

Look at examples of restaurants that you’d like to emulate and try to see what their lighting situations have in common.

Location Restrictions

You need to consider the size and shape of your building when you’re figuring out how to light it.

Large buildings with high ceilings can handle large hanging light fixtures, but a more intimate and cozy setting may require small sconces instead. You will have to get creative.

If your space is too large, you may have to use some brighter (non-decorative) lights on the ceiling to make sure that the space stays well-lit.

Consider using unique lighting in some areas, like neon wall signs, to add more light when your space is limited.

Different Rooms Have Different Needs

Your decorative lights inside are important, but don’t forget that all areas of your restaurant need lighting.

Your kitchen, pantry, freezer, and break room all need lights. These commercial lights aren’t as decorative as the ones that you’re using to add ambiance to the dining area, but they’re just as important.

You want bright lights that allow your employees to stay productive and see what they’re doing. They shouldn’t be too cool-toned so you don’t strain your employees’ eyes.

Check out this commercial lighting buyers guide for more information.

What Are Your Restaurant Lighting Plans?

It’s important to get your restaurant lighting right if you want to have a successful and aesthetically pleasing space. You want to make your guests feel welcome!

Whether you’re using flashy neon lights or warm sconces in your dining room, start planning out your lighting today!

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