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Can there be Love without Sacrifice?- Youth of May

Love is inevitable. Every person has the desire to love and be loved in their lifetime. But it usually comes with a lot of sacrifices.

An individual has to compromise a lot of things to make a relationship functional and happy. The relentless devotion and thankless work determine the success of a long-term relationship.

But many people become deluded when it comes to love matters. True love requires sacrifice and not at the expense of our integrity or self-respect.

If you have watched the “Youth of May Movie”, you have a clear understanding of love and sacrifice. This sad and romantic movie is based on a real-life story.

The events in the movie transpired in one of the South Korean harrow eras. It is the period when the Gwangju uprising took place.

Thousands of young people were wounded, raped, and killed. The movie storyline shows how some young people had to sacrifice their lives.

Love without Sacrifice

South Koreans are incredible in displaying historical dramas. The Youth of May drama was set in the 80s and it is still rocking the world up to date.

If you are not aware of the Gwangju uprising, it is a sad history in South Korea that occurred during an enigmatic era.

It is difficult to give a vivid description of events that took place in this democratic society back in the 1980s.

The drama tells the story of two young people who fell in love in the 1980s. Hwang Hee Tae is a medical student who had to postpone his graduation and hide his real life.

The other character is Kim Myung Hee, a new nurse. She is the sole breadwinner for her family, and this came with a lot of challenges.

Hwang Hee Tae is a carefree and charming kind of person. He portrayed himself as a person without problems in life, but he endures excruciating pain in reality.

Most of Hwang Hee Tae’s pains are associated with discrimination of being brought up by a single mother. The character is unable to stand up for himself in some circumstances.

Kim Myung Hee does not hide her real life. She can stand up for herself and even defend others from the injustices of their superiors.

Besides that, she strives to work harder to be an incredible nurse. The romance between Kim Myung Hee and Hwang Hee Tae starts great.

But the Gwangju uprising events made the romance turn out as a tragic love story in the end. The narration in the Youth of May drama is worth taking the time to watch.

Thousands of protestors were beaten up, killed, and even raped. Most of these events were authorized by the government. Kim Myung Hee and Hwang Hee Tae were the victims.

This sad and romantic fictional story depicts that there is no love without sacrificing one another. Some traumas make people not live happily and love freely.

So, can there be love without sacrifice? Not really. Love is a complicated thing to describe, and it is linked to many events. A successful long-term romance relationship entails a lot of sacrifices.

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