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Charlie Puth: Childhood, Music Career and Net Worth

Who does not know the famous You Tuber Charlie Puth? For those of you who don’t know “Charles Puth Jr” is an American songwriter, singer, and record producer. He got his success by uploading his music videos on YouTube. The American pop singer used to post his original written song on his YouTube channel. As of present, Charlie Puth Net worth is 14 Million.

Contributing Factors to Charlie Puth Net Worth

As Charlie Puth started his career by posting musical videos on YouTube, he became a viral sensation after that. Charles Puth became more famous when he worked together with rapper Wiz Khalifa for the album “See you again”. This hit song became popular in many foreign countries and the USA.

He released his first studio- Nine Track Mind in 2016 which then became famous throughout many countries and became platinum. He is the year 2018 released his second studio- Voicenotes, which then became gold in many countries. After getting a sensation from YouTube, his skills and abilities were recognized and he got many opportunities after it. His albums and songs are very hit amongst youngsters and that has helped Charlie Puth Net worth grow to 14 Million.

Childhood and Early Life

Charles Puth was born in the year 1991, December 2. He was born from a music teacher- his mother, and a real estate agent-his father. His mother has high credits for his career, as she was a music teacher by herself, she made him learn classical music at a very young age and he learned playing on the piano at the age of 4 only.

At young age itself, he started jazz and he even took participated in school competitions. In his 6th Grade, he made an album- “Have a Merry Charlie Christmas” which he had recorded and sold that album door to door and even made 600 bucks out of it. He graduated from music college and he had majored in music production and engineering.

Listed in Billboard hot 100

When he started his career by working and collaborating with Wiz Khalifa, their song together- “See you again”, a tribute to late Paul Walker, got listed in Billboard hot 100, it got listed as number 1, for 12 weeks, 12 nonconsecutive weeks.

When Puth released two of his studios in 2016 and 2018, and after that when he started his singles like, “One Call Away” and “We do not talk anymore” these two songs too got listed in Billboard Hot 100, listed as number 12 and number 9 respectively. So his famous songs have the habit of getting listed in Billboard hot 100 for an uncertain period of time.

Appearance on TV shows

Charlie Puth had made an appearance on TV in many shows like the voice- as a mentor, in undateable, Life in pieces, song land, and many more. He also has made a visit to the famous The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and many more. Charlie Puth has taken participated in award ceremonies too.

Award and Achievements

For his famous song with Wiz Khalifa- See you again, he had been nominated for many awards for his work in that song. He was nominated for Grammy awards for this song, but he could not win and he won many other awards as- the Teen choice awards and Critics Choice awards. He won a Billboard music award for his See you again song.

Charlie Puth won International rising star of the year and International artist of the year awards. In 2018 he won the award for the best pop artist. In 2019, his Voicenotes was nominated for Grammy awards, but he could not win it again.

Charlie Puth Emphasizes:

  • Charlie released his first music video “These Are My Sexy Shades” in 2010
  • Debut studio album ‘Nine Track Mind.’ in 2016
  • His single “Marvin Gaye” along with Meghan Trainor in 2015, has peaked at No. 1 in several countries including UK and France.
  • Charlie featured as an artist in the single “See You Again”
  • Charlie won two teen choice awards for the single “See You Again.” in 2015
  • In 2011 he won the PopCrush Music Awards

Interesting Facts about Charlie Puth

When you see Charlie Puth, the first thing which will catch your eyes is his eyebrow slit. It is not a trending fashion eyebrow slit present on his face, but it has a story behind it. When Puth was just 2 years old, he was attacked by a huge dog very brutally, when he defended and saved himself from the dog that was how he got his famous eyebrow slit. It is assumed by some critics that he, Puth himself had made it to get the unique and trending look on his face.

Charlie started his first Youtube channel with comedy and acoustic covers and later he started making music videos on YouTube. He got his inspiration from Philip DeFranco and Dave Days. He continued making music videos on YouTube and eventually, he got fame from it.

During his childhood times, he had one funny unique nickname, Chunky Spunky Money Poofington’, which he had admitted in one of his interviews. During his school times, he was bullied badly by some students and he also added in one of his interviews that they would just gang up against him and would give him horrible times.

Charlie Puth Music Career

He was into music at a very young age, and he even made mode from music at a very young age after selling his Christmas album door to door and earned 600 dollars. But he did not use to socialize much and once had stayed home and did not attend his own school prom night. He was very unpopular in his school days.

His famous song-One call away was released by him in August 2015 was one of his best hit track as he sold 500,000 copies of it by the time February 2016. His 2016 tours were called Don’t Talk and Nine track mind- based on his famous song and albums. He is a famous singer and songwriter but it is not just music that he had his interest in, but he also loves to do coding and since 7th-8th grade, he has learned how to do coding.

Charlie Puth is the biggest fan of American Sitcom Friends. He has also appeared in one of the TV show with Courteney Cox- who had starred in friends. Cox and Puth played a quiz game on friends and Puth could answer all the questions correctly.

Some of the Famous Quotes from Charlie Puth

Quote 1: 

“I was raised in a Catholic school, and I would always go to church on Sunday, and I would hear the same music over and over and over and over again, same gospels, hymns, everything.”

Quote 2: 

“I write about love, but it’s me wanting to be in love. I’ve never been in love. I love my mom, my dad, I want to be in love. I think I have to allow myself to get there. I’m just so in love with music. It’s weird. I’m at a crossroads because I want to be in love.”

Quote 3: 

“When I get high anxiety, I vomit. My mom was so stressed out. Then I found out I was staying in John Mayer’s old dorm room, and I had a nice roommate. That completely brought me down. I was completely comfortable at Berklee.”

Quote 4: 

“The phrase “Be Good to Each Other” is very important to me and something that I wish had been said more when I was in high school.”

Quote 5: 

“When I was growing up, you had to conform and do the same thing that everyone else was doing. I would just go home and make music and be able to make myself happy, but I know that’s more of a challenge for some people.”

Wrapping Up

There is no doubt that Charlie is one among the famous singers in the world, Charlie Puth Net Worth is proof for that. So far, he has done several musical concerts around the world. His talent helps Charlie Puth Net Worth grow steeply at his young age.

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