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Angelo Adkins: Everything about Adele’s Son

So, who has not heard of Adele? Everyone probably has. Adele or Adele Adkins is one of the most popular English singers out there today. Therefore, she is a pop sensation today- whether in London or Los Angeles. Moreover, it is very common that fans and people, in general, will take an active interest in the lives of their favorite celebrities. Hence, Adele is no exception. Angelo Adkins is her son and he has been under the limelight since his birth. Moreover, in her Instagram lives or videos, Adele often mentions her son. She has also talked about him while discussing her songs on various talk shows. Therefore, it is no doubt that Angelo Adkins plays quite an important role in his mother’s life. As a result, he has often been the target of the paparazzi.

However, there have been considerable issues regarding this. Clicking and circulating pictures of young children like those of Angelo Adkins is a disgusting activity. Therefore, celebs like Blake Lively have been very vocal against papping their kids. Moreover, Adele had gone to court when paparazzi photographs of her son came out in the summer of 2014. He was just two years old. She also won the case. Hence, she got a five-figure sum in return. According to her lawyer, Jenny Afia, they did this to ensure Angelo Adkins never becomes public property. It was extremely sad that some of the most key moments of him with his family like his first trip were photographed against his family’s wishes. Moreover, their privacy was threatened when they published those.

So, the photo agency Corbis Images UK that had published the private pictures had to sign a deal stating that they will never publish or use his photos again.

Angelo Adkins Age

So, Angelo Adkins took birth supposedly on 19th October 2012. Therefore, as of October 2022, he is 9 years old and going to be 10. He is still a very young kid.

Moreover, Adele had confirmed her pregnancy to the world in June 2012. However, she was already around six months pregnant at that point. Since the birth of her son, we could not see Adele for a while. So, she finally made her public appearance after her pregnancy and childbirth in 2013, during the Golden Globe Awards. It was here that she confirmed that she had given birth to a boy. However, she had strictly said that it was an extremely personal affair for her and she wanted to keep his name private. Moreover, she had won the award for Best Original Song that night. In her award acceptance speech, she mentioned her son and how he affected her life or made it better.

Angelo Adkins Wiki

Angelo Adkins

So, now we have a basic idea of who Angelo Adkins is. However, he is still a child and we cannot gather a lot of information about him. Moreover, his family, especially Adele herself, is extremely protective of him. Yet, let us see whatever little we could gather of him.

Full name Angelo James Adkins


Little Peanut, Peanut (by his mother Adele)
Date of Birth 19th October 2012
Age 9 years, almost 10 (As of October 2022)
Birthplace England
Nationality English
Profession He is just a child. So, he has all this clout only because of his extremely famous mother.
Religion Christianity
Zodiac sign Libra
Race/ ethnicity So, he is English and primarily white but he has mixed ethnicity. Therefore, his maternal grandmother Penny Adkins is English. However, his grandfather Marc Evans is Welsh.

So, now that we know Angelo Adkins is Adele’s son and have some trivia about his life, let us check a bit about who his father is. However, he does not come to the limelight that much. Hence, we generally don’t know a lot about him. Let us see what we got to know about him.

Angelo Adkins & His Dad

So, the father of Angelo Adkins is Simon Konecki. He is a very famous charity entrepreneur. Moreover, he has been Adele’s boyfriend for a long time. This is obvious because the child himself is 10 years old. However, they were not married. So, they got married as late as 2018. However, Angelo Adkins retained his mother’s surname. He was around five years old then. However, both of them faced quite some issues after the marriage. As a result, within a year, Adele and Simon Conecki decided to mutually separate. Therefore, they filed for divorce. However, their divorce got finalized on 4th March 2021.

Hence, now they are raising Angelo together. As co-parents, they have quite good relations. However, as can be evident from Adele’s videos, Angelo stays mostly with her. But, he shares a very close bond with his father. Moreover, Adele had said, even though they were breaking up a relationship that had lasted for about 4 years, they would always cater to their son lovingly.

Angelo Adkins School

So, we already know that Adele has been very vocal about her son, his growing up and how her life is deeply affected in the process in various interviews. However, she still chooses to maintain the utmost privacy about her son, especially from the paparazzi and any unwanted publicity. Therefore, we cannot know in detail which school Angelo Adkins attends or which class he is exactly in right now. However, in one of her interviews, Adele did leave a hint.

Therefore, she said she misses London because that is where her home, her family, and most importantly her son is. He attends school there. So, we can easily realize that Angelo Adkins must attend some very posh private school in London. He does not have his mother always around who spends a considerable time in the US and on tour,

However, Adele has a large family. Adele is also very close with her uncle. Moreover, as of now, Angelo is her only son. Therefore, he gets a lot of love, affection, and care all the time.

Angelo Adkins & His Net Worth

So, he is the son of Adele. That itself is a big thing because she is one of the most popular pop stars and singer-songwriter in the world at this point. Hence, from her albums, playbacks, constant tours, and other avenues, she has a net worth of about 300 million dollars now. His father is also a businessman. Therefore, it is hardly difficult to understand that the child is the heir to a lot of money. But at the same time, Adele keeps him away from the public eye. So, this means he does not take part in any activity- be it as a child actor, a publicity stunt, or whatever. Hence, he does not earn anything of his own. That is only natural because he is not even ten! Maybe one in a million starts earning at that age.

However, in lieu of his mother, he does have some money to his name. Therefore, as per certain reports, Angelo Adkins owns around 2 million dollars though he is barely ten years old. However, we also know that it is due to him that Adele won a five-figure sum for winning a case against the publishing house that published his images without permission.

Angelo Adkins & Rich Paul

So, Rich Paul is a sports agent that Adele is currently dating and is very much in love with. However, he has no biological connection with Angelo Adkins. Moreover, in one of her interviews, Adele has accepted that she has never been in love like this before and that she is literally obsessed with him. They are not yet engaged. Moreover, they started dating at the time her previous divorce got finalized. As per Adele, that was a particularly tough time, along with her young son.

Angelo Adkins

 She used to mourn for the dead relationship and would lose it. In that way, Rich Paul brought a lot to her life. She used to have constant anxiety attacks. However, now she is extremely enthusiastic about starting a new life with Rich Paul. They have even signed up for a residency in Las Vegas to stay from this November till March 2022. Moreover, she has also said that she sees herself marrying again. So, she said that she is a homemaker, a matriarch, and a mother and all these give a lot of stability to her life. This is necessary for her to make music.

Angelo Adkins Now

So, as of now Angelo Adkins is nine years old and attends school in London. Moreover, he is co-parented by both Adele and Simon Konecki. However, they are all very private people who try to keep their personal lives away from the limelight. So, we do not know more details about him. Moreover, Angelo does not make a lot of public appearances- be it for events or just for errands or fun. So, it is difficult to trace him. And as both his parents want to maintain his privacy, we should best leave it there instead of invading it.

Angelo Adkins In songs of Adele

Angelo Adkins

So, we already know that Adele is an extremely emotional person. Therefore, we have repeatedly found her talking about how her son is important to her- be it in award acceptance speeches or in talk shows. Hence, it is only natural that her son will inspire some of her music and she would dedicate some to them. So, he had been the root source of inspiration for some tracks in 25 which was her third studio album of Adele. Moreover, the track “Remedy” particularly was for and to him. Additionally. He significantly impacted the track “Sweetest Devotion” which is the closer track for the album. This is because there is a recording of his voice in both the intro and outro of the song.

Angelo Adkins FAQs

Why does Angelo have Adele’s last name?

So, as we already know Angelo Adkins takes his last name from her extremely famous mother Adele. This is because when she conceived with her then-boyfriend Simon Conecki they were not married. Moreover, they did marry in 2018 when he was grown a bit but soon divorced. Since then he has retained his mother’s surname but both of them co-parent him.

Does Adele’s son Angelo live with her?

Well, technically mostly yes. Last year in an interview she revealed that both she and Simon share joint custody over him. Hence, they have organized their schedules in such a way that both of them can sufficiently spend time with Angelo Adkins. At that time, he used to live just across the street from where Adele and Angelo lived. So, there would be frequent meet-ups and they would often have movie nights. Therefore, they have a lot of quality time together which they manage to find for their son.

How old was Adele when she had her baby?

So, Adele took birth on 5th May 1988. On the other hand, she had Angelo on 19th October 2012. Therefore, at the time she had her baby, she was only 24 years old. At that time, she was with her then-boyfriend Simon Conecki. He is Angelo Adkins’ father. However, now the couple is split and they parent the child together.

Does Adele’s mum live with her?

In one of her interviews, Adele revealed that she stays with her mother. Moreover, as per reports, she bought an apartment in London worth $9,50,000 for her mother in 2013.

Is Adele married to Rich Paul?

There had been a lot of rumors stating she and Rich Paul are married. However, Adele denied all of them. In fact, they are not even engaged. But at the same time, she stated that she is very much in love with him and can see herself getting married again, sooner or later.

Who has Adele’s son?

So, Adele’s son Angelo Adkins is primarily under her care though his father also regularly comes over. However, when Adele is not in the UK, there is always her family to look after the child. But, as she is planning to move to Las Vegas permanently to live with Rich Paul, we are yet to know what happens to Angelo or where he stays.

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