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Angelina Jolie: Dad, Mother, Kids & Divorce

Not many celebrities can show off the quantity of promotion as well as press starlet Angelina Jolie gets in the limelight. From her moms and dads to her sibling and even her charming connections, each part of her life has been read by fans and papers alike. But among all the glamour and glamour of the limelight is a benefactor as well as generous. In her quest to aid the less lucky, Jolie embrace children and thanks to that. She currently has among one of the most preferred and racially varied households in the United States.

Unlike her career, which has a massive success story, Jolie’s family life, till lately, had riddled with dissatisfaction. First, her parents split means a year after she was birthed, and then as a grown-up, she tried thrice to construct a household with three guys, all of which fell short. Let’s take a look at more details about Angelina Jolie Dad.

She initially got married to Jonny Lee Miller in 1996 only for the union to evacuate in 1999; after that, she attempted again with Billy Bob Thornton, yet the marriage would once again last for only 2-3 years. Because her third marriage with Brad Pitt, whom she wed in 2014, stopped working, Angelina Jolie has turned to be the sole parent of her family.

Angelina Jolie and Her Family Background

Angelina Jolie was born right into a house of star power on June 4, 1975. Born in the City of Angels, California, Jolie is the daughter of acclaimed celebrities Jonathan Vincent ‘Jon’ Voight and Marcia Lynne ‘Marcheline’ Bertrand. Yet before the celebrity pair obtained wed, Voight was united to starlet Lauri Peters who he married in 1962 before they got separation in 1967.

It was shortly after the separation that Voight, as well as Bertrand, was satisfied and started dating. In 1971, the duo celebrated marriage and stayed together until reports of extra-marital affairs began to surface. Points began getting rough with the marital relationship, and eventually, Voight and Bertrand separated in 1976. Jolie’s mommy declared separation in 1978 and, in 1980, formally wrapped up the divorce. When her parents legally separated, Jolie and her sibling dealt with her mommy. While the family members she has constructed for herself are large and racially varied, the one she was born into is prevalent.

Barry Voight and Chip Taylor

While the previous is a prominent writer, designer, and volcanologist who has served numerous colleges in America as a professor of geology, the last is a well-known songwriter. Chip is understood to have created tunes like “Wild Thing” and “Angel of the Morning”. Angelina’s older bro called James Haven Voight, is additionally a prominent actor as well as producer.

Angelina Jolie’s origin has mapped to Slovakia and the Germanic ethnic group with her papa’s side. Her daddy’s mother’s grandparents were German immigrants, whereas his concerned grandparents were Slovak immigrants. From her mother’s side, the prominent actress has French-Canadian, Dutch, and German heritage. Angelina’s family members background is rather diverse but mainly of European beginning. As you would soon find out, this is not the instance for the family members she has constructed for herself.

Angelina Jolie’s Dad Marriage & Divorce

Angelina Jolie’s parents, Jon Voight, and Marcheline Bertrand, apparently fulfilled after his “Midnight Cowboy” function earned him an Oscar election in 1970. Bertrand was only an aspiring starlet when she satisfied Voight. Things took place rapidly for the two that they obtained wed in 1971. The wedding saw the beginning of Jolie and her older sibling; however, they couldn’t endure a decade as the couple divided in 1975 and officially ended their marriage in 1980.

Marcheline Bertrand was an American starlet recognized for her humanitarian works before her fatality. While she is primarily kept in mind as the ex-wife of Jon Voight and the mother of Angelina Jolie, she accomplished pretty much as a performer and an altruistic. Birthed and elevated in Illinois, two younger brothers or sisters, Marcheline Bertrand, would later attend Beverly Hills High School in California after her family members moved to the state. After picking up the interest rate in acting, she researched with Lee Strasberg before her acting job took off in1971, the same year she got wed to Jon Voight.

Few More Details on Angelina Jolie’s Dad

In the stated year, Bertrand played Connie in an episode of “Ironside”. As claimed by her child, her career was derailed by her marriage to Jon as she sacrificed it to focus on being a mom and a housewife. That discusses why much wasn’t learnt through Marcheline until she separated Jon Voight in 1980.

In the years that adhered to the divorce, she was seen in tasks like “Look in’ to Go out” (1982) and “The Man Who Enjoyed Women” (1983 ). She entered into production years later and was the exec producer of tasks like “Trudell” (2005), among others. Although Marcheline Bertrand applied for divorce from Jon in1978, she had separated from him about two years previously. Commonly reported that Jon cheated on her. They finalized their divorce in 1980 as well as the actress was entrusted to care for Angelina and her bro.

Angelina Jolie Mom Marcheline Bertrand Struggled With Cancer

After her divorce with Voight, she dated lobbyist and artist John Trudell for some time, developing the All Tribes Foundation– a non-profit supporting the financial and cultural survival of Native peoples– with him.

She also co-founded the Offer Love Offer organization, which increases awareness about women with cancer cells. Bertrand died in 2007 after struggling with ovarian as well as bust cancer for about eight years. It was way back in 1999 that she was identified with ovarian cancer cells. After she handed down the 27th of January 2007, it distributed that her will had divulged that Jon Voight still owed her $180,000 in spousal assistance.

Based on what Angelina Jolie shared about her mommy, they had a fantastic relationship with the woman washer pal. This showed in Marcheline Bertrand’s will, which named Jolie and also her older bro as co-executors.

Jon Voight: Angelina Jolie’s Dad

Jon Voight is an American actor that captured the limelight in 1969 when he starred as would-be gigolo Joe Dollar in the flick Midnight Cowboy. He continued his rise in the movie industry throughout the 70s with movies like Delivery, Upcoming House, and The Champ. He has won numerous honours over the years of his acting career, including an Academy Honor, 4 Golden Globe Honors, and a BAFTA Honor, among others. Born in Yonkers, New York City, Jon attended an all-boys Catholic college in White Plains, New York.

It went to the college, Archbishop Stepinac Secondary School, that he began acting. He would certainly later finish at The Catholic University of America and brighten his acting abilities at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater before he set out to come to be a specialist actor. Before Jon obtained his innovation in 1969, he was seen in numerous TV collections like Naked City (1963 ), Summertime Fun (1963 ), WEB Play House (1966 ), noon High (1966 ), Cimarron Strip (1968 ), and more.

Gradually, he has likewise operated in various other abilities in the movie industry, from creating to writing, guiding, and what have you. He is the exec producer of projects like The Fixer (1998 ), Baby Geniuses (1999 ), The Princess & the Barrio Young Boy (2000 ), and also The Last Track (2014 ). Jon is the supervisor of the 1995 TV movie The Tin Soldier and has also been attributed as the author of Endless time (1990) and Lookin’ to Go Out (1982 ).

Angelina Jolie’s Relationship With Her Dad

Unlike what she had with her late mommy, Angelina Jolie’s connection with her dad has been rocky. The genesis of their unstable connection has been traced back to childhood; it is commonly held that Jolie was unhappy with her dad for dishonesty on her mom and abandoning the household. In one of the interviews she had in 2004, she revealed that she wasn’t chatting with her father.

Revealing that “families are made”, the actress said she had had an off-and-on connection with the man. Earlier in 2002, it flowed that the starlet legally dropped her papa’s name, “Voight”, as her last name. She filed a request to go down the title in July 2002 and gave it in September that same year. Whatever it was that prompted the relocation remained unidentified. Still, after Jolie applied, Jon grumbled in a meeting that the starlet had maintained his grandchild (Maddox) far from him.

He additionally asked his child to obtain assistance for her psychological issues. Replying to the interview, Angelina Jolie refused to divulge why she and her papa do not manage.

Nevertheless, she insisted that it wasn’t healthy for her to be around Jon. One more instance that revealed the actress had had a fractious connection with her papa was in 2013 when she bestowed the Jean Her shot Humanitarian Award. She took to the platform to provide a touching speech regarding her mom and the influence she carried on her life. She likewise said thanks to Brad Pitt that has her fiancé back then and her kids, disregarding her dad, who was sitting in the target market. Also saw that she refused to position with him for pictures at the occasion.

Sorting Their Relationship

Even as the starlet had declared that she didn’t feel near to her while maturing, they have been trying to work things out as well as have gotten on good terms in recent times. Jolie, as soon as shared she, entered acting to aid her mom in pay expenses. This has been analyzed over the years to suggest that Jon stopped working to give financial support to his ex-wife and children after their separation. However, the expert actor has maintained that this is not so. He tried for years to repair the relationship between his children and their late mommy.

Adding that he provided continuous assistance and “large amounts of cash”, Jon expressed that it was heartbreaking for his youngsters to portray him as an unconcerned dad. He described this as a lack of ability for Jolie as well as her brother to let go of “years of configured anger from their mom.”

The good news is that all of their issues appear to be in the past currently as father and child have been working hard towards having a good relationship, and it seems to be going well for them.

Records have it that Angelina Jolie’s kids activated the reconnection between the starlet and also her father. The actress acknowledged this at some point in 2017, revealing she and her dad have familiar with each other through the youngsters. “We are locating a brand-new connection,” she claimed. Verifying that they become part of each other’s lives, Angelina Jolie disclosed that they could push their relationship ahead by not talking about the past.

Based upon what she shared, they hadn’t chatted for about six years before her mom passed away. When Marcheline Bertrand handed down in January 2007, Joile had to call Jon to educate him concerning the growth. It noted the beginning of the mission to fix their distinctions.

James Haven Voight

Angelina Jolie’s older bro and only sibling, James Haven Voight, is an American star, manufacturer, supervisor, and author. Sanctuary was born on May 11, 1973, in Los Angeles.

He participated in Beverly Hills Secondary school as well as the College of South Carolina College of Cinema-Television.

Additionally, he obtained a George Lucas Award for a movie he guided while in college and also is understood to have directed Court of Principles, a 2015 short film starring his father. He is likewise attributed as the executive producer of Trudell (2005 ), That’s Our Mary (2011 ), and also Easy Silence (2014) but has thrived extra as an actor, depicting several characters on both the tiny and also cinemas. To the best of our expertise, it was in 1998 that James Sanctuary pulled off his first job as an expert actor.

He seen in Gia, a TV movie, as well as in Hell’s Kitchen. He remained energetic in the industry throughout the years that followed till 2014. Because he played Trent in a short film titled Easy Silence (2014 ), a lot hasn’t spoken with him as a star.

James and Angelina Jolie Drifted Apart

James stayed away from the glamour world until January 2021 when he saw at his partner’s home in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, amidst claims that he and her sibling are no longer as close as they were as soon as they were. Also, James is thought to be dating Ashley Power, a karate instruction. He has primarily evaded promotion in the past few years however had been spotted in public a couple of times with Ashley. Angelina Jolie and her sibling have constantly had a good partnership, apart from current records that suggest or else. Back in 2000 at the 72nd Academy Honors, Jolie won the most effective Sustaining Starlet gong for her role in Lady, Disrupted (1999), and she passionately kissed James on the lips, which sparked incest reports.

More Details

However, later clarified that the kiss was nothing but an expression of her sisterly affection towards James. It just seem enthusiastic because the starlet is extremely psychological that day. As it is the day their late mom receive her initial cancer cells therapy. In short, I knew the siblings to be inseparable. Eventually, James Place functioned full time as a nanny for Angelina’s youngsters. If one should believe every little thing reported, the siblings are no longer as friendly as before.

It states that they no longer spend time together or speak as frequently as they use to. Like her sis, James likewise had a troubled connection with his papa. He once stated that his papa made him embrace “aiding widows and also orphans” his religion. James subjected his mother to years of psychological abuse, and also it made him enthusiastic about helping abandoned ladies and youngsters. Sanctuary lawfully removed Voight as his surname during the years he estranged from his daddy. Fortunately, he was able to accommodate Jon Voight after his mommy’s death.

Angelina Jolie & Her Kids

It’s no secret that Angelina Jolie is a mother of 6 (6) kids. She brought to life three of them and adopted the staying three from various nations as part of her philanthropic efforts. After Brad Pitt and Jolie got together, Pitt took place to embrace the youngsters himself in early 2006. With that, Angelina Jolie’s kids had their surnames effectively altered from Jolie to Jolie-Pitt.


He embraced when Jolie is still with her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton. Born on August 5, 2001, the couple located him in a Cambodian orphanage. He legally adopted as one of Angelina Jolie’s children on March 10, 2002. Records show Maddox aspires to be in the movie industry like his moms and dads. He was a production assistant in the 2015 movie. By the Sea and an executive manufacturer of the 2017 project, First They Eliminated My Dad. As a star, he saw in 2013’s World War Z.


She embraced three years after Maddox. Born on January 8, 2005, she adopts from an Addis Ababa, Ethiopia orphanage. She joined Angelina Jolie’s youngsters when she was six months old. Zahara was legitimately embracing on July 6, 2005, and her birth name is Tena Adam. She transformed her name to Zahara Marley Jolie when the prominent starlet adopted her and once again to Marley when Brad Pitt decided to embrace Jolie’s kids. Zahara, like her brother, has additionally had a go in the movie industry. She gave the voice of the personality, Meng Meng, in the animated movie Kung-Fu Panda 3 (2016) and is additionally for her function in VH1: All Gain Access To (2001 ).

After the birth of their initial child together, Pitt and Jolie took on an additional child, this time from Vietnam. Born on November 29, 2003, Pax turn into one of Angelina Jolie’s kids when he was three years of age. He legitimately embraced on March 2007 by Jolie, and on February 2008, by Pitt.

Being the primary biological offspring in Angelina Jolie’s household, the media buzz bordering Shiloh’s birth was enormous. Shiloh was born on May 27, 2006, in Swakopmund, Namibia, as a method of staying clear of the media frenzy anticipated to follow her birth in the United States. Jolie and Pitt marketed pictures of her as an infant to Individuals, and Hey there! Publications to the tune of $4.1 and $3.5 million specifically; all the money contributes to UNICEF. Reports recommend that Shiloh identifies as a man and also intends to refer John instead. From what he collected, her moms and dads have been very supportive of her in this regard. She is additionally a starlet recognize for her functions in VH1: All Accessibility (2001) and Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016 ).

Knox and Vivienne

They were born on July 12, 2008, in Nice, France. They offered baby images of the doubles to Individuals, and Hey there! Magazines for a reported $14 million. Gave the cash away to the Jolie-Pitt Structure, developed by the couple in September 2006. Vivienne showed up along with her mom as the 5-year-old Aurora in the 2014 movie, Maleficient. Her twin sibling has also pulled off an acting gig; he articulated Ku in Martial Art Panda 3. It says that the doubles set on having a profession outside the entertainment industry. Vivienne intends to become charitable, while Knox wants to be a technology designer and a software application developer.

Angelina Jolie’s Divorce From Brad Pitt

It remained in September 2016 that Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. Also it noted the start of their legal fight over the wardship of their six kids. Based upon the preceding. It is clear that Brad is the natural father of the starlet’ organic children. He legally adopted the three youngsters that Jolie had embraced before their marital relationship. After she declare divorce, Angelina Jolie cleared a momentary full of kid misuse claims.

It has affirmed that he entered a heated debate with their child Maddox. This is what Jolie opt to end the marital relationship. For the safety and security of the kids. In November 2018, the previous pair reached a wardship agreement that provided Brad even more time with the youngsters. Yet less than 50% protection. He held on to that up until October 2020. When he approached the court once more requiring a 50/50 wardship to their five kids. Maddox had come to be a grown-up now.

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