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What Is a Call to Action?

In 2019 the advertising industry pushed $239 billion dollars into into the United States economy, making advertising one of the most lucrative industries in the country. With billions being spent in ads annually the real question is what is the most important part of an advertisement? Cohesive branding, captivating visuals, or eloquent branding?

None of that actually, the most important part of any advertisement is the call to action (CTA). A strong CTA can make or break a marketing campaign. Even when paired with captivating visuals and robust writing it all comes down to the CTA.

Keep reading to learn what is a CTA and how you can use it to enhance your writing.

What Is a CTA?

A CTA or call to action is a marketing strategy enacted to get your audience to take the desired action. This is typically used at the end or throughout a sales pitch or piece of writing.

CTAs remind readers that they can take action if they feel motivated and inform them of the next steps. Some popular action verbs encourage readers to sign up, register, call, donate, buy, or click here. Because you are seeking immediate action from the reader, it is important to use action verbs to instigate a response.

How Do Calls to Action Work?

A CTA is able to help brands build an audience by encouraging readers to subscribe to listservs or follow them on social media. By list-building, a brand is able to establish rapport amongst a large audience and eventually turn a profit.

CTAs are a tool used to usher prospective leads through the sales funnel. By skillfully guiding your audience to take action, businesses can even convert a passerby into a customer.

By pairing all of your content with a CTA you can ensure that you maintain the reader’s attention. Even when you aren’t pitching a product you should always encourage readers to explore similar articles or pique their curiosity in one way or another.

Writing Tips for SEO

When you are writing evocative content, it is important to work with the search engine algorithm to garner interest for your writing. You can do this by utilizing SEO writing in your writing strategy.

A great way to boost your click-through rate is by incorporating a CTA into your meta description. Search engines allow users to showcase preview messages called meta descriptions.

Because the CTA is a clear encouragement to your readers to take any action, it may be one of the most important elements of persuasive writing. By incorporating keywords and other SEO tools into your writing you can easily convert large audiences to your brand.

Utilize a Call to Action in Your Writing

The possibilities for persuasive writers with robust CTAs are limitless. Once you learn to harness your powers of persuasion into succinct action statements, you will be able to impact actual change and influence your readers to take action.

Once you learn what is a CTA, you can start to leverage it to enhance your writing. Liked this article? Connect with us to read more like it.

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