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What Are the Different Types of Manufacturing Tools That Exist Today?

Imagine if the people of 18th century England knew what the industrial revolution meant for the unprecedented advancement of our species! Thanks to the industrial revolution, manufacturing is now one of the largest global industries.

So now there are thousands of manufacturing tools available today used for an incredible amount of processes. Obviously, we won’t be able to cover them all in this short post. However, we’ve decided to pluck out some important tools, along with some of our favorites.

So let’s check out some of the manufacturing tools that exist today.

Hot Foil Stamping

Hot foil stamping is a manufacturing process whereby you use a material like copper to print hot foil writing and graphics onto a surface. You can use semi-rotary foil stamping applications as the manufacturing equipment to do this.

The great thing about this process is the finished print looks elegant and stands out from the crowd. You can enhance many products and packaging, and it’s worth checking out this system if you’re interested in adopting this process: https://universalengraving.com/product-pages/nw-dies-tooling/rotary/copperflex.

Industrial Storage Tanks

Many types of manufacturing require industrial storage tanks for parts of their process. They are designed to store materials in bulk.

These storage tanks need to be durable and very strong so that they can contain various types of content. Stainless steel is often a material that manufacturers like their storage tanks to be made from.

Centrifuge Machines

If you want to separate particulates and liquids with different densities, a proven way to do this is with a centrifuge. They also have other uses in the manufacturing industry that we won’t go into.

Some centrifuges are so powerful they can separate materials down to nano-levels in size! They do this by rotating around a single axis and creating centrifugal force to separate things.

Industrial Mixing Machines

We can consider industrial mixers as one of the manufacturing essentials for many processes. As the name suggests, these machines mix industrial materials and compounds.

Some types of industrial mixers include homogenizer mixers, double arm extruders, and planetary mixers. There are also machines like batch compounders and drum tumbles.


We now have two general types of generators to consider for manufacturing. The first of the two is classic electric generators, and now we have solar generators making their way into industrial practices.

Many manufacturers have generators for an energy supply backup if there is a power cut. The benefit of using solar generators is that the energy costs are zero (apart from the initial setup costs involved).


If you want to transport fluids in manufacturing, compressors do this job for you. Compressors pump your chosen fluid through a pipeline to locations near and far.

Of course, you’ll need extremely powerful compressors to send liquids hundreds or even thousands of miles. An example of this process in action is oil pipelines.

The Fascinating World of Manufacturing Tools

Manufacturing tools have made all our lives easier in some way or another. Nearly all of the products in our home, the clothes we wear, and the transport we use were made with manufacturing tools.

So thank you for checking out this short post on manufacturing tools. If you found it interesting, please take a moment to check out some of our other blog posts.

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