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5 Scents That Will Help to Elevate Your Mood

Have you ever gotten a whiff of something that immediately transported you back to a memory? Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses and triggers for our bodies and brains. A smell can not only bring us back to a moment in the past but elevate mood as well.

Many different scents can impact how you’re feeling. Check out some of the best scents you can use when you need a bit of a boost.


Lavender is a very common scent used by fragrance companies and in aromatherapy. It is one of the natural scents that can create a calming atmosphere and help soothe anxiety. If you need a moment to relax and catch your breath, lavender is a great scent to help your mood.

You might be wondering what is the best way to get a great scent out into the space you’re in. For some, wearing perfume works well. You can also use a diffuser, like the AromaTech Scent diffuser, which can give you the scent throughout the room so you can enjoy it without lifting a finger.


If you’re looking for a more meditative state of mind, sandalwood is perfect for you. This scent is warm and smooth and will allow you to feel more sensual and comfortable in your skin.


If you’re looking for a mood boost, bergamot is a great scent for some sensory stimuli. It’s used often by fragrance companies as notes on all levels. It gives you a fresh boost and can help wake you up and help you refresh from an off moment.


When you need a reminder to roll your shoulders back and stand up a little straighter, take a whiff of jasmine. This natural scent helps you with confidence ad can get you back to feeling your best.

Floral scents in general can be good for the mood, as well as citrus smells like bergamot. So you can mix it with other options if you’re feeling adventurous or want a new perfume.


Peppermint isn’t often used in things like perfumes because it can be overpowering, but for a mood boost, it is a great choice. Mint can wake you up, give you a fresh outlook, and also help you breathe better when you’re sick. It opens you up and makes you more stimulated.

Elevate Mood With Elevated Scents

Whether you prefer to boost your mood with the perfect perfume or relax while a scent diffuser works its magic, take advantage of all we know about scents and how they can be used as sensory stimuli. If you’ve been feeling down and out, you may only need a quick smell to help you feel ready to take on another day.

When you want to elevate mood with smells, make sure you consider which will be best for your situation. You might not want to lower anxiety with lavender but instead, boost your confidence with jasmine. If this helped you feel more able to gain a mood boost from the right smell, keep reading for more useful tips.

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