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Toy News: 15 Items You Had in the 90’s That Are Worth a Fortune

90’s trends are currently making a comeback in fashion and home decor. This 90’s mania is making everyone interested in 90’s vintage toys.

This is great news if you want to sell your old hoard and make some quick cash. You probably have some old toys worth money, just sitting in your closet!

Keep reading this toy news bulletin for fifteen vintage toys worth big bucks in 2022.

1. Sax-A-Boom

This red, yellow, and purple plastic saxophone toy was made famous by Jack Black on Jimmy Fallon. Jack professes himself to be a devoted Sax-a-boom player, and suddenly you can’t find any on eBay. The rare one does occasionally pop up, but not for less than $500.

2. Beanies With Tag Defects

The most valuable beanie babies have tag defects or irregularities in their plush, eyes, or embellishments. However, there are some beanies that are rare on their own.

For example, Brownie is one of the original beanies. He resembles Cubbie, his successor. But if you can find one marked “Brownie,” it is worth almost $2000 on eBay.

For more info on valuable beanie babies, check out this Beanie Baby value guide.

3. Vintage Sky Dancers

If you can find original ones made in Japan in the 90s, they are valued at about $200. Currently, there are none listed on eBay, proof of how rare and in-demand they are.

4. Polly Pocket

These tiny plastic sets can fetch about $50 even if they’re open. If you have one mint-in-box, the price can jump to $150.

5. Barbie

Some Barbies from the ’90s are worth hundreds of dollars.

For example, the My Size Rapunzel Barbie is valued at $200. If you collected the Dolls of the World Series, the whole set can fetch $500.

6. Playmobil Victorian Mansion

This playset, if unopened, can be worth $1000. It is also valuable if you opened it, but kept all the pieces. You can even sell individual parts, such as the instruction manual, for around $60.

7. Original Furby

If you have an unopened one from 1998, they can be worth upwards of $200. Rare fur colors, like white, have a resell value closer to $500.

Even if opened, an original 1998 Furby can get you $30.

8. Spice Cam

This Polaroid camera was named after the popular Spice Girls pop group. It came out in 1998 and was customizable with stickers. It was a fully functioning toy camera that came in vibrant hot pink.

If you have one in excellent condition, you can get $100-$200 dollars for it. However, even if you broke the strap or it needs repair, it can still go for $80.

9. Pokemon Cards

The 1999 Charizard holo card, which is a Base Set first edition and therefore “shadowless,” currently has an asking price of $250,000.

If you don’t have this Charizard, you might have the 1995 Charizard holofoil, worth $10,000.

Basically, if you have any Charizard cards from the 90s, you’re probably in clover.

10. Baby All Gone

This fun doll “ate” delicious cherry-scented plastic cherries and “drank” milk! The milk actually disappeared inside the bottle as if by magic. Now, an original Baby All Gone has a resell value of close to $100.

11. Super Soaker Monster XL

This was the largest water gun ever made. These nostalgic 90’s vintage toys can get you $200-$500.

12. Gremlins 2 Gizmo Doll

This toy came out following the 1990 hit movie. Any of the variations can have a resell value of up to $200.

13. Nintendo Mini Classics

These tiny Nintendo games were adorable and functional. The Zelda version is now worth $600, and the Smurfs version $360.

14. American Girl Dolls

If you kept your Samantha or Molly doll in great condition, these vintage toys are now worth upwards of $1000 each.

15. Power Ranger Action Figures

 Even if you played with yours, they can still be worth upwards of $200. They are in high demand due to their nostalgia factor.

Turn This Toy News Bulletin Into Cash!

Now that you are up-to-date on the hottest toy news, go and turn your 90’s vintage toys into some sweet moolah.

Don’t limit yourself to these fifteen; you could have many old toys worth money. Dig them out and enjoy the trip down Nostalgia Lane.

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