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8 Tips for Students Who Want to Get Better at Math

Math is a polarizing subject among students – some love it, others hate it. And it doesn’t come easily to everyone. That’s why there is a myth about some people being naturally prone to it and others being born bad at it.

In reality, there is no such thing as being born a mathematician. It is a human discovery and a skill that can be learned like any other. You do not need to be as brilliant as researchers working for a dissertation writing service or Nobel Prize laureates to nail it. All it takes is practice, devotion, and a positive attitude. If you want to get better at Math, here are some tips that will help you along the way.

Practice More

Yes, it might sound boring, but it is still true. It works the same as any other skill. If you want to be a musician, you need to play an instrument every day. If you want to be better at Math, you need to practice it every day, too.

It helps to achieve mastery and a deep understanding of all the basic concepts that are a foundation for more complex problems. There are lots of online tools, books, exercises, and examples to work on. One can choose the ones that have a step-by-step solution guide, in order to compare your logic to what the exercise intended.

Break It Down

Math is sequential – it means that any complex problem can be broken down into smaller and easier concepts. And only when you nail easy and fundamental concepts can you move on to the next stage.

If a student cannot solve a particular problem, there is always an easier one to solve. When you deal with a complex task, break it down into small concepts and go one by one with them. Practice each one until you are confident in your skill. After that, you can move to the next level.

Learn From Mistakes

Mistakes are not to be feared. They are a great opportunity to identify knowledge gaps and have a better understanding of Math concepts. When you get a wrong result, take time to go through the logic and the path you’ve taken and find where exactly the mistake was. Compare it to the correct solution and see what misled you.

It can be a simple case of wrong multiplication. But it also can be a sign that some of the smaller concepts aren’t clear enough. Then it is time to work on it specifically.

Use Real-Life Examples

Some might argue that Math is abstract and not applicable to real life. But it is not exactly true. We do use it every day – when we split the bill or decide whether half of the gas tank will be enough to get to the mall.

A great thing to stay motivated is to use problems that correspond to real life. When you get an opportunity to solve a problem with Math concepts – go for it. It can be something as simple as figuring out what percentage of salary you need to save to buy a new laptop at the end of the year. Or maybe how much sleep you will get if you get to bed right now.

Using math to solve real world problems

Use Online Tools

There are lots of helpful websites and resources that can help one learn more.

For example, many great mobile apps offer daily exercises and new problems to solve.

Symbolab is a website that can help to solve any problem. It is very helpful when you’ve tried everything and could not get a solution. The best part is that it shows the solution step by step so you can follow and learn the logic behind it.

Paul’s Online Math Notes is a platform that offers all types of notes and informational materials. They are comprehensive and easy to follow, whether it is a tutorial on calculus or differential equation. And all of the notes are downloadable.

Arcademics has another approach – it is a game-based learning platform. Here, one can learn simple concepts in a fun and entertaining way.


It is a well-established fact that understanding is much more efficient in this subject than learning by heart. It means that if you understand the concept, it is going to be easier to remember the formula and apply it. Math is a logical thing; everything here is reasonable and has an explanation behind it. So when one gets a better grip on this logic, it is easier to comprehend even the complex concepts.

For example, when you get a new problem or topic, try a problem-solving approach. Yes, try to solve it as you think is right before learning the solution. This way one understands the problem and the logic behind it better. It is always better to understand than to just memorize something you do not get.

Create Prompts with Formulas

Those who have a hard time remembering formulas need to create notes and prompts with them. For example, one can create study cards with all the essential formulas and go over them regularly.

Another great trick is to write them on paper and hang them on the wall right beside your laptop, near the bed, or at the kitchen table. Somewhere your eyes will land constantly.

Consider a Study Buddy

It is not the ultimate solution, but it can be truly helpful for some to find outside help. There are many ways to get it, for example with a tutor, study buddy, or learning group (offline or online).

It can help to get explanations, objective outside perspective, and work together on problems. And it can be much more fun to do it together.

In Summary

Math is not a secret knowledge available to the chosen one. It is a skill that anyone can learn if they are willing to devote time and energy to it. Be mindful of the exercises, practice more, apply the concepts to real life, and use technology to help you out.

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