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Theneurosphere’s Main Project Success

Theneurosphere has successfully presented its innovative SYPWAI project to the world. Today, the third stage of testing of the program is being completed, which allows artificial intelligence to master the ability to learn.

Scientists have been working in the field of neural networks for more than a dozen years. During this time, incredible results have been achieved. One can observe how the very first developments appeared, for example, computer chess, where a computer played the role of one of the players. Over time, such developments as self-driving cars became available to mankind. All these technologies were developed thanks to the active work on the improvement of artificial intelligence.

The idea of creating the SYPWAI project came to the Theneurosphere team of scientists several years ago. They’ve managed to develop a project aimed at improving the work of artificial intelligence. Thanks to the platform, machine training becomes possible. They will be able to process even more received data and produce faster and more accurate results. The team worked for several years to develop the idea and became the winner of the grant in the amount of $ 90 million. This was the first step towards starting the project.

SYPWAI: Successful Testing

Each development connected with a neural network goes through several stages. The SYPWAI project has already completed initial development, has been tested in its own laboratory, and has also successfully tested the beta version of the program. Now developers are preparing for the fourth stage – release candidate. At this stage, complex testing is already behind, all the problems and errors were eliminated. Once the fourth stage is successfully completed, the program will be fully ready for release.

As mentioned above, Theneurosphere is currently conducting preliminary testing of the release candidate. That is, all the previous stages were completed successfully, but nevertheless, errors may appear during the fourth stage that will require elimination. But this does not prevent users from connecting to the platform on a daily basis. Today, there are several thousand of them, and more are emerging every day. Investors are also actively involved in financing the project. Its rapid development and prospects inspire confidence among large companies that are ready to invest in it, and also make contracts for the right to use the product.

The SYPWAI project is a new stage in the development of neural networks. Before, the only way to improve a particular product was to create a new one, but thanks to the active work of Theneurosphere, today you can easily work with existing products, training them and transferring new information with which they have to work. “Smart computers” will be able to significantly improve the technologies used by the whole world. A finished product will be useful for both large companies and ordinary users. It can be used to analyze large amounts of data or can be used in gadgets that almost every inhabitant of the planet now owns.

Conclusion On Theneurosphere’s SYPWAI Project

Theneurosphere developers do not make predictions on the speed of development of their neural network, however, the results of beta testing showed that the work is being done successfully, which means that experts have to continue to work and give the world a new, innovative product. There are only two stages left and scientists will be able to fulfill the dream that prompted them to create this project – it will be available for use by everyone who needs it.


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