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Google SERP Position Checker to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

Creating a website is the best way to advertise and sell your products or services online. However, creating an effective website requires effort and knowledge of so-called SEO techniques. To attract traffic to your website, your online content must be crafted carefully. For example, you have to include a set of keywords that are relevant to your niche.

When a potential customer types any of those keywords on a search engine like Google, your site has more chances to appear on the SERP. How can you know for sure that your site will appear on a SERP for a given keyword? Well, you have to use a special software tool, namely a SERP checker online. This tool allows you to do the said analysis more easily.

The best SERP checker you can find online is available at It is commonly used by pro SEO and digital marketing teams. This tool provides you with all the necessary information to know how your website compares to your SEO competitor. Do you want to know more about how this software can help you? Then, feel free to read the following review.

Google SERP Position Checker to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Website

What Does a SERP Position Checker Do?

A SERP checker tool shows what your position on a SERP is for a given keyword. Ideally, your site should appear at the top of the list. But this is not easy to achieve if you don’t include the best keyword on your site’s content. How can you know what the best keyword is? Well, you can analyze SERPs for different keywords and identify the site and the keyword that attract the most traffic. Then, you can use this keyword in your local site to replicate the success. Also Check – How to Get Into a Freelance Accounting

The SERP checker online by allows you to do such an analysis. You may wonder, why do I need such a tool in the first place? Strictly speaking, you can do the analysis manually, right? But it would take a lot of your time if you need to check hundreds of keywords. Moreover, this specific tool has some special features such as:

  • It allows comparing SERP results for desktop and mobile versions of your site. It is known that Google ranks higher the websites that optimized for online searching;
  • SERP checker allows you to compare SERP results for searches performed in different geolocations. This feature is useful to target specific markets depending on their location;
  • It allows you to compare SERP results for different search engines (Google and Bing, for example);
  • You can compare up to 10 different SERPs;
  • The data can be easily exported to your desktop computer for further analysis.

As seen, the SERP position checker by can help you to improve the ranking of your site. This will attract more organic traffic. Alternatively, it can be used to make important business decisions. For example, you could select the best retailer to whom you can sell your products as a white label.


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