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The Ultimate Guide On How To Prepare For College/University

It looks like you’ve just finished high school or are about to, and you are preparing for your new college life. It could be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There are many things you have to figure out before and after starting college. You may have to leave home and live in the college hostel or dorm, and other changes will happen.

So, there are so many new things that you have to learn and get to learn throughout the process. Let’s help you with your university preparation.

University Entrance

First thing, if you haven’t decided which college or university you want to take admission in, get some about the best options for you. If you have already figured out your choices, the next thing is to gain admission to the college of your choice.

There are many ways a university or college enrolls students. They might take an entrance test, or the enrollment is merit-based, or it could be both. Any instructions want the best freshers, so try to get every opportunity to represent your credits.

If it is entrance-based admission, then prepare for it and nail it. But, entrance-based exams are not easy to crack, and the number of students trying to get into a good college only gets more challenging. Most students struggle with getting into a college of their choice. That’s why you need a university prep tutor. They will not only help you with your upcoming college exam but with the school as well. If you’ll get more grades in school, more chances to get into a good college. It is hard to organize time and prepare for tests; A university prep tutor can help. University prep tutors will focus more on the subjects that you are struggling in.

And if you have difficulty understanding in school, with a tutoring service, you can choose the teacher who makes learning fun and easy.

If you are planning to study in a different country, there are whole other criteria to follow. Therefore proper counseling is required. You will benefit if you join an orientation program as an international student in a different country.

Reach out to Seniors and Mentors

You are intelligent and independent enough to make your choice and decision. But good advice should always be appreciated. Reach out to someone who you trust and who has prior and foremost knowledge about your concerns.

They might have studied the same subject or in the same institution; they might be your teachers or your soon-to-be seniors. If you are going to study abroad, someone studying abroad or attending classes can help you with planning and stuff.


We can’t forget that education is not free and you are still a student; you probably don’t have a job. Even if you have a part-time job, it wouldn’t be enough to pay for college. So, try to get some scholarship that will help with your college fees. Another thing is to get a student loan that you can pay later or in installments.

Make a Budget! Money Management is essential for a college student. The expenses are going to increase from the accommodation, transportation, food, fees and everything else. Take every student discount you get, don’t shy it away. And save money, if you can.

One piece of advice is not to get a job during the first year of college, as it is crucial to spend on your studies and other college activities. But, it’s up to you.


Before leaving for University or college, make sure you have a place to live there. Colleges provide hostels or dorm rooms for students. Or you can get your room or apartment. You can also share a room with fellow students; it will cut your expenses a bit. Getting a room from college is a better option if it provides every basic necessity because it is cheaper.

You may be planning to stay at home and travel to college regularly. That’s a good option too. However, if your home is too far from your institution, it will take a lot of time to get to college. That leads to our next point. Also Read – Helping Tools for Students Who Struggle to Write


If you have a private vehicle, that will save some time. But if you don’t then, get to know about public transportation better.


Food is something fundamental, and we don’t pay enough attention to it. Once you are a college student, you are more self-dependent. So, learn to cook as well. It will save you some extra money that you otherwise have spent on fast food or ordered food. Those options aren’t even healthy. And for a healthy mind, you need a healthy body, and for that, you need healthy food. Also Read – How to Mentally Prepare for Studying Abroad


Now, so much planning for what if you are not going to pay attention to your studies. I mean, that’s the whole point of going to college. Right?

Focus, Focus, and Focus. Try to keep with schedules, assignments, studies, and exams. Once you start taking classes, concentrate on your studies and ask every question you have. Take help from teachers, seniors, and even fellow students. Make notes according to your style, or do what suits you. Exchange notes with other students in this way, you will get better knowledge.


Being organized is not everyone’s cup of tea. Still, you have to learn this skill for and during college. Organization and time management are essential for a student. So, learning to be organized will benefit you in every aspect of life, whether it’s student life or working life.

Participation and Extra Credits

During college life, we learn a lot of things. Therefore participate in college fests, sports, clubs, volunteering, and competitions. You can join in your favorite sport or anything. You will learn different skills, socialize, and you will build confidence in yourself.

Participation in different events will give you extra credits, which will help you with your grades.

Fun and Friends

Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun. You are not getting this time of your life back. So enjoy it for what it is, make the best out of it. It is the time where we make friends for life and memories to cherish forever. Read – Essential Daily Habits That Will Improve Your College Life


So, all the best for your new journey. Don’t get too overwhelmed. Even if you couldn’t figure out everything before college, you’ll learn a lot during college too. Have fun, do your best in academics, and learn everything from everyone.

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