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How To Choose The Right Wall Decor For Your Space?

Your house stands on walls, and for interior designing, wall art can make your home look stand out.

The Wall of a house makes you feel secure and separate from the world. But walls can also change the look of your home. They can make it look bland or lively, depending upon the wall decor. So walls shouldn’t be left out from designing and have their decor.

No! It is not tricky to decorate your wall. If you go the right way, you can never go wrong. Frames, Statement pieces, gallery wall, wallpaper, mirrors, wall embroidery, greenery? And whatnot? You have endless options. Just choose the one that goes well with your theme.

You can decorate the wall around the interior design of your house, or you can design your home around the wall decor.

Here are some suggestions to choose wall decor:

1. Canvases and Art pieces

Canvases or frames are the first things that come to mind when we think about wall decor. Right?

But keep in mind that the size of the rooms and Canvases should be comparable. Here is why, So if there is a small room and small ceiling, going for a big canvas or art piece will make your room dense or compact.

How To Choose The Right Wall Decor

Therefore choose the canvas prints and art pieces according to your space.
Some points to focus on:

  • Choose the size of the art or canvas according to the size of the room. Big rooms can accommodate big canvases or multiple art pieces. Small rooms, on the other hand, compliment small canvases and art pieces.
  • Positioning is important too. Hanging wall arts shouldn’t be touching upholstery. It should be some distance from the furniture, that is at least 15cm above.
  • Decorate walls of rooms like kitchen and bathroom, but with small canvases, so it shouldn’t take away the space.
  • There are mini (25-44cm), small, medium (60-70cm), large (80-100cm), and oversized canvases or frames. Choose wisely.

Canvaspop makes handcrafted customized Canvases. You can choose your canvas print, or you can put your print on canvas: customized size and wood choice. Hold On! Not just that, but the color of your choice. Colour? Yes! Let’s talk about that too.

2. Colors

While designing your space, one thing you never overlook is color palettes. The same goes with wall decor.

  • The Colour contrast of wall art with the color of the wall looks bold. If your space has light-colored walls and wants to make it bolder, go for darker-colored wall decor.
  • You can choose the color of wall art according to other art pieces in the room. For the bedroom, a canvas with the same color as pillows and other fabrics, just wow!
  • If you like neon colors, you are afraid you can’t pull them off in your house, like a neon color wall. It’s Okay! You can go with neon-colored wall decor for neutral-colored walls.

Canvaspop does not disappoint us with canvas colors too. Get a canvas of your favorite color or of color that goes well with the decor. Also Read – How to Install Solar Panels: A Basic Guide for Homeowners

3. Where on the wall?

Good question. As we said, Positioning is essential. Any room has a particular location that is just perfect for wall decor.

  • For Bedrooms, the wall behind the bed can change the whole aesthetic of the room. Put some art on the wall, and it is cozier and heartwarming.
  • In the living room, a gallery wall behind the sofa or in front of the sofa. Some small wall embroidery on the wall behind the TV.
  • The kitchen has less space for wall decor; still, it is possible to put in some wall art. You can put a message board like “Grab your Food”, decorative wall shelves to showcase kitchenware, etc.
  • Bathroom? And the Dining area too? Mounted wall art, unique paintings, prints, wall hanging plants, many options.
  • Remember, every room has its vibe, so choose art accordingly.

choose art accordingly

4. Art style

What is your Art Style? Abstract? Prints? Nature? Peaceful? Bohemian? Or Memes? But really, find your art style and choose wall art according to that.

You may like peaceful landscapes, cute pictures or paintings of animals, flowers, trees, beaded wall art, wall embroidery, bookshelves, art shelves, Canvas Quotes, edgy pictures, Victorian-themed wall art. The list goes on and on. Whatever you choose, speak your art style.

Pick wall decor in line with interior design. For example, minimalist, black and white wall art perfects Scandinavian-themed interior. Wall decor in every room can be different but theme-based.

5. Greenery

A plant shelf or hanging plants can bring life to a plain wall. It is the simplest way of wall decor. You don’t even have to worry about the color of the wall because plants never disappoint and match with any color. So, Go Green!

6. Gallery wall

At this point, we have mentioned the gallery wall a few times. A Gallery wall is Timeless and never going out of trend.

Rather than going for a big canvas print, a feature gallery wall is favorable for bigger rooms. There are different layouts: Grid, Row, Symmetrical, boxed, and freeform.
Gallery walls can be designed around anything like flowers, animals, even shapes.

Collect your Canvas prints or family photos and choose a layout. Size out every frame, position them on the wall and put some nails on them. That’s it.

What are wall Accessories

7. Wall Accessories

What are wall Accessories? Anything from mirrors, plates, rugs, fabric, sculptures, macramé, or embroidery art that can be hung on the wall are wall Accessories.

These small pieces look amazing if designed well. An amazing part is that you can easily find these things in your home, or you can craft them yourself. Have fancy plates? Hang them on the wall. Easy. Right.

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Final Words:

By now, You must have many ideas for wall decor. In the end, it’s all about experimenting. Shop some great canvas prints or art pieces or make something on your own. I hope these tips helped you choose the right wall art.

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