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The Simplicity of Choosing the Best Water Damage Restoration Company

Whether you’ve survived a storm or have a burst pipe, water damage can cause about $10,850 in losses. You could lose cherished possessions or discover serious water damage throughout your home. Neglecting to get help after a natural disaster could put your health at risk.

Instead, use these tips to find the best water damage restoration company in your area. Having their number on hand will help you prepare for an emergency. If you have a flooded home, you’ll know who to call.

It’s important to call a restoration company right away. Otherwise, mold could grow and spread throughout your home.

Instead, start your search for an experienced, certified contractor with these tips today.

1. Years of Experience

First, head online and Google “water damage restoration company near me.” Make a list of options. You can also speak with friends, family members, and neighbors for referrals.

Once you have a few companies on your list, look into each one. Doing your due diligence can give you peace of mind in your choice.

First, visit each company’s Better Business Bureau listing. Determine how long each company has operated in the area. Make sure they’re an established local business.

Some teams follow natural disasters. They could leave before you need their services. Instead, look for an established business with years of experience.

Determine how long the owner has worked in the industry. Consider how much experience their employees have, too.

Before hiring a restoration company, ask who will arrive at your home. Consider how many water damage restoration projects they’ve worked on. How many of those projects were recent?

You’ll have peace of mind knowing an experienced, qualified team is on the job.

A long-established restoration company has likely outlasted competing businesses. Chances are, they’ve earned the respect of local clients, too.

Established, experienced businesses have learned over time as well. They likely have a process in mind for handling water damage. They’ll know exactly what to do to save your flooded home.

2. Training and Certification

Before choosing a water damage restoration company, review their credentials. Look for a certified contractor. Make sure their entire team is licensed, certified, and trained.

Make sure their documents are up-to-date, too. If their certification is outdated, look elsewhere.

The best companies will have the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Ask what training the technicians complete. How often do they complete their training?

Choosing a qualified, trained team will give you peace of mind before they start working on your property.

3. License, Bonding, Insurance

As you review each company’s paperwork, make sure they’re licensed as well. Make sure they’re registered to operate in the state you live in. Remember, some companies follow natural disasters instead of working locally.

Make sure the company is bonded and insured, too.

They should have comprehensive liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. Their liability insurance will cover you if anyone damages your home. Worker’s compensation protects your best interests if someone is hurt on the job.

You won’t have to worry that the company will hold you liable if there’s an accident.

Make sure their license, bonding, and insurance are up-to-date. If their coverage has lapsed, look elsewhere.

4. A Strong Reputation

Every water damage restoration company will try to convince you that they’re the best in the business. You don’t have to take their word for it. Instead, ask each restoration company for references and reviews.

Try to speak with at least three of their recent clients. What do their clients have to say?

You can ask the clients if they were satisfied with the services they received. Ask if they experienced any issues with the company, too. Make sure the company you choose is easy to work with.

Check their BBB profile to make sure they don’t have any major complaints lodged against them, either. Otherwise, check their Google My Business listing for reviews.

5. Availability

A single hurricane caused $28.5 billion in property damage for flooding alone. If you survived a natural disaster, it’s important to call for help right away. Make sure the company you choose isn’t already overbooked.

Ask them about their availability. If they’ll make you wait even a few days, look elsewhere. Within that time, mold can grow through your flooded home.

Instead, look for a company that offers around-the-clock services.

Don’t choose someone who will put you on a long waiting list. If you have to wait, the damage could only get worse.

6. A Guarantee

Before choosing a water damage restoration company, ask for a copy of their contract. Make sure to review it in depth. Look for a guarantee, too.

What if you’re not satisfied with the services you receive? What if you notice mold growth or damp areas after the company leaves?

A company that offers a guarantee will have your best interests in mind. They’ll ensure you receive top-notch services. If you’re not satisfied, they’ll return to get the job done.

7. Additional Services

You can also ask each restoration company if they offer additional services. For example, some restoration companies offer fire restoration. Others offer dry-out services in addition to water damage restoration.

You could benefit from finding a company that offers multiple services. If there’s another natural disaster or accident, you’ll know who to call.

8. Work Process

Don’t rush to make your final choice yet. Instead, ask each company about their work process. Remember, an experienced team will have a process in mind.

They’ll know the fastest, most efficient way to dry out your home without cutting corners. Learning more about their process will help you gauge their expertise.

You can contact Property Damage Restoration to learn more about their process.

9. An Estimate

Ask at least three restoration companies on your list for a quote. Gathering multiple quotes can help you determine the local average.

Don’t choose the cheapest option. Instead, review your notes. Make sure to choose a team you can count on.

Hiring a Water Damage Restoration Company: 9 Factors to Consider First

You don’t have to hire the first water damage restoration company you call. Instead, keep these nine factors in mind during your search. With these tips, you can find the most qualified team for the job.

They can restore your flooded home in no time.

Searching for more tips? You came to the right place.

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