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Strengthening Your Workforce with Employee Surveys

During these uncertain times, with the employee landscape ever changing, it’s crucial to be able to gain people insights to enable your organization to recruit and retain talent – quickly and efficiently. What you need is employee engagement and experience software that will enable you to make HR decisions that will bolster your bottom line.

Read on for what you need to know about the Allegro Pulse Survey Platform and strengthening your workforce with employee surveys.

Why is Employee Insight Important?

Why is such insight important? Why, it’s simple: satisfied employees are more productive and engaged and are more likely to stay with the organization. All this has a direct effect on your organization’s financial performance.

What’s more, satisfied, engaged employees tend to foster satisfied customers, since such employees tend to go the extra mile to make things right for them.

How Can Companies Find Out What’s Important to Employees?

Feedback is the obvious answer, and usually in the form of surveys. Because such surveys costs time and money, you should take them to heart; analyze them and make decisions based on results. Otherwise, you’re just fulfilling some periodic HR duty that has no real impact.

Another way to gain feedback is through what are called free-text responses. These can be difficult to analyze but can lead to genuine answers to what are open-ended questions.

What Are Pulse Surveys?

Pulse surveys are brief and periodic sets of questions for employees. The aim is to procure employees’ perspectives on a variety of topics such as the work culture, work environment, communication, relationships, and roles.

Such surveys differ from annual employee engagement surveys in that they are performed more frequently and tend to be shorter and more focused. They also typically offer greater continuity since they seek to gauge changes made due to answers from the previous survey. Also Read – Quick Tips for Building a Small Business

What is the Allegro Pulse Survey Platform?

With this continuous connectivity platform, you can improve the employee experience, drive performance, gain insights, and set your organization up for positive change. And hey, Allegro does know whereof it speaks, since it has a half-century of employee survey experience under its belt that is now combined with edgy organizational science.

How Will My Company Benefit from Allegro?

With Allegro, count on your company getting tailored experience, pinpointed effectiveness, impactful actions, top-notch service and support, and tons of real-time insights.

What Will Allegro Deliver?

You get workforce-connecting agility plus a whole lot more, including:

  • Customized employee surveys. You can select from a rich content library or from your own questions.
  • Access to scores of questions from a host of key content areas.
  • The ability to easily configure reports, manage comms, and target your audience.
  • The ability to produce for employees a participatory and simple experience since surveys can be taken on desktop computers or mobile devices.
  • The ability to get real-time, automated employee insights and reporting to human resources and leaders and managers.
  • The ability to look over results and spot trends viewed through multi-layered, interactive data displays.
  • The ability to use results to deliver to managers action priorities and recommendations.
    Best practice guidance that makes it easy to transform data into impact.

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Now that you know more about strengthening your workforce with employee surveys, you can speak with a Mercer consultant about bringing the Allegro Pulse Survey Platform to your organization. With its modern agility, Allegro can get your employees to spill the beans, which you can use for positive overall company change.

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