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The Best Silent Portable Generator on Rent in India

If you are thinking of renting a Silent Portable Generator for your home purposes. So, of course, you will be looking for the best silent generator. You would love to have a silent generator in your house to spend time in peace. You will never want to be disturbed by the noise caused by the generator operation.

However, renting a quiet generator is not as easy. A quiet type of generator produces noise levels ranging from 47 to 76 dB. The amount of noise produced by a generator depends largely on its mechanism and the conditions in which it is used. In this article, we will show you some of the best silent generators for rent purposes in the market, and explain with them their features that you need.

5 Best Silent Portable Generator in India

1- WEN 56200i Super Quiet Feature

The super advantage of the WEN 56200i generator is its low noise level. This portable generator has a variable engine speed that adjusts the amount of load to minimize generators’ noise levels. a noise level of just 51 decibels at 25% load and 55 decibels at 75% load capacity, it is quieter than normal conversation and average window air condition systems.

The generators’ sound level will depend on the engine load. When you load 1/3 in Eco mode, you are going to experience a lot of quiet with the WEN 56200i generator. This is the best generator on rent for your home needs.

  • Product Characteristics 

  • Weight is 48 lbs
  • 4 stroke and 79.7 cc OHV engine
  • Max Output power: 2000 watts
  • Running Output: 1600 watts
  • Low oil level indicator, automatic low oil shutdown
  • Comes with 5 volts USB port, and 12 volts DC port
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Available Eco mode
  • Low fuel automatic shutdown 

2- Yamaha EF2000iSv2

The Yamaha EF2000iSv2 is designed to be so quiet due to its sound-blocking features which include a formed casing with noise-absorbing glass wool. This helps reduce noise even during heavy operation. It has a noise reduction of rubber feet to encourage smooth and quiet engine operation.

At 1/4 of the load, you are standing next to this Yamaha generator so you can have a normal conversation, and may not feel that it is moving. The noise rating is examined at a distance of 7 meters at 51.5 dBA at 1/4 load. The limit is 61 dBA when running at full load.

Product Characteristics 

  • Its inverter type generator
  • Maximum output is 2000 watts
  • Minimum output power is 1600 Watts
  • Fuel type function- gasoline type 
  • 120 volt AC produce
  • 4 stroke engine and 79 cc 
  •  Recoil Startup technic
  •  51.5 to 61 dB noise level

3- DuroMax XP4400E

The noise level of the XP4400E model varies depending on the load, with noise levels less than 69 dB. A supermodel Duromax XP4400E has a 7 hp 4-stroke OHV engine that provides plenty of power. It comes with a forced-air cooling feature that prevents the engine from overheating.

The Duromax generator generates 3500 watts of minimum power and 4400 watts of starting power. This can completely power heavy-duty appliances in your home for recreational purposes such as the 13500 BTU AC. You can also use this generator to run electrical equipment such as saws and drills.

Product Characteristics 

  • Powerful 7HP engine
  • Large fuel tank capacity
  • 4 stroke OHV engine with air-cooling feature
  • Maximum output power  4400 Watts
  • Minimum output energy 3500 Watts 
  • 120 pounds weight 
  • Fuel type- gasoline type
  • Noise level is less than 69 dB
  • Running time is 12 hours ( 50 % load )

4- Honda EU7000IS Inverter Generator

One of the most attractive features of the Honda EU7000IS inverter generator is its low noise level. It is ranked among the quietest inverter generators on the market with a noise level of 52 decibels and 60 decibels at 1/4 load. It is as quiet as general protection, so you can do general protection independently of the generator without raising your voice.

One of the common critical things to look for in the right generator is the number of watts it can produce on a constant basis. You might also want to see how long a generator can produce less power to start larger appliances such as air conditioners. This is considered to be its increased wattage or maximum.

Silent Portable Generator
Silent Portable Generator

Product Characteristics 

  • Maximum  power- 7000 watts
  • Minimum power- 5500 watts
  • Tank capacity- 5.1 Gallons
  • Run time 6.5 hours( 50 % load)
  • Weight- 261 lbs
  • Noise level of less than 58 dB 
  • Fuel type- gasoline
  • Low oil auto shutdown features
  • 3-years warranty 

5- Champion Power Equipment 75537i

The champion power equipment is entitled to the 75537i hard look. That generator gives 3100 watts starting maximum power and 2800 watts running. With this kind of power, it will surely provide a sufficient power supply for all your needs.

This inverter operates at 23 ft to 58 dBA (specific buzzing noise). At this noise level, it is slightly louder than some low watt inverters like the Yamaha EF2000iSv2.  it is still quieter than a standard generator with similar power output.

Silent Portable Generator
Silent Portable Generator

Product Characteristics 

  • Portable generator
  • Fuel type- gasoline
  • Voltage- 120 volt
  • Remote controller
  • Low fuel auto shutdown 
  • Weight- 108 Pounds 
  • Electric start 
  • Noise level of less than 58 dB 
  • 3 years limited warranty 

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In this blog, we are sharing the Best silent Portable Generator on Rent in India. I hope this blog is useful for you and will help you to find the best silent generator on rent for your needs. 

If you want more information related to the rental You can contact our EO energy team and find you all the queries.

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