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Queston Brown: The Rising Star on The Basketball Court and Instagram

Meet Queston Brown, the ten-year-old celebrity child and budding basketball player. Son of actress Tabitha Brown and ex-LAPD officer Chance Brown, he’s capturing the attention of media and fans with his love for basketball and social media presence.

Queston Brown Bio/Wiki Table

Full Name Queston Brown
Birth Year 2012
Parents Tabitha Brown and Chance Brown
Siblings Choyce Brown (Sister), Tyleah Brown (Half-Sister)
Known For Son of actress Tabitha Brown and former LAPD officer Chance Brown
Nationality American
Passion Basketball
Instagram Followers Over 20,000
Condition Motor Tics
Favorite NBA Player Dame Lillard
Current Team Team Chance Basketball

The Legacy of Celebrity Parents: Tabitha and Chance Brown

Raised in the limelight of his parent’s fame, Queston has managed to capture the attention of media and fans alike. His parents, Tabitha and Chance, began as high school sweethearts before tying the knot in 2003, following an extended courtship period. Their relationship, marked by peaks and valleys, has stood the test of time, providing a stable and loving environment for their family.

Chance Brown, a retired LAPD officer, now dedicates his time as the coach of ‘Team Chance Basketball.’ As the backbone of his wife’s endeavors in the entertainment industry, he has been instrumental in guiding their son’s athletic pursuits.

Queston Brown: A Promising Athlete in Making

The focus of this family narrative undoubtedly remains on the young Queston Brown, who exhibits an extraordinary love for basketball. His Instagram account, which boasts over 20,000 followers, chronicles his journey to the NBA. His bio reads, “My first word was basketball…I’m going to the NBA,” displaying his passion for the sport.

Queston, a promising athlete, also suffers from a condition known as ‘Motor Tics,’ characterized by rapid blinking or jerking motions. However, this diagnosis hasn’t deterred his enthusiasm for basketball, and his favorite NBA player, Dame Lillard, continues to inspire him.

Sisterly Bond: Choyce and Tyleah Brown

The Brown family is completed with the addition of Choyce and Tyleah, Queston’s elder sisters. Choyce, the biological sister, is a popular Instagram star and fashion model, whereas Tyleah, the half-sister from Chance’s previous relationship, shares a close bond with the family.

Net Worth: Living a Lavish Life

While Queston is yet to embark on a professional career, he enjoys the affluence bestowed upon him by his parents. His mother, Tabitha, enjoys a fruitful career as a social media influencer, actress, and author, with an estimated net worth of $5 million. Her income primarily stems from her social media presence, where she has millions of followers across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.


In conclusion, Queston Brown’s life reflects the blending of his parent’s inspiring love story, his ambitious pursuit of basketball, and his growing popularity on Instagram. With his dreams fixed firmly on the NBA, Queston Brown is undeniably a rising star in his own right. Fans and followers eagerly anticipate his future journey, both on the basketball court and the global stage.

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