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Metal vs. Wood Shed: Which Is Better?

A shed is more than four walls and a roof. It’s a home outside your home for all those items that bring you enjoyment in the great outdoors. So you must make the right choice to give yourself enough space and make sure that nothing inside the shed gets damaged.

A shed, be it metal or wood, is a perfect place to store about anything you want to keep safe and out of sight. But what type of building materials should you use? Metal or wood? We’re going to look at both storage options side by side and see which is the best option for your outdoor space.


Heavy Duty Metal Sheds are durable and last for many years if taken care of well. Over time, they will weather through natural processes like oxidation, wind, rain, sun, and the elements. They also offer a wide range of colors that can suit any style preference.

Wood sheds will also last for many years if looked after. Yet, they need special care and weather to keep them looking good as they age. Wood sheds can mold and rot if not given proper care. They’re also affected by rain, snow, hail, and wind.


Metal sheds need very little maintenance other than cleaning it from time to time by wiping down the surface or power washing it to remove the rust from patina oxidation.

Wood sheds need regular maintenance of washing and a paint job for protection. As discussed, they need treatment at regular intervals. Paint needs regular application and you should take care of any wood rot.

Due to the metal shed’s durability, its maintenance is minimal, and for both types of sheds, there is no maintenance cost with labor. You can spend more on paint for a wooden shed and other parts to keep it functional.


Metal sheds are much more expensive than wood. They’re molded or made by injection molding, which is more expensive than wood boards. If you do go with metal, you can also paint or powder coat to give it a special finish. Basing your shed on this material will also provide you with the durability needed to endure the tests of time.

Wood sheds are often cheaper and less expensive to manufacture compared to metal. Wood is less dense than metal, which means that a wooden shed can be lighter and save you some money when buying your backyard storage.

For both types of sheds, there is almost no maintenance cost when it comes to labor as you can do the tasks yourself. That said, you can spend more on paint for a woodshed and other parts to keep it functional.


Metal sheds are wider than long, which can be a great storage solution for awkward items, especially if the bays are deep and tall. Metal sheds are also shorter in length than tall, which is good for smaller spaces. If you’re going to have a large wooden shed, it’s best to build it as wide as it is long. That said, when it comes to a narrow or tall shed, the metal could present a more difficult task of installation, especially for someone with limited building skills.

Wood sheds are more versatile. They can be as narrow or as long as you want. Yet, they can lack height for taller items, and the roofline may need adjusting to compensate for this.


Metal sheds are easy to move as long as you hire a professional. The metal can cut to size and moved via a crane or forklift. It also makes them easy to move if the land you’re building on is for sale as you could move it with ease and make it easier to sell. They weigh about 250 pounds, which means the chances are there’ll be costs involved in hiring professionals to do the moving for you.

Wood sheds are easier to move due to their lightweight. Some are easy to move by one person, which makes them more practical for mobility. You will need to plan your shed placement with care. Still, a wooden shed is an option for those looking for a structure that can move with ease. Especially if you plan to renovate your garden or take your shed with you to a new location.

Best Use Cases

Of course, both sheds share many use cases as their primary function. Yet, the materials used can influence how you store certain items.

For example, metal sheds are more secure. Their steel doors are easy to bolt shut, making it harder for someone to break in and steal your belongings. It makes them perfect for storing expensive outdoor equipment or transport. Examples include bikes and motorbikes if you don’t have access to a garage.

With a wooden shed, you don’t have the same protections for security. And, there’s a greater chance of your valuables getting destroyed by the weather. That’s especially the case with mold growth and water leaking in. So wooden sheds tend to be better for more practical, hard-wearing use cases. These include storing gardening equipment and plastics such as kids’ toys when not in use.

Choose the Best Building Materials for Your Needs

The building materials of the shed have more of an impact than at first glance. So when picking your shed, make sure you take a good look at your use case for the sheds. Also, look into how best to fit it into your available space if space is tight.

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