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Major Benefits of a Case Sealer – Some Benefits for You!

Do you want an upgrade? Have you recently noticed your costs are higher than they should be? Maybe it is time you completed your packaging line with a case sealer. Do yourself and your business a favor, and get yourself a case sealer that fits your needs!

A case sealer will take off the extra burden that your employees may be feeling or cut down the need for you to hire more employees to match your increased demand.

What Is A Case Sealer?

A case sealer is used mainly in the packaging industry. It applies tape to boxes to seal them shut without any human intervention.

This is done so that the box contents do not fall out and the box stays stable and secure. It is also referred to commonly as a tape machine or a box sealer. It is a fairly simple piece of equipment.

How Does It Work?

It carries the box down the conveyor belt to where two cartridges are laced. These cartridges dispense and then apply pieces of tape to the box as it keeps moving down the line. This is a quick and easy process, and it will save your company a lot of time and money.

Why Use A Case Sealer?

Now that you know what a case sealer is, why should you invest in one? Automation at the end of your packaging line is something that can either make or break your business. It can help you when you are struggling to stay afloat and make a profit.

Automation can make a very big difference when it comes to cutting down costs in less wastage and less cost of employees. Let’s look at the 7 major benefits of a case sealer.

Increase Your Output

Case sealers are extremely fast. They are automated machines, meaning they can work much faster than humans. A human employee would do much less than one of these cases sealer machines on an average 8-hour work shift.

This means that they can increase your production output on an everyday basis. Due to this, you will not need to employ extra labor to match the demand or increased output. Your machine will be able to do it for you.

Get Rid Of Double-Tapping

Have you ever received a package at your house and wondered why the whole package was strapped with multiple pieces of tape? Well, with this case sealing tape machine, one piece of tape will be applied onto your packages, and that is it.

This tape seal will be consistent and secure, eliminating the need for a second or third piece of tape. Usually, when human employees add tape to a box, they may add a few with a hand sealer to completely close the box.

Then, the machine applies the tape in a perfect position. Thus there is no need for extra tape. This means you will save up on tape and reduce the expenditure on buying tape.

Achieve Perfection

Case sealing machines are essentially perfect. They cut and apply the piece of tape in the perfect place and make sure the package is sealed properly. There is very little wastage in this process, almost none at all.

All the tape pieces applied will be even and consistent and in the same position because machines barely ever make mistakes. It also eliminates the possibility of human error, as no humans will be working on this packaging line.

Make Sure Your Product inside the Box Is Secure

It is much easier to spot if your package has been tampered with if a single piece of tape is applied to it, in contrast to multiple pieces of tape in a jumble. However, if that is the case, you will not spot the tampering very easily. Someone could easily open up the package and apply the tape back how your employee had applied it previously.

Decrease or Eliminate Product Damage

Case sealer machines apply pieces of tape perfectly and in the most effective as well as efficient manner. In addition, because the package will be completely secure, there will be fewer chances of the contents from inside falling out and getting damaged.

This way, you can save on costs and keep your customers happy and satisfied by making their product reach them in good condition.

Decrease Your Employee’s Injuries And Need For Downtime

Repetitive motions can cause strains in humans. We can get body strains, including the back area, neck, arms, and legs. If you automate this process and eliminate employees from this equation, you decrease the chances of your employees falling sick due to body strains and them needing time off.

They can be allocated some other task, one that is more personalized or one that a machine would not be able to do.

Deceased Employee’s Compensation Claims

If your employee gets injured while doing their job correctly, they can sue your company for compensation. This is, of course, a cost and a hefty one too. Your employees are susceptible to injuries from repetitive motions, such as cutting pieces of tape or stretching tape along with the box.

Your employees will not get hurt if you automate the process, which will save you a lot of money and tension from lawsuits. Fewer lawsuits also equal a good reputation. It will not give your firm a good reputation if multiple employees of yours are suing you. This will also make it harder to recruit new employees.

If your employees are kept happy, and their work burden is less, they will be stress-free and happy to work for you. They will be more motivated to work for you and will recommend others to your company as well.


It is extremely important to reevaluate your processes and equipment in today’s world, as industrialization is quick. There are constantly new inventions and upgrades for machines that are taking place that make it easier for industries to carry out their jobs. There are multiple advantages of automation, and the pros outweigh the cons by a long shot!

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